Election near – Congress crocodile tears for Muslims

Election near – Congress crocodile tears for Muslims
Congress led so-called secular UPA government has not done anything positive for Muslim but through R. T. E. devastated Constitutional guarantee under Article 29 & 30. Congress ruled country 55 years from 64 years of independence. The Muslim were 28% in government job in 1947 now Muslims representation in govt. job is fluctating around 2% justice Sachar Commission said Muslim condition is worst than the dalits. Minister Jairam Ramesh and vice chairman Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia presented Human Development Report 2011 on 21 Oct. which has underlined that child labour are maximum among Muslim community than any other community. Assembly election in five stars are nearing. So-called secular U. P. A. announced that 72 recommendation of Sachar Commission are conceived and planning to follow the remaining 73 recommendation and news about action plan and news about Muslim reservation are spread. To fool Muslims congress prepared communal conflicts prevention bill and brushed the bill under carpet as saffron brigade opposed.
S. Haque Patna

Bihar C. M. thanks Muslim for supporting BJP
Nitish Kumar, C. M. of Bihar thanked Muslims for supporting in Purnia, Laukha and other bye election. He appreciated Muslims for supporting BJP candidate at Purnia bye election and at Laukha J. D. (U) candidate. In all bye election R. J. D. gave fight and congress performance was unrecognisable. Merely thanking is fashion of parties does not serve any purpose.
S. Haque Patna

“Why USA is in deep worries”
In first week of December, Iran claimed to shot down a drone aeroplane crossed into Iran border. On 11th December Iran refused to return the drone back to USA. USA is in very much deep worries about the technich of drone Iran couldl explore drone if Iran can imitate and explore made USA worried. Muslim World should know that Ummah can fight others with education and science and technic and not with guns.
S. Haque Patna

CBI misused political parties
On 11 December Anna sat on one day fast at Jantar Mantar where different political parties presented their views. A. B. Vardhan C. P. I. said political parties who ever ruling at centremisued India’s Premier Investigative agency CBI. Sharad Yadav JD (U) National President and M. P. said that CBI has been misused and many parties accept use of CBI for ulterior motives by ruling parties. Countries Premier Investigative agency CBI is used that what to talk of police used by Modi in Gujarat etc., Batla fake encounter, etc.
S. Haque Patna

Jamia Millia Convocation
Kindly accept our congratulation for publishing revolutionary report (MG 1-15 2011) about Jamia Millia Convocation and giving caption of the convocation picture “a controversial guest (centre) at Jamia Millia Convocation.” The controversial guest blocked investigation of Batla fake encounter and the mosque demolition in Delhi by his order.
S. Haque, Patna

Circumcision on women
We are living in 21st century where women are the sculpture of modern society, but still we treat women like the servant and imposed our ideology on them. This is with regards to a practice of “circumcision” ‘khatna’ on women of Bohra community. Bohra community is followers of Islam and their all ruts and practice are Islamic. Circumcision on women does not have any Islamic value. Certainly this is man made practice to adopt. Women are soft and feeble members of the society and such type of brutal and inhuman treatment on woman is beyond understanding especially which does not hold any religious, legal and medical value. In Islam nowhere in The Holy Qur’an mentioned about practice of woman circumcision neither that practice had been performed at the time of Prophet. Islam is a religion which does not allow harming ourself or others without any legitimate or genuine reason.
Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai – 410210

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