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Islam is the future; Secularism--minority welfare; and other letters to editor

Islam is the future
Students Association of Islamic Ideology (SAII) organized a program ISLAM: FUTURE OF THE WORLD AND OUR ROLE, on 3-March-2012 in the Kennedy auditorium at AMU Aligarh. Looking at this opportunity of large gathering of students, we arranged a booking cum introduction counter of MILLI GAZETTE, where we displayed various poster/advertisement of MG published in MG, cuttings of MG, hand made poster etc. We also collected back date issues of MG from some students, and put it at counter to read/see there. At the end of program we allowed to take back date issues free of cost. A large number of students visited the counter and sought information about MG, but most of them said, this is the first time they are seeing this paper. A large number of students also booked their order by cash payment or under cash on delivery scheme whose detail and cash has been transferred to MG office in Delhi. We are happy that we got a good response from students. So, we are highly thankful to Allah who helped us to introduce MG to a large number of peoples in very short time. We request others to look for such opportunity to introduce MG in their circles.
Er. Muhammad Seraj
Aligarh, U.P.

Indian diplomat to pay $1.5m tortured help
The Manhattan Federal Magistrate judge Frank Mass has awarded a compensation $1.5 million to Shanti Gurung the tortured maid. Ms. Shanti had suffered "barbaric treatment" by the diplomat Neena Malhotra and her husband. The court observed that the diplomat couple behaviour outrageous and shocking. According to court Ms. Gurung is now in 20's and made victim by couple. Ms Gurung had come to New York in 2006. We justice loving people congratulate American curt for delivering exemplary justice. But Md. Imran Khan jailed for 14 years in his prime 18's for no faults and he was dubbed terror master mind and slapped 20 bomb blast cases. Indian court just set Aamir free in 18 cases. Is it a complete justice?
S. Haque, Patna

Secularism and minority welfare
Indian brand of secularism never bothered for minority justice or welfare of minorities as our secularism takes minority granted. Minority welfare and justice are the word of debate and dialogue of our secular leader. Debate and dialogue of our secular leader. On 24 February Nitish Kumar government presented state budget 2012-13 of Rs. 78,686 crores and out lay plan size of Rs. 28,000 crores and allotted only Rs. 455 crore for minority welfare. Muslim constitute 18% of Bihar population and the budget allocation for minority welfare is 1.62% Similarly the flags bearer of secularism congress A.P. govt. presented its 2012-13 state budget of Rs. 145,854 crores and only Rs. 489 crores allocated for minority welfare which is only 0.338% when Muslims constitute 12% of AP's population. What sort of our secularism is a matter of deep concern.
S. Haque, Patna

S. C. raps Modi government
S.C. raps Modi govt. over probe panel chief appointment (24 February 12) S.C. slams Modi govt. over spurious case against Teesta (21 February 12) contempt notice to Modi govt. over relief by Gujarat H.C. (15 February 12) Gujarat H.C. pulls up Modi govt. in Ishrat Jahan fake encounter (10 February 12) S.C. raps Modi govt. in encounters case during 2003 to 2006 (25 January 12) S.C. slams Modi government for not controlling riots in 2002 and this led damage to religious structure. The govt. has to bear all the repair cost (8 February 12) and on 4 July 2004 S.C. said about Modi government Neeru was playing flute when whole city was burning. Innumerable times S.C. and High Court slammed / pulled up / rapped / issued contempt notices but what is result? Is justice doe to those who lost lives and their family ruined.
S. Haque Patna

Media and Salman Rushdie
This is really shocking that the media and a number of columnist are full of praise for Salman Rushdie who in his book "Satanic Verses" has abused the holy Prophet of Islam, his wives and the holy book Qur'an in filthiest language which has deeply hurt the religious feelings and sentiments of Muslims. This is nothing like absolute freedom of expression. No country can tolerate disrespect to its national symbols. In our country despite national ethos embedded in her national culture no citizen can abuse the national flag, national anthem and the Father of the Nation. Media has conveniently forgotten that even fundamental rights including the freedom of expression conferred on Indian Citizens are not absolute but subject to reasonable restrictions. It is a pity that media has little or no regard for the sentiments of Muslims.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Delhi - 110091

A Central (!) intelligence officer has cooked up a story that Godra carnage was an ISI conspiracy. It is good that Govt found that his version is false and started questioning him. The question arises are 1) In what motive that IB officer cooked up the story? 2) What measures Govt took to weed out these type of irresponsible elements? 3) Will the Govt uphold democracy and transparency?
4) If the Govt takes a "Chalte hey" attitude, is it okay for the journalists community? Godhra/articleshow/11734169. cms?intenttarget=no
I am writing for the cause of good governance and building a strong plural community. Regards
Mohamed. N

Strange ways in Karnataka Assembly
It refers to media-reports about a committee of Karnataka state-assembly summoning the journalist having filmed three ministers involved in watching/forwarding porn films during assembly-debate. Rather than complimenting the journalist for his bold attempt to expose the ministers, Committee is reported to have sought explanation on filming/telecasting the said clip allegedly without permission of the Chair. Big question is if the complete filming done inside the assembly to be censored before telecast? If it is so, then it is quite evident that powers may be misused to censor those portions which are not comfortable with the ruling party. Summoning of journalist is rightly criticized by opposition-parties in the assembly. It is regrettably observed that chairpersons and House-committees are often soft in action against undignified behaviour of their members. Time has come that often-misused immunity to legislature may be abolished also to gain several other advantages like having check on wastage of precious time of Parliament and state-assemblies by usual disruptions causing adjournments of proceedings. Also it may be recalled even Supreme Court acquitted Parliamentarians involved in infamous JMM-bribery case because bribed act of Parliamentarians (to vote for Narsimha Rao government) was considered immunised being the act done during Lok Sabha proceedings.
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6

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