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You are doing great to highlight Indian Muslim cause. Keep up the good work
Latheef Farouk, Colombo
Indian Muslims’ leading English fortnightly in service of the community - in many ways a mouthpiece of Muslims of India, has little words for itself today to raise its own economic condition, and difficulties it is facing due to lack of funds, to meet day-to-day expenses of printing and distribution
Adil Mohd.
May Allah make us more sincere in our sympathy towards ‘Milli Gazette’ which has been compelled to decrease its number of pages [January 16-31, 2012]!
S. Akhtar
Khanpur Deh - 3921150
Will Rushdie himself not kill a scorpion which goes on stinging himwithout any provocation?! Had he looked at the workd ‘Rushd’ in verse 256 of Chapter ‘Baqarah’, Verse 146 of Chapter ‘Aaraaf’ and Verse 2 of Chapter ‘Jinn’ in the Holy Qur’an, he would not have been misguided by the Big Satan and his Zionist gurus!!!
Sultan A. Patel
Khanpur Deh - 392150
I am very much impressed by the article of Wajiha Mehdi.As a student of law,my perception regarding hijaab and its consequences are supposed to be a bit different. I wear scarf wherever I go not because of any compulsion but I think hijab is my identity and I am not going to loose it at any cost. My hijab is a challenge to neo-colonialism and cultural imperialism of west. West has a psycho fear that if we muslims once turned to our glorious past that it may pose a threat to western civilisation. In short, hijab is not only our religiously sanctioned dress but also an integral part of our culture so we cant stop wearing it though society may be brand as an orthodox.
Zahra Saman, Aligarh,UP
Tamil Muslims have no castes
Tamil-speaking Muslims Have No Idea of Their Original Hindu Castes What Shahid Siddiqui has written about castes among Indian Muslims, (MG, Feb 16-29) does not, I strongly feel apply to South India or at least Tamil Nadu where my family has been living as Muslims at least for the past 600 years. Many academic researchers have done profound research on this aspect in Tamil Nadu and failed to find “castes” among Tamil-speaking Muslims in Tamil Nadu. Walk into a few Muslim colleges in Chennai city, say New College (boys only), SIET College (girls only), Crescent Engineering College etc, where there are about 5000 Muslim students and ask them to indicate their original Hindu caste on a plain piece of paper without indicating their names. I believe people will come up with zero information. This is the revolution that Islam has brought about in Tamil Nadu. Anyone looking at the skin colour and physical features of Tamil-speaking Muslims know that over centuries, tremendous inter-caste marriages among the converts have resulted in total assimilation. Tamil Muslims had converted from all castes right across the board but research shows that their original Hindu castes totally disappeared after conversion. This has been one of the biggest achievements of Islam in Tamil Nadu. It is true that Tamil Christians loyally, faithfully, and proudly stick to their caste names such as Mudaliar, Nadar, Pillai, Devar, Maravar, Vanniar, Naidu, Vellalar, Kallar, etc. They add their caste names after their Christian names. So we have names like Margaret Mudaliar, Jacob Pillai, Xavier Jaganath and so on. In many village churches, even today, Dalit Christians are segregated. They occupy separate benches and they have separate graveyards. Anyone who does sincere research on the teachings of Periyar and Dr. BR Ambedkar knows that for the simple reason that only Islam is capable of rooting out caste differences, they advised particularly Adi-Dravidas and Shudras to get converted to Islam in order to raise their social status. For political and economic reasons, some Muslims in North India continue to use the diluted and imaginary caste system to gain reservations and employment.
P. A. Mohamed Ameen, Chennai (via email)
Syed Sultan Mohiuddin of Kadapa (A.P.) has opined in MG 1-15 Feb. 2012 that The Hindu daily slips into the hand of communal forces. Earlier, The Pioneer was staunch fighter of communal forces and now has become blind supporter of BJP / RSS. The Pioneer editor Chandan Mitra in Rajya Sabha is dominated by a saffron brain and due to Muslims’ illiteracy, media finds free ground to attack Islam and tarnish Muslim image without any befitting replies.
