Rise in religious land disputes a burden: HC

The High Court while dismissing the petition filed by South Delhi based trust, SRI Doodh Nath Mahadeo Mandir Sabha, seeking eviction of encroachers from within the boundaries of the temple said that such cases come into the picture when another trustee supersedes the religious committee and tries to get hold of the space allotted by the previous trustees to the shopkeepers. The court also observed that the recent increase in the number of religious land disputes has become a burden on the court.  The petitioner has also claimed that despite so many reminders to the MCD and Land and Development officers nothing has been done so far. The court has termed the encroachment dispute to be a private one which needs to be settled by filing a civil suit. “It is not the job of municipal authorities to decide whether a person is a trespasser into a private property or has been inducted officially by the owner thereof. This is a private dispute which needs to be settled by filing a civil suit,” court said.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2011 on page no. 19

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