Samajwadi Party and Muslims

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Samajwadi Party and Muslims
During pre-election campaign in UP the SP under the dynamic leadership of Supremo Mulayam Sangh Yadav went on promising for the implementation of innumerable schemes for the progress, betterment and upliftment of Muslims in his state out of which at least on two occasions he indicated if his party occupy the top position in assembly his party may opt for a Muslim CM to prove the secular, political and non-communal credential stand of the SP. However, after getting thumping majority, he restricted the chief ministership around his family by appointing his son Akhilesh as CM thus forgetting that Muslims in U.P. wholeheartedly showered their votes in favour of S.P. Promises made by Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav appeared attractive and substantial in nature which forced Muslims to vote enblok in favour of S.P. Hence it is not correct to claim that it was charming efforts and political approach of young Akhilesh but the party is back in power with absolute majority. Now the Yadavs should not overlooked that the Muslim votes only brought the party in power. Now it is upto the party leadership to realise the truth and materialise all the promises forcefully in positive way without caring for the objection and criticism from opposition. It is hoped that soon Mr. Mulayam Singh may take up the Batla House fake encounter with central government and the home minister of India who is bent upon to prove it a genuine one. It is also expected from his government that all innocent Muslim youths languishing behind bars in false terror charges to be released soon and rehabilitated.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur – 440013

Through Sri Sri read the mentality
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founder of “Art of Living” organisation while speaking at a function of Sangh run school Aadarsh vidy mandir, Jaipur said “Government should not run any school because it is often found that boys, who studied in government sends, treads to the path of naxalism and violence; I feel that all schools and college should be privatised and handed over to some other organisations.” It is not Ravi Shankar’s fault but the mentality’s fault, it is the mentality who made propaganda that Madrasas are nursery of terrorism, it is the mentality who snatched minority character of AMU and Jamia, it is who opposed AMU Campus, it is who opposes justice to Muslims and deny due share to Muslims, it is who blocked judicial inquiry of Batla fake encounter, it is who demolished historical Babri Masjid, it is who engineer riots it is the mentality who denies Muslim’s kids admission in private top schools (Ramvilas Paswan raised the issue in Rajya Sabha on 19 March) it is the mentality who prepares the budget in which only 3135 crores allocated for minority welfare, but trillions siphoned through ghotala and it is the mentality allows black money to stash in foreign banks etc. This the mentality dominates in every political party. They avoid debating the reasons behind naxal spreading.
S. Haque, Patna

Sack the army chief
The inaction of the army chief against the man who had offered bribe must have been apprehended. The question is how anyone can approach the army chief with evil intention to bribe him? The purchase of lower grade vehicles should have come in the notice of defence minister. Before purchasing the motors the technical staff should have examined the consignment and given clearance to the army chief. How the army chief can accept bribe and put the order for purchase of low grade vehicles for defence purpose in bulk. Here there is slackness of the defence minister has come into light. Secondly the payer has declared that people had taken money before you (army chief). If this important information has been passed to the army chief how he could hide his identity. It is the inexcusable crime against the nation for which the army chief can be sacked pending inquiry. Mr Manmohan Singh and the president of India should form a committee to examine all the material of low grade purchased by the generals and colonels. The bribes collected by them should be recovered from them with fine. The companies which supplied such low grade material to the army must be cancelled and the total cost must be recovered. The news of involvement of the army chief in bribes will boost the morels of the army of China and Pakistan and they will think to get upper hand on Indian Army. This remote ill effect must be perceived by the ruling junta of the nation. We as a nation lost faith in our army for we cannot anticipate that such corrupt army will be able to protect us from our enemies.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Progress of Bihar–myth or reality
Progress and development in Bihar is much elaborated in media like Shining Bihar but the figures regarding housing, household amenities and assets in Bihar released by the census of India 2011 reveals that kerosene is the main source of lighting for 82.4 percent of its 1.89 crore families in Bihar just over 16.4 percent families are able to light their lives with electricity’s. Over 77 percent families in Bihar go for defecation in the open due to absence of toilets. For drinking water 89.6 percent families in Bihar depend on hand pumps and tube wells, 4.3 percent on wells and 4.4 percent on tap water. Only 33.5 percent families have access to kitchen. On the other hand Lord Karan Bilimoria President of India-UK Business Council visited India to participate in Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas on 6 January 2012 at Jaipur and he cheered brisk sale of wine in Bihar. He was upbeat about his MNC venture for brewery saying it was all about the governance and leadership of Nitish Kumar. According to beer market record, in the last five years Bihar Market has grown approximately 10 times. Is it myth created by media about development of Bihar or really Bihar is progressing? Is Bihar full of paradoxes?
S. Haque, Patna

