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Daughters drive paralytic mother away from home

Ahmedabad: 55-year-old paralytic Noorbano Pathan, deserted by her daughters, is living under a tent and is being looked after, nursed and fed by philanthropists – Muslims, Hindus and Christians. They are trying to find a shelter, an old age home, where she can spend her last days in peace. Resident of Ujjain, Noorbano lost her husband Muhammad Siddique twenty five years ago. She brought up her two daughters – Shabana and Farzana with great difficulties. After getting them married she began living in her Bapunagar home. When her sons-in-law harassed her for dowry she was compelled to sell her home and pay them. Whatever cash and jewellery she had was also siphoned away by the two daughters. When she became penniless they began distancing from their mother. Neither of the two agreed to shelter her. One unfortunate day, one of them brought her in a rickshaw and dumped her on the road crying and wailing for help. The recent rains during Diwali made her paralytic. Prabhubhai Solanki moved by her sordid tale contacted local corporator Kalpesh Bhai Chawda, Waseembhai Ansari and Ahsanbhai Sheikh. Close to the Malek Saban Stadium they erected a tent, arranged a cot, beddings and other necessary articles. A Christian lady Sheetal Ben provided her with clothes to wear. All these look after her as one of their own and take care of her meals, breakfast. This does not make the daughters to feel ashamed for themselves. One of them says why should she bother about her when she has brothers to look after. The elder wants the younger to shoulder her responsibility as she was the bigger beneficiay of her mother’s money. Her other house, which she had bought by her own earning by teaching the Qur’an, has been tactfully claimed by Muhammad Arif and Muzafar Alam. She has no documents in her possession. Hope Muslim charity will rise to the occasion and extend her a helping hand!

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2010 on page no. 20

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