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The task before Mulayam Singh
Let me first congratulate him on his sweeping victory. The voters of UP have experienced the expanse thrift nature of Miss Mayawati. Being a Dalit she tried to maintain her superiority complex by erecting statues neglecting the interests of downtrodden. It was a great mistake and every possibility was there she could repeat the same mistake in future also. The BJP could not attract the Muslim voters. The leaders of BJP so far could not understand the importance of Muslims’ votes. Unless they change their mindset they will not be able to achieve the power in the large states of India. The Congress has treated Muslims as herds of sheep and goats. They betrayed the Muslim masses in UP. The Batla House encounter had deep impact on the minds of Muslims. Mr. Mulayam was elected as he is free from caste superiority or inferiority. He can mix up with Muslims and Christians. His OBC will not alienate him. The other important factor of his victory was his nativity. He was the son of soil. India is slowly going towards regionalism. In the coming elections only the regional parties will win. The central parties will be smashed. The greatest demerit with Mr. Mulayam Singh is he is ignorant of divine guidance of reining. His cabinet in the due course of time will lay the same eggs as the previous governments. Very insidiously the corruption will be seen with the Ministers in the name of party funds or other excuses. Nepotism will also be seen. Mulayam and Akhalish will become mute spectators. Again after five years the scenario will not be much different as that of Mayawati or UPA government.
Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
Amicus curie report on Modi role in Gujarat riot
SC appointed amicus curie to look into the riot of Gujarat 2002 and the role of Modi in the riot and SC appointed SIT to examine the same. SC had slammed in February 2011 and again pulled up in May 2011. Former SC Judge PB Sawant and HC Judge H Suresh said the SIT ignored the facts. What sort of SIT can be imagined but amicus curie report is ray of hope in the darkness
S. Haque, Patna
Race for renaming roads in Delhi
With Delhi High Court giving nod to new system of polls for Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), there has been haste in renaming roads and streets according to requirements of decision-taking political rulers before notification for MCD polls is issued, without proper deliberations. It may be recalled that such renaming of a road after Sardar Shobhasingh had to be later reversed when members of public objected to such renaming. Renaming of historical Chandni Chowk after a former Deputy Mayor of the city was also reversed after public protests. It has been a normal practice that ruling parties decides names for roads and institutions without trying for unanimity and consensus with opposition-parties. All India Congress Committee (AICC) had to shift its main gate of new headquarters from Deendayal Upadhyaya Marg to Kotla Marg because AICC never wanted its postal-address to be linked with name of the then President of Bhartiya Jansangh. It has been a wrong practice everywhere in India with ruling party in a state flooding the complete state with names of roads and institutions after their favourites. System should be to achieve unanimity and consensus with opposition parties in naming roads and institutions.
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6
Shameless coward countries
The number is on the increase
of shameless coward countries
Who cannot utter a word
against America who considers them a herd!
A herd having neither any sense nor mood
to differentiate between bad and good!!
Though America hurled the first mass-killer bomb
She says Iran and N. Korea should not have any such bomb!!!
Israil may have any number
No one must raise a finger!!!!
America asks the cowards no to sing
Anything against his friendly king!!!!!
The coward meekly bow their head
Does America give them their daily bread?!
