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Hearty congrats for your equanimity and courage to keep publishing the esteemed MG despite all odds. May God reward you.
I heartily congratulate the editorial body for publishing such a valuable and informative magazine.
Ishaq R. Chiniwala,Vadodara - 390017
MGis a good newspaper, especially because of its coverage of the Muslim World news. I wish you a bright future. Kindly publish more about Muslim reservation.
Gagan Khan Mehar, Advocate Jaisalmer - 345001 Rajasthan
Big media house speaks saffron language
“Outlook” is a reputed name in print media but how shocking that “Outlook” speaks Modi and saffron language. “Outlook” Hindi March 2012 published report “Gujarat 2002 never again”. In cover story “burning volcano” written by Saba Naqvi and Smirti Koppikar. On page 28-29 gave a graph of riot month’s vs deaths. But on page 29 on 25 February at Godhra, a bogie of Sabarmati Express torched…. (I column) the language used is same what Modi & saffron brigade has been saying. Justice Banerjee report confirmed that fire broke from inside even forensic department experimented and said from outside bogie could not be burned. Same language used on page 32, showing picture of bogie burning written below “Sabarmati Ke Dabbe Phunke Gaya” (bogie of Sabarmati burned) and other picture of Babri Masjid demolition with caption 6 December 1992 collapsing Babri Masjid. Babri Masjid not collapse but it was demolished by Hindutva Atankwadis Such big print house “Outlook” spoke Modi and saffron voice.   
S. Haque, Patna
India is biggest arms importer
India has overtaken China as the biggest importer of weaponry in the world. Is it not something to be proud of especially since India is one of the poorest nations in the world on a per-capita income basis? Do we have the right to throw away so much money and resources on defence while we have the dubious distinction of being the world leaders in starvation, malnutrition, diseases, illiteracy, bride-burning, female infanticide.. etc? And whom are we defending ourselves against? The main problem is Kashmir which necessitates in such a huge defence budget. And since so much of our resources are diverted to defence, development stagnates and this leads to Naxalism and other violent movements which tear apart the fragile unity of India. This will lead to the need for higher and higher budgetary allocations for arms and ammunitions. Thanks to our intransigent and unimaginative stand on the Kashmir issue and other Lilliputian boarder disputes we are now caught in a vicious circle of higher budgetary allocations for defence which in turn lead to more poverty, dissent and violence which in their turn lead to more defence allocations and poverty. We have painted ourselves into a corner with our meaningless insistence on patriotism at the expense of prosperity. It is high time our leaders realized that patriotic slogans and rhetoric cannot hold a country together, especially a country as diverse as India. On the other hand if unity leads to prosperity for the people then alone will India be rated as the greatest nation on earth, something we all dream of.       
Xavier William
It has been mentioned in the print media that India is the world’s largest recipient of arms and Pakistan is third. Pakistan is a small country and to strengthen its defence it may collect arms. But why India is no one in receiving arms from the advanced country. India is a second largest country as per its population. If it had friendly relations with its neighbour it need not amass arms. Pakistan is a little country it cannot dare to fight with India even if it dares to fight with India it can never defeat India. China is stronger than India and India cannot challenge China. In the war of 1962 China advanced in our territory and captured 10 thousand sq Km land in Laddakh area. Our forces cannot dare to attack Chinese forces and neck it out from our territory. Now China is confident that the Indian forces are lacking courage. In such circumstances Indian diplomats should learn diplomacy and strategic talent.       
                Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad
Learn a lesson from Uttar Pradesh
Justice Rajinder Sachar’s report bears testimony to the fact that Muslims are educationally and economically most backward. Their plight is worse than Dalits and that is why it has recommended reservation to Muslims in govt. jobs and educational institutions. Reports of both these commissions should be fully implemented. Reservation for Muslims is not a new idea. Muslims had reservation during British rule. After independence reservation for Muslims was abolished by Congress government. Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka state governments have given some 4 percent to 5 percent reservation to Muslims but the Congress-led Maharashtra government and congress-led UPA central government have not given reservation to Muslims on the deserved lines. The Congress-led UPA government should honour the sentiments of Muslims in all walks of life. If necessary Constitution be amended. It has been amended so many times in the past. In recent Uttar Pradesh election Muslims have taught a lesson to the Congress. If Congress goes on betraying Muslims it will face similar consequences in the coming Lok Sabha election.
