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Robbing a ruined Palestinian refugee

Deoband: There are vultures who await a carcass and as soon as a corpse is in sight they pounce on it. Unfortunately, even Muslims do not remain far behind in committing atrocity on a person who has been persecuted and forced to flee from his land. Instead of giving the refugee a helping hand a greed driven villain has robbed a Palestinian of Rs 15 lakh by pretending to help him.

The story of a Palestinian youngman who has been fed on false dreams of ambitious projects and invited to India by a scheming Iago. Munawwar, had spent quite sometime in Palestine a-few-months ago. During his stay he developed friendship with a local Hisham Hazad whom he invited to come to India to brighten his business prospects. After undergoing a lot of ordeals Hisham managed in arriving in India with a capital of 1,25,000 riyals. Munawwar took him to several places with a promise of finding him an excellent business transaction. In order to boost his trust he got him married to one of his own acquittance and meanwhile managed to siphon the money.

When Hisham reminded him to return his money Munawwar began making false excuses and avoided meeting him. A disappointed Hisham approached the local police station for help but his hopes were belied. When he tried to seek justice through court; he was threatened that both he and his wife would face dire consequences if he did not withdraw his application for justice. As the last resort Hisham met S.P. of the district who promised to ensure him justice. To betray a refugee’s trust and threaten him is a sin that no Muslim would ever dare. However, there are exceptions everywhere. Let us hope the arms of law (and police) are long enough to deliver him justice.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2010 on page no. 20

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