Shiv Sena becomes cattle trade licensing authority?

Saharanpur: Shiv Sena, a right wing political outfit, has become a parallel government and has started issuing licenses for trading and transporting cattle in the country. The incident happened on 10 November 2010 at Hasanpur police post where the police had detained seven persons (farmers) while they were moving with 14 oxen when the police informed them that the farmers were to be charged for trading of cattle for cow slaughter. Then the farmers produced a letter of Block Pramukh of Shiv Sena Bijnaur certifying that the said people were actually farmers and were carrying oxen for farming and the farmers ought not be disturbed and harassed during their journey. The letter became the release order for the incharge of Hassanpur police post and the detainees with their oxen were allowed to proceed unharmed.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 January 2011 on page no. 4

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