G. Hasnain Kaif
There are many lessons that the political parties can learn from assembly polls. 1) The Congress party should reform and remodel itself for the election of 2014. 2)  The importance of Muslim vote bank has once again come to fore. The Muslims have voted tactfully. 3) For the first time in history of India 70 Muslim MLAs have been elected. 4) Congress has lost in Punjab and Goa.Only Manipur result is satisfactory. 5) The rampant corruption in the states is one of the causes of its defeat 6) Mayawati also lost the power due to corruption only. 7) The public has rejected all the parties which were corrupt gave no importance to the party. 8) The corruption of the ministers of central government and condemnation of Anna Hazare played part 9) The BJP could do well. Though it did not take help of Narendra Modi who is hated by Muslims. 10) Even Varun Gandhi the son of Sanjay and Manaka was not involved in the elections. 11) The BJP did not brow beat the drum of Hindutva. 12) Not only Muslims but the non Muslims also have rejected BJP. It lost even in Ayodhya. 13) The BJP has lost its credibility in construction of Ram Mandir.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
Arrest of Ahmad Kazmi
Arrest of senior journalist Ahmad Kazmi who always exposed Israel–USA excesses and now police arrested him in Israeli car bomb blast case. India–Iran petro pipe line and treaty with France for defence equipment of huge amount could not digest by Israel and USA. This very fact might have created trouble in which Ahmad Kazmi is being made scapegoat. Earlier, journalist Gilani was put behind bar which exposed police conspiracy. Gilani wrote book, “My days in Tihar” revealed the conspiracy of Police. Now Ahmad Kazmi turns to write a book.        
S. Haque, Patna
Military action against Iran is not the final solution
Attack on Israel deployment in India and others parts is the dirty game of Israel only. 1. Military action on Iran is not the last solution, America; European Union should solve the dispute through diplomacy. On the instigation of terrorist Israel America and Allied Forces should not attack on Iran.  As America and NATO forces did in case of Iraq in second spell of war. 2. On the instigation of Israel America started war with Iraq in the name of mass destruction and Nuclear weapon. What they achieved, in the Second Persian Gulf War, rather Iraq invasion by America, in March April 2003, it was basically a US-British invasion on Iraq on the instigation of Terrorist Israel.   Uncountable innocent civilians have been killed for no reason. America and Allied forces attack on Iraq under the instigation of Israel, on the false charges of having mass destruction weapon. After a long 3 decade of Iraq war and invasion do Americans have find any mass destruction weapon? What America achieved from Iraq War, just suppress and destroyed a sovereign Muslim growing country and send her thousand years back. 3. If Israel takes initiative and starts war with Iran, neglect and isolate her in every pasture of war, as she is very keen to attack on Iran keeping the gun on the shoulder of USA, European Union. America and European Union should keep away themselves and should not involve in the war with Iran. Why Zionist Israel is so much anxious in case of Iran, why Israel has not made any hue and cry when North Korea procured the Nuclear Technology and become the Nuclear State.
Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Religion and Rationalism
Who makes religion look like irrational? May be selfish religious preachers. Yet, it is advisable for the rationalists not to insist on refusing belief in God because it is absolutely impossible. No atheist can ever remove God / Ishwar / Allah form his / her heart as HIS Might in manifest both all around and within us. ABMC colleague of mine from Madanpura (B’bay) had visited Moscow at quite a young age. Writhing in his fatal pain when he cried? “Yaa Allah”, his father had reportedly asked him: “O Red flag leader? Why do not you now cry: “O Stalin!?”
Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh–392150
JIH campaign against homosexuality is laudable
I congratulate Jamaat-e-Islami Hind for starting a campaign against homosexuality. It is true that whatever is wrong and immoral will always remain wrong whether committed openly or secretly. People craving for homosexuality are disabled. Homosexuality is abnormal and evil. Homosexuality may not be against the law of a society or against the law of a constitution of a society, but it is against the law of nature. Society which makes homosexuality permissible should allow sexual intercourse with animals also. I am sorry to say this. The thought is disgusting. People with such wrong habits should be given counselling. Their mind should be diverted to the activities of charity, social work, reading good books etc. Fear of Allah should be instilled on their mind. They should be made religiously inclined persons. They need sympathy. I humbly believe that early marriage is also a solution to this problem. I have written articles on this topic in Gujarati language also.           
Nazneen O. Saherwala (Surat)
Bhagat Singh remembered in Pakistan
It refers to welcome decision of Pakistan in remembering forgotten heroes who martyred themselves for freedom of the sibling India and Pakistan, when the country is going to name Shadman Chowk in Lahore after Shaheed Bhagat Singh. It is also praiseworthy that Shaheed Bhagat Singh Foundation in Pakistan this year devoted full one week to commemorate martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru martyred on 23.03.1931, instead of usual one day on 23rd March in earlier years. Bhagat Singh’s forgotten companions Rajguru and Sukhdev were also remembered in Pakistan through maps put at the Lahore chowk. Unfortunately in India, erecting statues of political rulers including even of living ones is given prominence rather than remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom which in fact many political rulers and others in system are enjoying by minting money through corrupt means. At least India can take a lesson from Pakistan in remembering martyrs of freedom struggle rather than worshipping new-age politicians.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi-06
Urdu journalism must retrospect
Chairman of the Press Council of India Justice Katju had said that Press was not free in Bihar. He was certainly right but regarding Urdu media he was more than 100 percent correct but for whole India. Urdu media must retrospect. An example I must cite that in the presence of Rajya Sabha member Ahmad Saeed Mahihabadi (editor Azad Hind) Bihar C.M. had announced to appoint an Urdu teacher in each primary school (8 Oct. 2009). Till today more than 2.5 lakh teachers appointed but Muslims are agitating to save Urdu. We have not seen Urdu media or journalist supported Urdu teachers appointment demand and highlight the promise of Nitish Kumar. Now Urdu journalist Md. Nadim ul Haque is ready to be nominated in RS from TMC Is this easy method to gag the voice of people? Only with the help from tenders and advertisement newspaper might lose the journalistic weight and ethos. 
S. Haque, Patna
Anger is like coal - it burns
Anger is like coal. Coal burns, and it burns others who come into contact. Angry person burns himself also. Anger is a short madness. Angry people can never make themselves understood. The more they become angry the more misunderstandings occur. Anger and wisdom cannot stay together. A man of knowledge may become angry, but a man of wisdom does not become angry. Wise people go into the roots of problems. They do not loose their temper. Anger is a form of fear, and fear is man’s worst enemy. Anger has reasons, but seldom a good one. Unfortunately, angry people do not look like people with reasons. To be angry is to revenge the fault of others upon ourselves. Children should be taught to not to become angry. We must explain it to them. A child who gets love, attention and understanding learns to keep his mind cool. Lack of love in childhood may give suppressed anger to the person in his adulthood. Sweetness of love helps a person to cool down.
Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat
Unnatural follies
Fight against nature based on over-wisdom ends always in avoidable losses. One of the recurring failed gestures is not allowing marriage soon after puberty. Affairs occur and result in elopements among even primary school students!
Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh–392150
Saffron-minded people occupying higher judiciary
Congress Gen. Secretary Digvijay Singh has said that in judiciary, saffron minded people have occupied higher post. (New Delhi Agency 4 February 12) We have print and electronic media and they boast about themselves that they present facts and truth but out of so many news channels only new express channel aired this fact on 4 February and almost newspaper did not publish this news. Then how we can expect from the media that they would bring the truth out? Mr. Digvijay Singh might have come across this fact now but we experience just after independence.    
