RAW gives clean chit to Iran, needle of suspicion points towards Israel

While Indian mainstream media was wailing over the bomb blast that exploded in an Israeli diplomat’s car in Delhi, repeating ad nauseum Israeli claims that Iran was responsible and calling upon India to take action against Iran, one prime news channel, IBN7, told a different story in Hindi on 16 February quoting official sources but this story was soon silenced. Here is a full translation of this story:
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New Delhi: Who was behind the attack on the Israeli diplomat’s car? Where the conspiracy was hatched? Days have passed but no concrete answers have been found. Ibn7 has come to know that India’s premier secret Intelligence agency [RAW] has sent a secret report from Bangkok. It has said in this report that the blast in Delhi was a part of a global conspiracy and it was planned either in America or Israel itself. After receiving this report, the Indian government gave clean chit to Iran.   

Israel just hours after the blast in Delhi blamed Iran for it but as the investigation in India progressed, Iran’s role in it was hard to ascertain. Even the Indian foreign minister SM Krishna gave a clean chit to Iran.

As per the report of the secret intelligence unit in Bangkok, there is a similar pattern behind the blasts in Delhi, Bangkok and Georgia. In all these three blasts, low intensity bombs ware used. These blasts were conspired either in America or Israel and at all places local people were used to execute the blast. The intention was not to kill anybody. In the Delhi blast, the bomb was placed by the side of the driver so that it may cause least injury to the diplomat’s wife. The motive behind the blast was not to cause maximum damage but to harm India’s relations with some countries and to create an atmosphere to defame Iran in the international community.   

It has also been learnt from the investigation that before the blast no recce was done. According to sources, the investigators have watched the CCTV footage before and after the blast wherever the diplomat’s car moved or passed by. It has been established that no red colour motorbike either followed or chased the diplomat’s car.

The Big question is what does it indicate now that India has given clean chit to Iran and India’s secret intelligence service claims that the conspiracy was hatched either in America or India? Now after such findings does Iran’s claim get due weightage that that it was carried out by Israel’s own secret agency Mossad.

According to sources, the investigation has moved towards an incident in India 15 days prior to the blast in Delhi.  

RAW has arrested an Israeli couple on suspicion at Kochi in Kerala 15 days before the blast. After initial questioning they were let off and packed to Israel. They were living here in a rented accommodation by paying more than the market price. It is believed that this Israeli couple indulged in some anti-national activity and was getting help from some local people. Now to find out as to whether the duo were in any way involved in the blast, a team has been sent to Kochi.

According to sources in the home ministry, investigating teams have also been sent to Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Sources have informed that the teams sent to these places are also investigating terrorist organisations active in Kerala. National Democratic Front and Islamic Youth Centre are on the top of their list. These two are controlled by SIMI. It is believed that people associated with these groups might have carried out the blast. Even the Lashkar-e-Toiba is named for it. In Kerala itself, 12 terror organisations linked to SIMI are active. Of these, two are in Thiruvananathapuram, one in Kochi, one in Kondoti and Mallappuram.

There is evidence Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad on earlier occasions has used such weapons and tactics against Islamic terrorism.  Such kind of evidence has been found from countries like Palestine and some other Arab countries. Initially, it was thought to be a counter-intelligence mechanism but some  believe that such kind of act can also be used in some secret mission against any country.

The chemical used in the bomb also points to this theory. According to sources, the white chemical used to wrap up the bomb is part of the pressure bomb. Pressure bomb is used by Israel to blast off tanks. Investigators have come to know that the couples from Israel arrested in India were in constant touch with some terrorist organisations. However, the ministry does not deny that the blast was carried out in association with international terrorist organisations and local terror modules.

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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2012 on page no. 1

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