The US monopolises the right to trample on others’ rights

Only the US is roguish enough to potentially cross any lines - red or otherwise. Should Iran behave the way the US political administration conducts itself, the US would have called it illegal, illegitimate, and immoral acts and programmes that would have to be opposed at all cost by bombing Iran and changing its regime.

As MG readers know perfectly well, the US has done, alone or in co-operation with its allies especially Israel. In the case of the assassination operations against nuclear scientists, Israel has evidently done it on its own, but possibly with a secret understanding with of Washington. This is a very serious breach of international behaviour. Ron Paul, Presidential candidate, an outsider, points out the obvious: that the latest round of oil sanctions being imposed by Washington and just agreed to by the European Union and meant to prohibit the sale of Iranian oil on the international market, was essentially an “act of war”.

And keep in mind the covert war against Iran is ostensibly aimed at a nuclear weapon that does not exist. As for nuclear weapons, the US has 5,113 warheads that Americans assume that they are necessary for their safety and the safety of the planet.

The United States remains the only country ever to use nuclear weapons, destroying two Japanese cities at the cost of perhaps 200,000 civilian deaths. Similarly, Americans have no doubt that the world is unsafe while Israel possesses up to 1000 nuclear weapons,. But it is the Neo-cons conviction that even on single Iranian or “Islamic” bomb would end life as we know it… Are Israeli bombs harmless?

Added to that fear is the oft-cited fact that Iran is run by a mullahtariat that oppresses any opposition. That, the US mixes and merges with ill-intentioned vested interests with its selfish allies in the Gulf region who have shot down, beaten up, and jailed the opposition leaders.

Nor, in terms of harm to its people, is Iran faintly in competition with past US allies such as General Augusto Pinochet of Chile, who launched a US-backed military coup against a democratically elected government on September 11, 1973, killing more than the dead in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Or such as Indonesian autocrat Suharto (Clinton’s best friend) on whom the deaths of at least half a million of his people are usually pinned.

Washington has declared the world its oyster and garrisons the planet in a historically unique way - without direct colonies, but with approximately 1,000 bases worldwide. As a result, a US president can now send drones and special operations forces just about anywhere to kill just about anyone he sees a “threat” to American security.

Since the US is everywhere, and everywhere it has “interests”, it may indeed be facing threats anywhere. No one, after all, can infringe upon American safety but the US can trample upon international laws at will.

In support of American oil interests, the US covertly overthrew an Iranian government in 1953 and the US is again plotting to overthrow an Iranian government now.

Domination and hegemony are the only consideration for US policy-makers. This mindset, and the acts that have gone with it, have blown what is, at worst, a modest-sized global problem into an existential threat, a life-and-death matter.


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-29 February 2012 on page no. 17

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