S. Haque, Patna
Coward Americans
Why the US soldier who ‘bravely’ shot several Afghan women and children was not suspended if he was mentally disturbed?! Afghan people should overthrow Karzai if he does not deal sternly with the power-intoxicated American government.
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh–392150
Terrorist Israel strikes Palestine again
Again Terrorist Israel strike on Gaza has killed 15 innocent people and left 20 injured. This is frustration of terrorist Israel which comes out in the form of extreme step. She was very keen to strike on Iran but could not, the Israel demand has not been fulfilled by the America and European Union so she strikes on poor, dead Palestine and wanted to destroy Gaza. This is real terrorism; if Israel could not attack on Iran and could not kill uncountable civilians then she will attack any neighbouring nation just to fulfil thrust of blood. Normally word terrorism is reserved only for Muslims why international community cannot understand Muslims are not terrorists, but the situation makes them to come out for jihad. Iraq was attack with a coalition of 32 nations including the United States, Britain, Egypt, France, and Saudi Arabia in the year Jan.-Feb., 1991, for the Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait on 2 August,1990. Now why international community is silent. Why international community did not strike on Terrorist Israel. It looks that word war is only reserved for the Muslim countries. Indian Army killed 200 Kashmiri in the year 2008, no response from international community.
                Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Martyrdom in Islam
The IPS officer who was killed by mafia cannot be called as Martyr has he had not registered his name in the faithful servants of Almighty. He did not accept God as one and rejected His last Prophet Mohammad’s message if he had done that. He would have been treated as Martyr. A brilliant student cannot get the degree unless he takes admission in the college and appear in the exam. The man who is killed for the cause of nation or the well-being of the community or for propagation of Islamic message is called a martyr. According to the Islamic belief no sooner he dies a good number of heavenly damsels come to welcome him. His soul is inserted into the heavenly birds of green colour. They fly in heaven and eat the fruits of heaven till the Day of Judgment. The angels welcome him. His joys will increase thousand times in heaven comparing the worldly joys. The kin will not mourn on his death rather they will boast for his martyrdom. The other officers try to seek the death of martyrdom. The culprit is not sent to jail but is punished in the same fashion as he killed the diseased.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
Arrest of Muslim youths without proof
Jamia Millia Islamia teacher and students with residents of Jamia Nagar recently protested outside Delhi Police H/Q in Delhi on 20 February against frequent raids and profiling of Muslims on concocted evidence. On 21st February opposition leader of Bihar legislative council Ghulam Ghouse opposed the police taking Muslim into custody or arresting of Muslims without evidence and media branding arrested Muslims a terrorists. Is police unbridled in India?
S. Haque, Patna
High caste and low caste
I was stunned to read the news of honour killing. How a brother who loves more after the parents can kill mercilessly his own sister. Now the incident occurred and a precious life was spent. What the parents and other kin of deceased fell into the ocean of grief. But this incidence is repeated in some other city or town. Everywhere there are people of high caste and low caste are exciting. They do not have strong faith in religion or its caste system. They are not convinced with the caste distribution of the society they know only male and female caste. They will marry and enjoy each other. Mahadevs are also found in the society. They have just blind faith in religion and casteism. They are deadly against the inter-caste marriages. They take strong objection of such marriages and try to kill any of the spouses and think that they have fulfil the obligation of their religion. Though they will fail in explaining the justification of caste system. In this age of science and technology. How our youths are so orthodox? If they study other religions such as Islam and Christianity their belief in casteism will shatter. This is the job of reformers to reform the Hindu society, but India has produced only politicians not reformers. All are busy in seeking ministries and other high profile assignments to earn money.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
Mayawati’s Dalit Report Card
The above article in your previous issue is a very good analysis of moving away of Mayawati's Dalit vote bank and resultant doom.
                Sarwan Ram Darapuri 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 April 2012 on page no. 23

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