Turmoil in Syria
After recent fail visit of UNO special envoy Kofi Annan things are going from bad to worst in several Syrian cities and innocent civilian population is paying high price. After worst peace situation, several countries have already closed their Embassies in Syria. True reality is that despite presence and visit of UNO special envoy, Brutal army operation and killing of innocent people is still on in several Syrian cities and due to personal interest world community has turned a blind eye. Despite killing of large number of civilians, UNO Security Council has failed to bring any change in troubled Syria. According to UNO own estimates five thousand people have lost their lives in last ten months violence. Most of them killed were unarmed civilians who lost their lives when forces loyal to Asad regime attacked several cities with tanks and other heavy weapons. Foreign media is banned and due to worst bloodshed and military operation in key cities normal population find it hard to provide daily necessities of lives to their families. Unfortunately, President Asad is making same mistakes and underestimating events like former Libyan ruler Qaddafi did. Like Qaddafi Syrian president is also accused of foreign element and said terrorist and tough are making situation bad to worst. But true reality is that most of resistance forces belong to its own army. In present worst situation only departure of president Asad and free and fair elections can bring change in the region.
Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah-21472

Myanmar calling
The UPA government in what it considered “national interest” has in the past not chosen to be a vocal and vociferous supporter of the rights of the Myanmar people. In the November of 2010, our response to the release of Suu Kyi from house arrest after a decade and a half of her incarceration was at the most lukewarm. When congratulatory messages fulsome in praise of Aung San Suu Kyi poured in from world leaders like US president, UK’s prime minister, UN’s secretary general and EU’s commissioner rejoicing at her release, our minister of external affairs –not prime minister- lauded her release as a step taken by Myanmar junta “towards national reconciliation. If by “national reconciliation” India meant restoration of democracy and human rights, the minister failed to say so. Perhaps to the Manmohan Singh government such reconciliation meant Suu Kyi falling in line. Even now the UPA government has not had much needed course correction. Our congratulations to Aung San Suu Kyi on her’s thumping electoral victory in the April 1 elections were conveyed by the spokesperson of the Ministry of external affairs and not by the prime minister or Minister of external affairs. Our prime minister is scheduled to visit Myanmar months after Pakistan’s Asif Zardari, US’s Hillary Clinton and UK’s William Hague. How much the Myanmar leader banks on India’s moral and political support is clear from her answer when asked what her expectations from India are: “More, more and more. India can never do enough for democracy in Myanmar.”
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054