Sultan A.U. Patel
Khanpur Deh - 392150
Indian Police
All countrymen resent the deplorable, thoroughly inefficient and corrupt Indian Police and its functioning. It has earned notoriety for adopting the immensely inhuman torturous 3 degree methods leading to custodial death, resorting to fake encounters, production of fabricated evidence in the courts, arresting innocent Indian citizens and keeping them for months as under-trials. It is full of anti Muslim bias and consider all Muslim terrorists. Over and above all this, it has failed to perform its primary duty of registering FIRs and allowing notorious criminals and history-sheeters to commit all sorts of crimes in return for receiving regularly money from them. Police stations have virtually become dens of worst kind of crimes. Its failure to control public demonstrations and use force is the glalring example of its thorough incompetence. The need of the hour is that the whole police system should be overhauled and revamped and a new comprehensive law is passed by Parliament removing all the evils and converting the police department into a real public service department.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091
A young patnaite currently based in Bangalore posted the video on his face book "wonder what this I. P. S. officer learnt through education" another viewer wrote "Indian police are terrorist" there are the reactions showered about the Patna city S. P. Kim Sharma who slapped an old lady and abused the young boy. For this C. M. apologised. S. C. slammed Delhi Police for the excessive force used to evict the Ramdev supporter calling human right violation, abuse of power, and assault on democratic values. But memory fades when Forbesganj police firing, Arraria police firing, Hashim Pura, Malyana, Batla fake encounter case and Gujarat, Bhagalpur, Mumbai etc. riots presented are police not terrorist? Everybody just kept mum.
S. Haque Patna
How to understand peace
Peace does not mean absence of sound. A garden can be a place of peace. The sound of fluttering leaves, bees buzzing, water drops falling, birds chirping do not disturb peace but they add to the state of peace. A place of cremation is a quiet place but it is not a peaceful place in most cases. How to understand peace? Sound does not disturb it but noise pollution can disturb it. Saints enjoy peace. The peace that protects a person against the onslaught of failures and disappointments, the stillness of mind which is not agitated by loss or perturbed by anger, jealousy and other lower passions. Allow love to flow from your heart. Have no fear. Know that you are the embodiment of peace. Whoever has the determination, steadfastness and the earnestness to reach the goal will reach it.
Nazneen O.Saherwala(Surat
Foreign Hand!
The champion of globalization and zealous advocate of foreign direct investment our Prime minister suddenly has problem with ideas and funds coming from abroad. It only shows his frustration and impatience with anything or anybody coming in his way. The PM should know that in these days of instant dissemination of information even activism has gone global. By asserting that the opposition to the nuclear energy is brazenly fed by foreign funds he has insulted Indian activism and placed himself in a position to prove the veracity of his statement. It is the UPA government who has appeared to be working under the influence of the US. If any debate has taken place on nuclear energy vs. renewable sources of energy, it has remained a one sided affair. NGOs have been shouting the cons of one and the pros of the other with government paying no heed. Dr Manmohan Singh apparently has made nuclear power his life’s mission and is unwilling to hear a word against it. He is on record that he would have resigned as the prime minister if the Indo-US nuclear bill had not gone through.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
Media gagged in Bihar, Urdu press in coma
P. C. I. chairman Justice Markande Katju said during Laloo Yadav's government, the law and order of the state had deteriorated but the press was free to criticise the government's wrong moves. The present regime has improved law and order, but, I have come to know, it does not allow the media to function independently and many reporters who went against the govt. were removed". He was saying this at a function in Patna university on 24 February he said that he would send a fact finding team. But Urdu media is surrendered even laying on death bed. Its example is that best selling (Urdu paper claim) Urdu paper published the report of the very programme did not mention the Katju version even. Urdu media so timid that afraid of writing facts. Urdu paper didn't write editorial on Urdu teacher, AMU campus, job share Forbes ganj police firing etc. How to save Urdu media from dying?
S. Haque Patna
Beware of Israel – a rogue state
Israel is a creation and puppet of western imperialists. In fact it is a dagger in the heart of Palestinians and Arabs. The congress general secretary and twice chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh while speaking in the 83rd Plenary Session of the Congress Party in Delhi had said that the Malegaon blast, in which 2 army officers are accuseds, has proved that they have even started influencing people inside the army. S. M. Mushrif, former Inspector General of police, Maharashtra state has written an scholarly book titled "Who Killed Karkare?" which is based on facts and evidences. Translations of this explosive book are published in six Indian languages i. e. Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Kannada, Telgu, and Malyalam. Mushrif has written that on duty Lt. Col. Purohit (an accused in Malegaon blast, who is in jail alongwith sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Swami Dayanand Pande etc.) had conspired to wage a war against the Indian govt. with the help of rogue state Israel for establishing their "Hindu Rashtra" in India. These allegations of Digvijay Singh and S. M. Mushrif are very serious and grave. A highest level judicial probe by retired or sitting supreme court judges, in this regard, is the need of the hour.
