Confession of Saffron terrorists - v

Purohit: …. What Islam is doing; there is no need to tell. Everyone knows. In such circumstances, the war of independence under one (council) which enjoys constitutional recognition; a religious form; there is no other alternative. We do not have to follow [the present] Constitution. Knocking [it] down is the only way and in order to support this, a political front becomes necessary…. because [have to] come to negotiation table.

Purohit: Hindu and Oriental and Nations Union is a must for us. Combodia, Thailand, Bharat, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, Korea, this must be the organisation…. I shall name the persons who are executing this - Major Parag Modak looks after our International office. He chats on Mail by netting. He attended our last meeting at Pune…. he arrived late. Col. Raikar is there. Col. Hasmukh Patel…. These are the three persons. Col. Raikar executed [an operation] if there is one (right) man at right place what can be done…. there are two factions of Nagas NSCIM and NACL…. we should not consider IM because the entire funding is done by China…. When I was in Nagaland in 1993 …. their (NSCLIM) defense minister was Khetinosema …. I drove him out by jeep because his survival there was necessary for us …. Barrister Barajwal who has become Brigadiere…. Barrister Barajwal is Queen Aishvarya’s [relative]

S. Dwivedi: Who is Rani Aishvarya?

Purohit: Gyanendra Shah’s wife …. when we all have Major Saab has been in touch with Pramod Mahajan for seven or eight years…. Swamiji this Hindu society is so worthless (nalayak) it will never unite….

Upadhyaya: …. the Constitution that we are following …. this Constitution is not an applicable to us, will not be acceptable to us. Another constitution will come into place, then Hindu Rashtra is established…

Upadhyaya: …. two pronged attack. One is government in exile this council will keep working. Second, what he said, if God wills, if this happens, get 2/3 majority…. we shall totally destroy……. do you have alternative for BJP.

Purohit: Certainly….

RP Singh: a political forum [should be] threded …. whose international tented be strong…. there is already a social forum, third an undergroung forum. There should be base and the underground forum works parallel to it. …. There has been no referendum of the Hindus …. Hindus have been befooled at the time of partition
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