Letter leak
The defence minister Mr. AK Antony is making fuss of the letter leak of general Singh. He said that it will only help enemies. I think his concept of enemies needs to be amendment as our enemies are not so naives. They pretty well know the power and vigour of our army. Earlier army Chief General Deepak Kapoor had publicly declared that our forces are not able to fight with Chinese army and they had proved also. When the Chinese army entered 300 Km in our territory in Laddakh sector our army could not stop them. They broke the border wall of Arunachal Pradesh. Our army remained a mute spectator. Recently the Chinese planes interrupted the air spaces of Himachal Pradesh. Our air command did not show any retaliation. The other enemy Pakistan has allowed Chinese forces to construct roads and bridges in POK. Our forces are calm and no objection is raised. On 26/11 the Pakistani terrorist attacked Mumbai and killed 160 innocent Indians. Our army should have attacked Pakistan. But our weak army and brave generals were busy in playing cards. Our defence ministers just laugh in the parliament and stand before the General as his subordinate. The prime minister is so meek that he will show more subordination than the defence minister. I am afraid that our enemies will take the chance of this state of affair and invade from both sides. The general and the defence minister will busy in allegations and counter allegations. The opposition leaders are thinking to pull down the UPA government
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Gita in MP school
Madhya Pradesh High Court has given its nod on the decision of government to introduce Gita in schools on the basis that Gita is not Hindu religious book but it represents Bharatiya sanskriti. But the news of not banning Gita teachings of extremism in Russia. Press Trust news (21 March 2012) reads that Gita Hindu religious book translation banning petition rejected by Russian Court. This is the modus operandi of saffron brigade to push Hinduism through cultural nationalism and judiciary puts seal on it. That is why Digvijay Singh had said that saffron brain occupied posts.
S. Haque, Patna

Heart rendering news
“India News” channel aired a heart rendering report about a school where begging methods are taught. (23 March 2012 – 9.20 pm). Reports say that there is a school situated in thickly Muslim populated locality of Barari Block in Katihar district where more than hundred kids are taught how to beg. By witnessing the report any body could make out that check lungi clad having beards were teaching begging tricks. Few days earlier we also came to know similar kind of story from Kishanganj where a poor Muslim lady was selling her two year son. But we find enormous number of Muslim organisations organising mushairas. Now time has come that right thinking Muslims must oppose mushairas band bajas horse camel whole night processions in the name of Islam or other wanton activities in the name of Islam. We must introspect.
S. Haque, Patna

Afaque Azam gets 7th position in GATE
Afaque Azam of Bhagalpur got 7th position in GATE Exam. This was his second attempt. He said he had been reading for 12 to 14 hours daily and that helped to achieve success. No Urdu daily carried this news which could have helped others to get motivated.
S. Haque, Patna

Ghulam Muhammad
Ghulam Muhammad was regular writer to this column but since few issues we are missing him. May Allah keep him hale and hearty?
S. Haque, Patna

BJP’s trouble maker Anshuman Mishra
Anshuman Mishra levelling serious and heinous charges against BJP and both are working each other to drag in court but to dump the truth no one is ready to move to court and on 26 March 2012 Mishra said sorry for the charges he made against BJP. S. Haque, Patna

Morality in police force
Senior IPS removed from job / IG removed where is moral and police. Senior IPS PS Natrojan (IG) 1975 batch IPS was removed form service for sexual harassment of his lady servant Shushma Vadaich. Home ministry ordered his removal from service on 24 March 2012. Many police sent to jail for taking bribe and hundreds of hundreds cases are being investigated against police. But when Muslim demand judicial inquiry of Batla house fake encounter, suddenly moral of police sinks
S. Haque, Patna

Bihar centenary year Masjid burning year
During 22-24 March people and the government celebrated Bihar Diwas on the completing 100 years. On 22 March 1912 Bihar was separated from Bengal. Few things happened on those 3 days like criminal fired bullet on two doctors in well protected IGIMS this led to doctor boycott duties in IGIMS and Ponch and ex MLC JD (U) and treasurer of JD(U) Vinay Kumar Sinha factory raided by IT and seized 4.06 crore notes in gunny bag with many documents of investment. Maoist burned 10 trucks and block office in Jammu and Bhagalpur (23 March 2012). On the eve of Bihar centenary year final celebration, saffron brigade burned the holy Qur’an and set Masjid’ other enmities fire at Munger Moghal Bazaar Masjid, Masjid Madrasa attacked at Witroul village of district Nawada and communal tension developed in Aabgila area Gaya. For creating Bhagwa terror Parveen Togadia is given free playing field in which he had said “Hindustan mein rahna hai to bande matram kahna hoga” and “hindu rashtra bana kar dum lenge” whereas Togadia was banned to enter in Bihar by Lalu’s government.
S. Haque, Patna

