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India’s English newspapers, howling with front page coverage of arrests of Muslim suspects on terror charges, fall silent when they are freed says, a keen media watcher from Mumbai

India’s English language newspapers on 8 January completely ignored the news of Andhra Pradesh government offering compensation cheques of Rupees 3 lakh each to innocent youth freed by courts of all charges relating to Makka Masjid blast. Though Mumbai’s four Urdu daily newspapers front-paged the news with photos of innocents receiving compensation cheques, not a single English newspaper, including the Times of India, the Indian Express, Hindustran Times, DNA, Free Press Journal, Economic Times, Mint, bothered to carry the news of Muslim youth being exonerated of all such motivated and communalised security crackdown on Indian Muslims; while each and every of these newspapers were in the forefront of maligning and demonising Muslims for terror bombings, possibly at the behest of India’s highly communalised anti-Muslim security agencies. It is time, these newspapers realised how wrongly and how communally they have behaved in targeting innocent Muslims with their ready full-blown propaganda, even carrying such headlines and long front page analysis, without any proof or any evidence. In fact, they have committed a serious crime and are vulnerable to defamation proceeding if Muslims choose to seek justice against them and the security agencies and their personnel for wrongful propaganda and motivated arrests and prosecution, respectively.     

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2012 on page no. 11

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