Terror threat means harassment for Gujarat Muslims

Ahmedabad: The harassment of the Muslim community all over Gujarat particularly in Ahmedabad under the pretext of advance information of possible terror attack during ensuing festival season of Christmas, and republic day and in the name of investigation has begun.

The whole nation knows the ugly face of Gujarat police; every body knows their anti Muslim attitude, inhuman behavior of notorious ATS of Gujarat police. It is an open fact that under the supervision of Gujarat police thousands of Muslim had been killed, women had been raped, and burnt alive. Now once again the notorious Gujarat police is conducting investigation and house raids in muslim areas paticularly Juhapura, dariyapur, kalupur, Danilimda.  They are investigating with a criminal mind setup on a wrong track diverting the whole investigation towards Muslims.

The great tragedy of whole Muslim community is that on one side they were facing bomb terror and lost their lives and the lives of their kith and kin, and on other side police terror is hitting the Muslim community and are facing physical and mental torture in the name of so called investigation. Police is dumping Muslim youths in the jail and spoiling their future

Two years ago, 20 synchronised bombings ripped through Ahmedabad killing 56 people and injuring over 200. Three of these blasts were triggered by car bombs parked outside Civil Hospital and L G Hospital.

Meanwhile In a major breakthrough, the Gujarat anti-terrorist squad (ATS) has discovered that a terror suspect wanted for the Ahmedabad serial blasts, had reportedly visited Godhra and Lunawada recently. Sources said that the police had alerted all agencies across the state in this connection.

The suspect had allegedly played a key role in carrying out the blasts that rocked Ahmedabad in 2008. Later, he had managed to evade arrest during a police raid in Maharashtra. The Gujarat police say that he could be hiding in Gujarat at present.

Sources in the police familiar with the development said that the ATS and special operation groups (SOGs) across the state have been alerted in this connection. The SOGs have been asked to keep close watch on all the alleged suspects and their movement with the help of the local police, and also keep track of all unusual activity in their vicinity.

The ATS also suspects the existence of some sleeper cells in Vadodara, Bharuch and Godhra. The agency had raided Shahpur, Amraivadi and Vatwa areas of the city and also questioned suspects of terror attacks. It is currently acting on intelligence inputs from the union home ministry about a possible terror attack’. The Police Commissioner of Ahmedabad convened a press conference and declared 25-day alert in the city in view of intelligence inputs on possible terror activity. Police will check vehicles at major junctions. There will be extra vigil on S.T. bus station and railway stations. Public places including malls, multiplexes and markets are asked to keep extra vigil and are put on general alert.Police has also released sketches of three terrorists connected with Ahmedabad blast of year 2008.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 January 2011 on page no. 10

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