Fast of Anna for death of whistle blowers
Team Anna sat on one day fast at Jantar Mantra against the killing of 25 whistle blowers like Manju Nath, Narendra Kr. (S.P.) etc. Kejriwal (important member of Team of Anna) said that Parliament debated two hours against slapping to Sharad Pawar but Parliament did not mention Narendra Singh (SP) death. But 2500 innocent Muslims in Gujarat, 2000 Muslims in Mumbai, and 3000 innocent Muslims in Bhagalpur killed. Team Anna must clear their stand on innocents killing in riots.
S. Haque, Patna

Army vs. Ministry of Defence
Since Army General V.K. Singh’s age confusion suspect television debate continued. In this debate political analyst, defence experts, political parties representatives, retired army top brass has been debating. Watching these debates I personally found that there are some hindrance between defence personal and the ministry of defence. The retired top defence brass said that army officials avoid visiting defence ministry even generals too. The domination of Indian bureaucrats in the ministry created wedge. A report released by Hong Kong base political and economic risk consultancy it reveals the India’s bureaucracy is the worst in Asia with a 9-21 rating out of 10 i.e. India fared worst than Vietnam. Singapore topped with a rating 2.25.
S. Haque, Patna

Ghulam Rasool languishing in jail
Police slapped many charges on Ghulam Rasool alias Mirza Khan including terror charges, anti-national activities, fake passports etc. when police caught him at Purnia junction on 12 Jan. 2010. Since two years police couldn’t present any concrete evidence barring two policemen but terror charge could not stand in court afterwards only dates are extending in his case 992 / 10. He has developed stone in his stomach and admitted in Purnia Sadar hospital. If Police could not present evidence in two yrs. then judiciary must not linger the case to release the innocent and if culprit police who was responsible for slapping fake charges punished then it will be complete justice.
S. Haque, Patna

Hearing Batla, ruling class tremble why?
Home affairs minister of state Mullapally Ramchandran replied to questing in Parliament that NHRC investigated Batla house encounter and reached on conclusion that encounter was genuine so there is no need for any further inquiry (26 March 2012). Ruling class if so sure then why not allow a senior retired justice to investigate. Ruling class know the Pathribal, fake encounter, Ishrat Jahan encounter proved to be fake, and now Ghaziabad CBI court has convicted 19 policemen (two died) in the 2001 Sevindra fake encounter at Bijnore. In Pathribal (J&K) army killed seven innocent people on 25 March 2000. Army claimed victims were foreign terrorists and on 19 March 20212 CBI told SC “Army personnel murdered innocents and the accuse officials deserve to be meted out exemplary punishment. Police claimed Suvendra was Khalsa terrorist and Ishrat Jahan Lashkar terrorist as Batla house victim’s police claimed mastermind of terror.
S. Haque, Patna

Public representative and Parliament towering image
People saw agitation of Anna, Parliament debate and TV debates about targeting Parliamentarians and protection of parliamentary supremacy i.e. team Anna vs. Parliament. In every debates and programmes no one touched the issue that a chief minister gave written affidavit to court and promised to National Integration Council (NIC) to protect historical Babri Masjid but in contrary got it demolished. As a chief minister whose primary duty is to protect the lives of people asks police officers to go slow in doing duty during riots. MP who was dire against communal forces and saffron party but he visits RSS H/Q Jhandewalan and helps to prop saffron governments. This lowers the image of people’s representatives and parliament in the eyes of the people of India.
S. Haque, Patna

