Muslims suffer from fear and terror

After Delhi High Court bomb blast on 7 September once again the “needle of suspicion” was pointed at Muslims. An honorary professor of Jamia Millia Islamia, Prof. P.K. Basu, while teaching his students in the class, made an Islamophobic statement. This professor has now been removed by Jamia Millia Islamia. Hate statements and accusations against Muslims after each bomb blast have become quite common. After many incidents of bomb blasts in Mumbai, Muslims were thrown on the defensive repeating time and again that they were against terrorism while other communities do not make such repeated statements. Such views are expressed in the street offices and markets. Even journalists who should be interested in finding out the truths in every incident do not miss any opportunity in using biased and taunting words against Muslims.

After the terrorists attack in Mumbai by Ajmal Qasab & party, a Muslim journalist had gone to participate in a journalists function in Mumbai’s Art Gallery. After seeing his visiting card, the organiser of the function said without hesitation that terrorists are not allowed in this function. Immediately he realised the gravity of his biased remark and in a changed tone he said “Oh, I was simply joking. Please come in”. The journalist went in but probably the sting of this biased remark may not be removed soon from his mind. After the 13 July bomb blast in Mumbai, Muhammad Altaf, an employee of an international business organisation, had to put up with such taunting remarks that “all this happens because of you people.”

Not only this, Muslims travelling in trains and buses also have to hear similar caustic remarks from non-Muslims. During his train journey, a Muslim traveller throughout was made the target of hateful remarks by his non-Muslim co-passengers. Some people were even heard saying that in order to tackle these Pakistanis, our Hindu youth should be given guns. Because of killing of innocent persons by “Muslim” terrorists, minds and hearts of some Muslims are affected and they start psychologically considering themselves guilty. The convener of Federation of Muslims, a welfare organisation of Maharashtra, Saleem Alware says that people’s style of thinking has been debased so much that whether or not complicity of Muslim terrorists is proved or confirmed in a bomb blast, no stone is left unturned in associating it with Muslims and spreading hatred and inciting the public against them. Federation of Muslims not only strongly condemned the Delhi High Court bomb blast of 7 September but put up a banner with condemnatory statement.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2011 on page no. 13

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