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Stop false reporting, spare Kazmi, cross-check allegations

The Delhi Union of Journalists has issued the following statement today requesting editors and journalists to be fair in their reporting by at least publishing Kazmi's family and lawyer comments on the false allegations of unnamed police sources they have been reproducing.

New Delhi (11 March 2012): Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi, a senior Urdu journalist arrested on March 6 in connection with a bomb blast in the car of an Israeli embassy lady staffer, continues to be a victim of media trial and character assassination.

Unnamed Police sources are planting false reports on him to the gullible reporters to justify their wrong actions against him. The allegations are not levelled in the court as they cannot be substantiated in the scrutiny by a judge. Police has managed to take a long police remand of Kazmi up to March 27 to revel into such unsubstantiated allegations.

We as a professional body request you all to spare Kazmi and his family from the daily torture of reading false stories about him, more so since he is one of us incarcerated for gathering information as part of his professional duty as a journalist.

The least that a journalist should do is to cross-check the allegations levelled against Kazmi by the police to be fair and impartial in our reporting and comments on him. The best, of course, will be to insist on the police speak on camera or through an official press note.

Since the police and other government agencies will continue with the mud-slinging, we request you to verify any such information with Kazmi's lawyer or family members and publish their comments alongside the allegations to be fair to our journalist colleague. Here are phone numbers for contacting them:

1.     Advocate Vijay Kumar Aggarwal   9811014267 / 25733267
2.     Shauzab Kazmi (son)  9999091978
3.     Ali (nephew) 8759522256.
(S K Pande)
Gen. Secy.
Delhi Union of Journalists
Flat No 29, New Central Market, Connaught Circus
NEW DELHI 110001
Phone: 23413459, email:

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