The reality of 4.5%

I like to draw your attention towards Muslim OBC reservation. You must be clear in your mind that Central Government is not doing something new. They are simply bifurcating 27% OBC quota to identify the proportion of Muslims. Out of this, 8.44% share should be identified for minority OBCs and among them 6% share should be for Muslim OBCs. This is according to the wishes of Mandal Commission.

Media and some Muslim leaders and even some Hindu leaders are not clear about this bifurcation. They are thinking that the central government is going to provide some new reservation for Muslims like meeting the demand of Ranganath Mishra Commission. Some are saying that by this way Hindu OBCs will be at a loss. These Muslim OBCs are already covered under 27% reservation for OBCs. Their share will be identified by this way so as to give 6% to Muslim OBCs and the rest to other minority OBCs.

Now upto 140 biradaris have been declared Muslim OBC in the Common Central List, while the UP state list is different as the state list contains only 38 Muslim briadaris, and its proportion is about 85% of the total Muslim population in the state. These biradaris are included in the BC list on the ground of their social and educational status according to the Constitution’s aricle 16(4) and not for being Muslims only.

After passing about 20 years, still only 6% OBCs are in the Central jobs. Out of this 4% are Hindu OBCs and only 0.85% are Muslims while the rest are other OBCs.

Here the question arises as to why Hindu OBCs will be against Muslims? The fact is that about 14.6% of their quota is still unused. Our share must be 6% but Muslim OBCs are only 0.85% in the central government jobs.

I hope this makes it clear that the government is not providing any new reservation for Muslims.

Dr Idrees Qureshi
General Secretary,
All India Muslim Backward Classes Federation, Old DPI campus, Near Tajul Masajid, Bhopal, M. P.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 January 2012 on page no. 2

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