G. Hasnain Kaif
Chairman, Media Watch (Maharashtra)
Such Israeli news don’t get media attention
Sreeram Chaulia (vice dean of the Jindal School of International Affairs) mentioned about the interrogation of Israelis for suspicious behaviour and possible intention of avenging the killing of Israeli citizens in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack is a worrisome development. The Kothi police interrogated is realise (HT/17 February 12) news ignored by Indian media. Israeli drug baron Yaniv Benain alias Atala was arrested by Panaji police on March 11 2010. Atala’s girl friend lucky farmhouse exposed tapes which showed him confessing his link with the police. Atala got bail and fled the country. He was major drug baron pushing narcotics in the state Coastal Belts. The Goa police commissioner explained this. But media seemed not interested making it news. Why such Israeli news get media attention?
S. Haque, Patna
Congress in UP
It was generous of Rahul Gandhi to take the blame for the bad performance of the party in the assembly elections.  Any sort of political rehabilitation of the Congress party in UP was an uphill task.  The Man Mohan Singh led UPA government at the centre has served as a millstone around Rahul’s neck. People have not seen any benefits of Singh’s economic policies trickling down to them. Vote generally was against Singh’s anti people policies and–of late-authoritarianism and short shift to human rights. Unless there are major changes at the centre which may include replacement of the prime minister, reversing the nuclear policy and a rethink on the economic reforms, the party’s rout in 2014 is certain.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
The voters in Uttar Pradesh have demonstrated abundant maturity in the recent assembly elections.  The Congress citadels in Amethi and Rai Bareli have crumbled due to unbridled corruption coupled with rampant anti-people policies pursued by the UPA-II government. The Rahul charisma has failed to convince the Muslim voters as the Congress has taken them for granted time and again.  The Muslim community has become prudent enough to understand the gimmicks like reservations for minorities and the purported Sonia Gandhi’s “tear jerking” over Batla House encounter.  The Muslims have not trusted Mayawati also this time, as her social engineering had hardly done anything to the community during her five year rule.  What is more welcome was the defeat of the BJP in Ayodhya, which shall be construed as a slap in the face of the communal politics.  Samajwadi Party should live up to its promises made to the Muslims in the state, to uplift them socio-economically by creating employment opportunities.  The Congress at the Centre must draw a lesson from its debacle in the U.P and strive to implement the recommendations of Rajinder Sachar Committee and Ranganath Misra Commission reports, if it is seriously contemplating to win back the hearts of Muslim community in the 2014 general elections.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa
Change your taste
Now when the electorates have cast their votes in 5 assembly elections and results are out, the government is indicating for a price rise on some goods and commodities of daily use. This shows as if the government is saying, ‘you have been talking much about 2G spectrum and CWG scams; you must be boring, so now change your taste and talk about CNG, LPG, onion, potato, and tomato.’
