Letters: Why Muslims love Prophet intensely?

Extradition of Abu Salem
Correctly revoked the extradition by Portuguese High Court & terminated underworld don Abu Salem's extradition to India, for breach of agreement by India & for slapping offences, which attract death penalty. A Lisbon High Court allowed the plea of extradited gangster, being tried in eight criminal cases including the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, that he be sent back to Portugal, lawyers associated with the case said. In fact, in India, the conditions of under trials are worst, criminals are treated as an animals, they also human beings. One should hate with the crime but not the criminals. Jails are meant to rectify the criminal mentality of a criminal and not to take revenge with the criminals only on the basis of caste & religion by the Government Authorities. Indian Government is also liable for breach of contract or treaty which the Indian Government given in the form of Affidavit in the Portal court, and agreed to formulate a contractual obligation with Portugal Government, Indian Authorities does not carry out the intended function of the contract. As a result, a breach of contract is a legal cause of action where the binding agreement latent in the contract, is not honoured by the Indian Government.
Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai 410210 Maharashtra

Malegaon and Mirachpur
Mirach Pur is a village of Haryana where anti Dalit riot took place on 21 March 2010. In which Dalit houses were destroyed their property looted and Tara Chand and his paralysed daughter burned to death. Within two years 15 persons punished by court on 31 October 2011 court gave three persons life imprisonment five get f years jail and 7 get 2 yrs. jail for anti Dalit riot and burning of two persons. Ehsan Jaffri and 48 others were burnt in 2002 anti Muslim riot. The cases of anti Muslim riots either closed or kept in abeyance like Gulbarg society case sent back to lower court by S.C. Is this judicial activism that nine innocent Muslim youth are languishing in jail since five yrs. without any crime but the blame of Malegaon bomb blast slapped on their face where as Swami Aseemanand accepted the responsibility of Malegaon bomb blast. Muslim killed in Malegaon bomb blast Muslim sent to jail is this success of India Democracy?
S. Haque, Patna

Why Muslims love Prophet intensely?
The non Muslim brothers fail to understand why Muslims love so much the Prophet of Islam Mohammad so much? The first and foremost reason is that he was the noblest man in Arab. He was a man of best characters. People called him as Sadiq and Ameen (one who always talks truth and keeps peoples articles safely). He was bestowed these characters by God abundantly to the extent that he was identified in the Arab society and named accordingly. At the age of forty he was selected as prophet. His innate characters were compatible with his new assignment as Prophet. The holy angle Gabriel brought the message of Islam as he did in the case of earlier Prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ etc. The basic teachings were the same, mainly oneness of God. His Prophethood, Akhirat means the life after death, accountability before God and reward to the good people in the form of Heaven and punishment to the bad in the form of Hell. He was informed the correct way of worship to God. He himself practiced and demonstrated to the people. In Taif where he went to propagate the Islamic message he was manhandled and the youths injured him by throwing stones on him. The blood was accumulated in his shoes. He sat on one place and contemplated for some time. Meanwhile an angel of mountains came to him and requested him to order to him to smash the whole habitants of Taif by crushing them in between the two mountains. Mohammed declined and said the angel that the people are aware of me, I anticipate that if they do not bring faith on me their next generation will follow me.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

The Death of a Young Priest in Banalore

The real story of young priest is not only horrible but also heart rending on the first page of Hindu dated 11/6/2011. while reading the incident my breathing stopped for some time, Such a handsome, hale and healthy young lad of only 23 year old was mercilessly, barbarously and cold bloodedly murdered, 20 injuries and a stab wound which almost decapitated his head found on his body. The hatred and anger were easily be made out. The crime was love and marriage of two different caste lovers. This is called honor killing but the girl loved by the young priest was spared. She was also equally responsible in the love affair. Hundreds of such incidence are coming across. Most of the couple who get married in alien castes are being caught and killed in villages and cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad I just want to take cognizance of the event in the back drop of Islamic point of view. They first and foremost thing Islam has prohibited idol worship because it deteriorate the concept and characters of God. Islam also ban the need of priests as they become the dallals or brokers between man and God. Islam say Allah is more nearer than main artery to man Whenever a man calls Him Allah listen and reply. The mode of worship is quite wrong the opposite sexes should not come closer without veil They must have separate places for worship. The ladies are asked not to come in gaze of men. As they attract each other. Castism is also wrong This is a manmade barriers ,All the human beings are produced by one father and on mother. No question of high caste and arise the marriages can be done if they belong to any religion. Strict purda stops and apprehend romance and love business ,Islam advise the parents to make marriage of their daughter early after puberty. The prophet has advised Muslims to make haste in three thing 1) marriage of daughter after her maturity 2) offering prayers when the time has started 3) disposing the dead man after washing his body and the prayer. The prophet has said the better marriage is that which is done in minimum expenses. The male Muslim can have at the most four wives. but he should make justice among them. Debautury and extramarital sexual relations are strictly curbed. The guilty is stoned to death if they are married they are whipped 80 times if they are unmarried. Naked dressing and attracting each other and flirting is prohibited. The incidents occurring all over the country are only because the government is not enforcing the natural laws these laws were coined by the Creator of man He knows the weaknesses and merits of human beings. His laws are permanent and unalterable. So long the Islamic laws are not enforced india will remain the hub of crimes young lads and young girls will be killed in honor which is actually dis honor to the laws of almighty. Media has to play a key role in explaining Islamic laws Now we look India as a Hell and each one is guilty of disobedience to the will of God
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Insult to Dr Kalam in the US
World only hyper-power US is repeatedly doing foul by frisking Indian dignitaries including diplomats like former Presidents. Such denigrating act has been repeated once again to former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Even though US has expressed regret on that repeated incident, yet things can only improve if tit-for-tat treatment is done by India with US dignitaries as also suggested rightly by CPM leader Prakash Karat. At least India should warn clearly without mincing words that any such bitter episode in future will result in likewise treatment by India without any further warning.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi-6