S. Haque, Patna
This is really shocking that the media and a number of columnist arefull of praise for Salman Rushdie who in his book “Satanic Verses” has abused the holy Prophet of Islam, his wives and the holy book Qur’an in filthiest language which has deeply hurt the religious feelings and sentiments of Muslims. There is nothing the absolute freedom of expression. No country can tolerate disrespect to its national symbols. In our own country despite national ethos embedded in her national culture no citizen can abuse the national flag, national anthem and the Father of the Nation. Media has conveniently forgotten that even fundamental rights including the freedom of expression conferred on Indian Citizens are not absolute but subject to reasonable restrictions. It is a pity that media has little or no regard for the sentiments of Muslims.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai
Delhi - 110091
No wonder if our ‘national’ press did not publish Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan’s letter regarding the army chief’s age. The devils’ grip on narrow-minded mediamen is global. Could they at all highlight the remote-controlled downing of the Big Satan’s spying drone by Iranian scientists?! Did they not hear the Iranian Navy chief’s words comparing the Stait of Hormuz with a glass of water, with full faith in the Might of ONLY ONE ALLAH? They are cunning ostriches indeed!
Sultan A.U. Patel
Khanpur Deh - 392150
Vote bank politics
Kudos to Dar-ul-uloom Vice chancellor Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani for refusing to play the shepherd to the Muslim community or a teller of Muslim vote bank. The Congress leaders Digvijay Singh and Rashid Masood’s visit to the VC to placate him to issue an appeal to the Muslim community to vote for Congress was true to form. However the response of the head of the Muslim seminary is path breaking. He preferred that the religious voice is kept away from influencing what should be a purely secular decision. He, rightly, refused to influence the Muslim vote. An appeal from a religious institution or religious personality closes the mind of the community to a plethora of issues which a voter should consider in deciding his vote. From his side Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani has set the Muslim vote free. Other Muslim religious leaders and clerics should follow suit.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
Spoiling for violence
On February, 13th an Israeli embassy car was blown off by a bomb planted underneath. Investigations are still on. Within minutes of the incident the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the blast is the sponsored act of terrorism by the Iranian regime. In the early morning of the 1st of January 2012 a Pakistani flag was seen fluttering atop a building in Sindagi in Bijapur district in the state of Karnataka. With great promptitude the ever vigilant Ram Sene came down on the streets blaming Muslims for this unpatriotic move. The usual damage to the public and private property, scattering burning tyres on the roads and closing of the shutters ensued. The local Tehsildar’s office was surrounded and demands were made to arrest the culprits. The Minority community spent harrowing time. The credit is due to the police of this BJP rules state who prevented the dangerous turn of events by arresting the culprits who were the very people who flew the flag and blamed Muslims.  On 27th February 1933, in Germany the parliament building in Berlin was set ablaze. Hitler took it as a God sent opportunity to blame the communist party of Germany. Hitler manipulated the event to decimate the rival party as the first step towards his nefarious plans. The blaze itself is still unsolved! [Incidentally, the man tried, convicted and hanged for the crime was posthumously exonerated.] On another 27th of another February of the year 2002 another fire engulfed a coach of Sabarmati Express at Godhra in Gujarat. Within hours  the chief minister of the state called it the work of Muslims in conspiracy with the ISI of Pakistan, while as late as on 29th March 2002 IGP [Railways] PP Agia said this: “The case is still being investigated and if there was some deep conspiracy, [then] we are yet to find it.”
