US, India should rethink Israel

By Arshi Khan

It is a very painful and tragic moment in the world today where an extremely aggressive and expansionist country like Israel is trying to dictate its terms to the US Government which is the product of the mandate of the American citizens. It is important to point out that the US has come under Israeli pressure more after the fall of the Soviet Union and European expansion which was not foreseen before 1989. There was an expectation that the Palestinians will be liberated from the Israeli occupation and so Yasser Arafat even sacrificed his people's  interests by signing peace treaties in Oslo and Madrid in 1991 and 1993. It is in this unipolar world that the interests of the weak, small and principles-based nations and nationalities have faced multiple challenges which they never faced before.

On the other hand, Zionists began to trap the US State Department in a vicious circle of fictitious issues like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Saddam Hussein as a threat to the world security, Palestinian leaders as terrorists and so on. Now Israel is raising the political-strategic fiction of Nuclear weapons in Iran. It is under Zionists' pressure within the US Establishment and in the NGO sector that the US Government encircled Iran by a series of crippling sanctions which are very much questionable in International Law. It is the American State Department and the Zionists' entrenchment in the CIA which produced Zionist-managed resolutions from the UN Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency, particularly since 2009. The European Union is pretending to be fair and neutral but it has surrendered to the US and Zionists lobbies' interests.

The Jewish lobby, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has a history of biased views and narrations against all those who support the democratic cause of the Palestinian people within and outside the US. They are also against those who want to make the region of West Asia free from nuclear weapons as it is only Israel which will get exposed if others too have nuclear arms. Sometimes, it seems that the US State Department is more subject to the pressures of the Zionists than anyone else in the US. This lobby was in the forefront in managing the destruction of Iraq and other forces of resistance against Israeli violations of the UN Charter since its unilateral birth at the outskirt of West Asia in May 1948.

The Zionists derailed the peace process launched by the US and others and now it is in fact warning the US President not to prevent or criticise Israel for illegal air strikes against Iran. Israel has neither signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty nor it has allowed any inspection teams to visit Israeli nuclear sites whereas Iran is a signatory of the NPT and allowes hundreds of inspections over its nuclear sites.

There are IAEA-manned CCTV cameras in the Iranian nuclear sites. In fact, Israel should be asked by the world community to declare its atomic and other bombs (being produced since 1966) and open its nuclear sites for UN inspections. Israel has violated the rights of the Palestinians by occupying their territories since 1948. Israel made Palestinians refugees who have not been given justice by the UN. US, UK and the EU who dish out rhetoric of democracy, freedom and human rights.

Israel attacked several countries since its birth and still occupies areas of Syria and Lebanon in addition to Palestine. Who has asked Israel to vacate these occupied territories? Israeli agents killed a Palestinian leader Mabhouh in Dubai by using forged passports of different countries. It attacked Gaza twice between 2005 and 2010 and Lebanon in 2006. It is imposing toughest sanctions against occupied Palestinians crippling their lives and natural rights. Has anyone dared to impose economic sanctions against Israel? Has anyone dared to take military action as the US did against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya? On the contrary, the US and the West have learnt to either ignore criticising Israel or maintain silence or to appease Israel. It is because of these drawbacks and internal weaknesses of super civilised democracies that Israel is not afraid of violating any international institutions or flouting international laws or the sovereign rights of countries or violation of human rights. The US must think that if it proclaims to be a federal democracy, it should listen to the conscience of the American citizens and not to the Zionists who love wars, violence and disturbance in all the places where they face opposition or dissence.

Post-1989 epistemological paradigms of democracy, globalization, freedom and human rights have benefited mainly the Zionists and the pro-Zionists agencies in the world. The Zionist-guided international politics will be the productive forces of international terrorism, violence, violation of human rights, and war crimes.

At this juncture, the Indian Establishment needs to rethink  its unnatural proximity with Israel. Most of us are bewildered over this U-turn in India's foreign policy which betrays our national interests. Israel has penetrated so much in India's capital that it managed terrorist bomb blast in New Delhi on February 13 to malign Iran. India should not allow Israel to cross certain boundaries otherwise we will become laughing stock at places where we will make historical claims to the Non-Aligned Movement.

The author is Associate Professor in the department of political  science, AMU. He may be contacted

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2012 on page no. 16

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