The day of judgement or dooms day
Islam, Christianity and Judaism have strong faith and good number of logical reasons that Almighty God has fixed a day to impart judgment to all the men and women who were punished or faced excesses from other men or women or group of men or society or the government. This is called the Day of Judgment. The guilty of murder, bomb blast or police atrocities all will get punishment accordingly. For example, a man has killed 100 men as a punishment he will be given the punishment of tasting the death agony for 100 times. The killer kings or dictators will taste this agony on that day. This mode of punishment is not possible in this world. In this backdrop the killers of Sardarpura who had been given the punishment of life imprisonment in trial court may acquit in the High Court or Supreme Court. Justice was delayed for nine years the crime of killing the men alive the real and factual justice will be to kill all the guilty by firing in the dungeon as they killed the deceased. So far no punishment has been given to the killers of Best bakery.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Real face of Gandhian Anna
Team Anna and Anna Hazare the senior social activists are playing in the hands of BJP, and Saffron Brigade (Sangh Parivar). Anna anti graft campaign, has become anti Congress campaign, what an irony, merely Congress Govt. is not involved in corruption, but all political parties BJP, Shiv Sena, NCP, in Tamil Nadu Jaylalitha are involved in corruption, then why campaign against Congress only. Anna’s objective was anti graft which is become anti Congress. Anna and his team is not a political party to take part in political activities, they are social parties. Anna in the news interviews stated that his prime objective to give defeat to Congress. The team Anna’s political status should be scrutinizes and if they are not registered as political parties, a strict action against Anna and his team should be taken according to law. De-recognise the social status of Team Anna.
Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai 410210 Maharashtra

Secularism of Congress at stake
In Bharatpur anti Muslim, police killed 10 Muslims. Congress team visited Bharat Pur and gave report about police excess as well as dubious role of home minister. The congress report clearly mentioned to remove home minister from the post. But Rajasthan congress government did not take action against H.M. On the other hand irrigation minister Maderna was removed from cabinet and expelled from party when his name appeared in Bhanwri Devi case Other minister Ramlal Jat was removed from cabinet over a report that he had tried to pressure a hospital on a woman who died mysteriously on Sept. 27 in Bhilwara. What sort of this secularism of congress or double standard of governance.
S. Haque, Patna

SRK’s Ra.one
There are few things to be clarified to the SRK fans, the trade analysts and the producer. SRK in his interviews claims that his movie is for family and children and even managed to get a U certificate. I wonder how considering that there are breast- touching, Crotch grabbing and butt smacking scenes. Not to speak about Kareena mouthing expletives and even the child artist mouthing the condom dialogue along with SRK and Kareena. The movie is titled “Ra.one”, but all we got to see in the movie is G.One. Ra.One (Arjun Ramphal) appeared very late in the second half. This is why the movie failed. A super hero movie can succeed only if the villain is strong and his role is well defined and substantial. The trade analysts and the media are all over the place claiming Ra.One to have broken Box office record of Bodyguard and creating history at Box office, etc. Bodyguard which cost 60 crores and released in 2700 prints grossed 52.50 crores in 3 days whereas Ra.one which cost 150 crores and released in 3500 prints grossed only 53 crores. Therefore Bodyguard has made more profit than Ra.one. The movie was doomed before the release as all that SRK talked about the movie in his pre-release interviews and shows was about the business aspect of the movie and not about the content. And when there is no content in the movie it is bound to fail no matter the hype or inflated BO figures circulated by vested interests.
Amjad K. Maruf, Mira road, Thane-7

Division of UP

There is no gainsaying that the division of U.P. into four smaller states has become an administrative necessity. But, it is unfortunate that the BSP is eyeing the issue through the prism of electoral benefits. Chief Minister Mayawati’s pre-poll gamble is clearly intended to obfuscate her government’s failure during the five-year term, in all spheres of administration. Especially, the way crores of rupees were spent for raising statues and building parks when a majority of people in the State were reeling under poverty was indefensible. It is time all major political parties responded to Mayawati’s gimmick by declaring that they too would want the division of Uttar Pradesh on the basis of equitable of distribution of water and natural resources.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)

Media and Baby Bacchan
The much-awaited good news of baby Bacchan brought smile not only to the Bacchan family but millions of fans and followers. Amid tight security media managed to steal glimpses of the family members and others on the auspicious day and disseminated it globally. Media has kept an eye and been covering the couple (Abhishek-Ashwariya) pre, during and post the child birth. Big B is also known for its media mania. Media, especially Television prime objective was to educate, inform and entertain the people. The visionaries who had played a major role in bringing the broadcasting in India would only laugh at its current functioning for providing time and space to such development which has nothing to do with its larger audience and the country.
Shafaque Alam, JMI, New Delhi-25

Religious intolerance in China

A news report in The Hindu “Uighur Muslims yearn for liberal Hajj regime” (Oct 30) has exposed a new version of Islamophobia. The Chinese government should understand that Hajj is one of the five fundamental tenets of Islam and it is only natural for a Muslim to yearn for going on a pilgrimage to Makkah once in his/her life time. While the Chinese policy to keep religion away from politics is appreciable, a blanket ban on issuing passports to Uighurs, the ethnic group of Muslims in Xinjiang – and charging a hefty travel amount for issuing the permit–is tantamount to religious intolerance.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)


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