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
The Delhi blast has occured in a time when US - Iran tensions are in the peak. Also in the time when the Indo - Iran relations are growing stronger despite US discomfort. These bomb blasts have happened in 3  countries, meaning no choto moto groups are involved. That too, in Delhi, it is only 500 meters near PM’s  residence. Interestingly in Bangkok, an Iran identity card was found with the alleged attacker, which remember us the stereo type of Identity cards and SIM cards found in various bomb blasts in India. In many of the bomb blasts in India, only innocent Muslim youth were caught and these identity cards were used as evidence against them. What for worldy reasons, when someone plans a hi-fi attack, he should carry proper identity cards with him, God only knows. And jumping into conclusion stereo types too follow. The US, UK and of course Israel “found” it is sponsored by Iran only. It is unfortunate that they were unable to identify the attackers before the bomb blasts. Why would Iran risk its relations with India, when there is a severe crisis against it? Eventhough US pulled out of Iran, its troops are stationed in the nearby persian gulf countries only. Those troops were never been home until now.  This makes us only guess that these bomb blasts are only to mount pressure over Iran or probably wage war over Iran. And the inability to stop bomb blasts despite several incidents in the capital city shows that there are black moles in the security agencies. A review with reform of our security agencies is the need of the hour. Regards
If the recently notified National Counter Terrorism Centre [NCTC] is the pet project of the Home Minister P. Chidambaram and a part of his unfinished agenda and if it is deriving power from the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act [UAPA], it needs to be looked at with some trepidation. Our Home minister is not known to be a great champion of human rights. He has threatened human rights activists like Mahasweta Devi, Arundhati Roy and others with ten years imprisonment under sedition laws. One of his few achievements is the draconian amendments to the already draconian UAPA, which, in the words of Soli Sorabjee, is constitutionally vulnerable and inconsistent with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [ICCPR]. Now this newly set up NCTC which will be acting under the clandestine Intelligence Bureau [IB] is given the powers to arrest, search, and seizure under the law which is highly vulnerable to misuse. When the laws like POTA, AFPSA and NSA are so flagrantly misused by people who are actually answerable to media, civil society and public at large, we can imagine the misuse under an agency which works clandestinely and is outside the purview of even the Right to Information act. A person arrested by this agency may not be heard of for a long time. It is not for nothing that the NCTC is being compared to the much dreaded KGB set up by Lenin and Stalin.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
NIA caught Kamal Chouhan from Indore on 12th February for his involvement in Samjhauta train blast. This news appeared in a Hindi daily (13February 2012) in 4x10 cm column on page 15 but the same Hindi daily printed the arrest news of two Muslim youths for Mumbai serial blast on page 1 in 13x23 c.m. column and the remaining in page 19 (10x13c.m.) With some hathkadi photo with colour block of paid news about praising ATS of Maharashtra on 24 January. And the media didn’t aired the news about the clean chit given to Nadeem Siddiqui Md. Adil, Abdur Rahman, Md. Irshad, Ghaur Ahmad Jamali, and Farrukh arrested in November and December last year by Delhi police for different bomb blasts. Police claimed that they are IM and SIMI members responsible for Delhi H.C. blast but NIA gave them clean chit (Agency/11 February 2012). This is the reason media wants unbridled freedom of speech. Press Council of India must frame some rule against such freedom of speech.
S. Haque, Patna
Federal structure & tackling terrorism
It refers to opposition by some state-governments towards formation of a National Counterterrorism Centre by the Union government, seen by these states as some interference in rights of states. Terrorism is a global problem and needs to be tackled effectively nationally. State-governments should think in a right perspective, and rather join hands with Union government rather than resisting as some hindrance in their rights available to them under federal structure of the country.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 110006
Muslims must introspect
Muslim have themselves invented showing respect and love towards Islam and our Prophet by band baja, camel horse, dances, flag carrying and procession of men and women whole night during Muharram, Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi etc. Ummah spend crores and crore in these new invention of Islam no body opposes such useless rituals. On 5th February when Muslims were engaged in such created rituals a new came that a woman Anwari Begum was selling her 2-year-old son at Kishan Ganj railway junction due to poverty and starvation for Rs 70,000. Kishan Ganj is Muslim dominated area. Are we ready to introspect within ourselves?
