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Racket feared behind missing dead bodies from graveyard

New Delhi: Delhi Gate graveyard, situated quite close to a medical college has invited police attention not for a reported murder but for the reported case of missing dead bodies from graves. A body buried on 26th November was reported missing on 30th November i.e. within four days. Just a few yards away another grave also exposes the same sin i.e. dead body missing from the grave. When enquired, the grave digger failed to give a satisfactory answer for both the cases. The police has registered a case and is conducting an enquiry. It is quite clear that a racket dealing in dead bodies has been operating in the area. Since the graveyard is quite close to Maulana Azad Medical College the needle of suspicion points towards medical college and trainee doctors who need such dead bodies for their research work. The second possible clue leads to suspect those who exorcise – the occult practice carried on corpses. The possibility of any animal digging the graves seem to be out of question. Fistly because the stone slabs are too heavy for an animal to move. Moreover, even if this is true, there should be bones around. The coffin lying close by the empty grave also indicates that the animal must not have picked it up. It is obvious that the managing committee is found negligent. Local MLA has strongly condemned the incident and has promised that he would get the whole matter thoroughly investigated and would bring the guilty to books.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2010 on page no. 21

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