Shafaque Alam, New Delhi
Role of US in Iran and Israel conflict 
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) meet of March, 4-6 for US constitutional authorities, political commentators and media etc to address the AIPAC meet has sent clear signal to world community that Israel Prime Mister and President Netanyahu & Shimon Peres are in Washington to pressurize Obama to go for all out war against Iran (by first allowing Israel to strike against Iran and later on USA & Allies will be sucked in at immediately later stage). This preferably, (if not with war through UN due to veto of Russia and China then) with decisive simultaneous induced uprising by arming the rebels to teeth in Iran's ally Syria too. In this regard, Obama has already obliged Israel by his speech at AIPAC on Sunday that – “[We all prefer to resolve this issue diplomatically. Having said that, Iran’s leaders should have no doubt about the resolve of the United States, just as they should not doubt Israel’s sovereign right to make its own decisions about what is required to meet its security needs]”.How much confidence Israel will have in diplomatic resolution of this problem by USA in order to stop Iran's nuclear program and how much Israel will prefer Obama's advice to exercise Israel’s sovereign right to make its own decisions about what is required (euphemism for military action) to meet its security needs, is any body's guess
Hem Raj Jain, Bangalur
Italian minister’s visit of India
It is regrettable that external affairs minister should be allowed to visit India. The Italian marines have committed a grave mistake by killing our two fishermen in our ocean, we should impose punishment on the Italian who murdered the two fishermen as per the law of the land then we should allow the minister to enter in our country. Some days before one American has killed two Pakistanis. He was kept under arrest till the Americans paid the blood money to the kin of the deceased in the same way we should collect the blood money from the defaulters and release. If we allow the minister without the proper action taken it will be against the honour of our countrymen
Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
Israel–greatest threat to world peace
Israel is a Zionist, racist, terrorist. The Holy Qur’an says Jews had killed many prophets. The Christians blame Jews for hanging Jesus Christ. Israel has been the biggest symbol of terrorism in the world. It had killed UNO’s mediator Count Bernadette in Israel in 1948. Expansionist Israel had forcefully occupied Palestinian lands and homes and made Palestinian Arab Muslims into a nation of refugees. Israel’s plan of demolishing mosque Al-AQSA–the first QIBLA of Islam and Muslims of the world – is a matter of grave concern for the entire Muslim world. Gandhiji had strongly opposed the idea of Jewish state on Arab lands. Israel has been violating International Law and UN. Charter of human rights. Israel has been flouting hundreds of U.N. resolutions shamelessly. Recently an Iranian scientist was murdered by Israel’s Mossad on the street of Tehran. Israel had destroyed nuclear Reactor of Iraq. Now it wants to destroy nuclear facilities of Iran. Israel, a puppet of western imperialists, is an illegitimate nuclear power which has hundreds of nuclear warheads etc. Close relations with Israel are against India’s national interests. All the justice loving Indians, particularly 15 crores Indian Muslims, 16 crores Muslims of 22 Arab Asian and African countries and the entire Muslim world are against terrorist Israel. It would sour the good relations between India and the entire Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries.
G. Hasnain Kaif
Chairman, Media Watch (Maharashtra)
IBN 7 programme Gujarat after 10 yrs.
Rajdeep Sardesai has revived the horror of Gujarat on his channel IBN 7 on 24 February (Gujarat after 10 yrs.) and on 26 February (11 a. m. - 12 noon) zindagi live presenting Bilquis Bano, Qutbudin and the stories of rape, burning of human, killing of Muslims, kids etc. the reality of Prof. agenda of Ahimsa Parmo Dharma. The two programmes aired on IBN-7 are really splendid but on what basis. Rajdeep Sardesai declared the persons died in Godhra Train S-2 burning were karsevaks. Has he confirmed from reservation chart? or what Modi and media repeated Rajdeep Sardesai follows?
S. Haque Patna
Mamata Banerjee promises Muslim reservation
Mamata Banerjee is considered as strong word lady with iron determination in political circle she said on 21 July 2011 in a mamoth rally at Kolkata that she could sacrifice her life but not her words. Mamata Banerjee promised Muslim reservation if voted to power (14 November 2000) then she was with NDA. She said that if Muslims interest hanpered she would quit NDA. She was addressing a mamoth rally in Kolkata on 14 November 2000 and simultaneously promised to make Urdu official language. She promised Muslim reservation if voted to power. Now she is C. M. of W. B. and almost one year is completing but Muslim reservation promise is kept in abeyance for utilising during next assembly election? And to keep engage Muslim Mamaa Banerjee made Shah Rukh Khan brand ambassador of Bengal.
S. Haque Patna

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2012 on page no. 23

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