S. Haque, Patna
Porn Stars
Porn stars are not adult stars. Adults are mature people and they do not strip in front of others. Adults can control their sexual desires. Porn stars have no moral values. Why do we call them stars? They behave like animals of gutters !
Iran Has Weapons of Mass Destruction Hence WAR?
Washington and NATO politicians  are  keen on promoting a war against Iran. Whether Iran is a threat  to world peace or not is immaterial What is however material is that Iran is having ( not having ) the same sort of  “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that saddam Hussein had (never had) which made President Bush to decide to attack Iraq, devastate, rupture and reduce the nation to stone age. Is it not unintelligently  pathetic to pick the same excuse as the West picked in the case of Iraq in its plan to attack and destroy Iran a fast developing Muslim nation? What is pathetically wrong with the  Western leaders, that they can’t come up with new stories to justify a military attack? Are they going to recycle the same cock and bull story as they did in the case of Iraq.? The International Atomic Energy Agency has concluded: “There is certainly no indication that Iran has nuclear weapons capacity or could have it soon.” One trick they use is to insist that, even if Iran isn’t building nuclear weapons, it’s a threat anyway because it “aspires” to have them. Why not give another unconvincing reason such as saying that Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship. Wait a minute that would mean that the Washington should be ready to dismantle all the military dictatorships and monarchies ( of US’s closest allies) in the Middle East before accusing Iran of following that wrong path.
PA.Mohamedameen (via  email)
Islam and female circumcision
I beg to draw your kind attention to the article on Islam and female circumcision by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer and by Dr. Sumit S Paul  Poona  vide M G dated 16 -29  February 2012 .    When there is no provision in the Holy Quran and Hadith ,and if any sect or community follows it ,one can say that it is unislamic . Syedna Saheb ,religious head of Dawoodi Bohra community should correct his mistake  and issue instructions as per the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). All India Muslim Personal law Board should pressurize upon Syedna saheb to discontinue such unislamic customs.
Farooq Abdul Faffar Bawani, Rajkot Gujarat
Italian terrorism in our backwaters
Burning the headlines in Kerala in the week past is the incidence of the two Malayali fishermen killed by the Italian naval officers. Italy defends the culprits saying that the incident took place in international and as such India has no jurisdiction over it. If India has no jurisdiction over it then who has especially when two of its citizens were killed. Osama Bin Laden was tracked down in Afghanistan and killed in Pakistan by the US for plotting to kill US citizens. If US has jurisdiction over Afghanistan and Pakistani soil when it comes to the murder of US citizens, does not India have the right to catch offenders from international sea-lanes? Or is there one law for the Western powers and their stooges like Israel and another for the third world countries?             
Xavier William
Crime and law in Mumbai
Culprit, murderer Sachin Vaze the former Police officer is seeking discharge from the court for the murder of innocent engineer Khaja Yunus. Vaze has filed a discharge application in the Sewri Sessions Court. Reference to the news article published in The Asian Age on 6 February. Engineer Khwaja Yunus was murdered in the year 2002 by the culprit Vaze and his team on the false charges of bomb blast being carried out by Yunus in the BEST bus at Ghatkopar on 2nd December 2002. One of the another culprit cop Arun Borude who was also involved in the murder of Engineer Khwaja Yunus, whose name was repealed by Home Minister of Maharashtra Mr. R.R. Patil without doing thorough inquiry from the lists of criminals who were involved in the Murder of engineer Khwaja Yunus, committed suicide somewhere in the year 2010. Discharge application of culprit Sachin Vaze be set aside rather a case of 302 be registered against Sachin Vaze. It is prayed: (a) Set aside discharge application of Sachin Vaze which will come for the argument on 27th Feb. 2012. (b) Scrutinize the mind and act of the person before recruiting in the Judicial, administrative and army services.
Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2012 on page no. 23

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