India and US have conflicting world-views

One cannot ignore the difference of world view between an American Zionist warmonger like Kissinger and a traditionally pacifist India’s then foreign minister Jaswant Singh. Jaswant Singh rightly avoided reply, out of politeness.

Why a country should have to have military alliances, so that it can fight wars. Why should it not try all diplomatic moves to avoid war and if time comes, why should it depend on others to join it in its own wars, like US and Israel and NATO always go about. Like a pack of hyenas, even when they can alone fight a war, and they did like in Iraq, without waiting for others to help them out.

I think Indian response on both Maldives and Iran, was most well considered and had for the first time avoided a knee jerk reaction, that some trigger happy countries expect India to jump at the first whistle. Those writers who have sympathies with US and Israel, naturally use every logic to fault their own government. However, so much has now come out within the short period of a week or two on the nuances of Indian foreign policy on both subjects, it is rather too presumptuous to ignore the entire perspective and push an old jaundiced view of ideological preference when the matter involves ‘appeasing’ – the favourite Hindutva term – the Muslim radicals, both in Maldives and in Iran. The real world is much more complicated than to be covered by ideological terminologies.
Ghulam Muhammed

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2012 on page no. 2

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