HBS Hospital, Bangalore result of positive endeavour
Ummah must congratulate revolutionary committee of HBS Hospital constructed on a waqf land at Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore on 31 March 2012 it is inaugurated by Rahman Khan M.P., speaker (deputy) it is situated in Hazrat Bismillah Shah Masjid campus with full facilities of Mader Hospital. This hospital is array in the gloom of darkness during 1992-93 Babri Masjid demolition years, Bangalore was ravaged. Many Muslims were stabbed and injured and their treatment became challenge during that tense period. Then it was felt a necessity of hospital in Muslim area. In 1993, few Muslims took this matter and now a big hospital in Muslim locality (Shivaji Nagar) could start functioning. Ummah must redefine their priority with agenda Ta’leem, Tanzeem and Tijaarat.
S. Haque, Patna

Interesting facts about U.P. chief ministers
One unique feature about UP chief ministers is that from the general elections of held in free and independent India held in January-February 1952 till the elections for February-March 2012 only Kumari Mayawati had the distinction of holding the office of chief ministership till the life of UP Assembly in till March 14th 2012. During these 60 years UP had as many as 33 chief ministers including the present one but since three chief ministers C.B. Gupta, ND Tiwari and Mayawati has held this office for four times, Mulayam Singh for three times and Dr. Sumpuranand, Ch. Charan Singh and Kalyan Singh held this office twice the number of chief minister come down 21 including the present C.M. Distinction of holding this office for longest period i.e. for 6 years, 11 months and 26 days goes to Mayawati followed by Mulayam Singh who held this office for six years, seven months and 27 days while Mr. Jagdimba Pal held this office for 2½ days. Castewise breakup as follows: Brahmins 5: Pt. G.B. Pant, Kamlapati Tirpathi, H.N. Bhaguna, N.D. Tiwari and Shripat Mishra, Thakurs 5: V.P. Singh, T.N. Singh, Vir Bhadur Singh, Rajnath Singh and Jagdamba Pal Vaish 3: C.B. Gupta, Banarsi Das and Ram Prakash Gupta. Jat 1: Ch. Charan Singh. Kayasths 2: Dr. Sumpuranand and Smt. Sucheta Kriplani, Backwards 4: Mulayam Singh, Kalyan Singh, Ram Naresh Yadav and Akhlishwer Yadar. Dalit 1: Kumari Mayawati There has been two women chief minister while two chief ministers were bachelors C.B. Gupta and Mayawati while one that is Dr. Sumpuranand was a widower. After relinquishing chief ministership eight of them had been induced in the Central Government these were G.B. Pant, H.N. Bhaguna, V.P. Singh, Kamlapati Tripathi Vir Bahadur Singh, N.D. Tiwari and Mulayam Singh while Charan Singh became Prime Minister of India for a short time. Regionwise breakup of chief ministers is as follows: three chief minister G.B. Pant, H.N. Bhaguna and N.D. Tiwari came from present Uttarakhand with before becoming a separate state of the Indian Union was a part of U.P. C.B. Gupta, Shripat Mishra and Ram Naresh Yadav represented Lucknow and Fezabad division V.P. Singh and Mulayam Singh represented Allahabad and Kanpur divisions while G.B. Pant represented Rohel Khand division when he was elected from Bareilly from eastern district there had been seven chief ministers namely: Dr. Sampuranand, T.N. Singh, Sucheta Kripalani, Kamlapati Tripathi, Vir Bhadur Singh, Jadgambika Pal from eastern U.P. while from western U.P. there has been four chief minters namely Charan Singh, Kalyan Singh, Banarasi Das and Mayawati while Bundelkhand had been represented by R.P. Gupta.
M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi-09

I Am a Regular Reader of M. G and Will be Waiting For the issue impatiently I Congratulate the Editor-in-Chief and the entire team of M G for bringing a very wonderful fortnightly ,regularly covering wonderful articals by faceing many difficulties, where the reader becomes fully satisfied. I request the Editor to publish at least one article by Dr. zakir Naik . in every issue so that our muslim brothers may learm many things on Islam and the way of life.
Mohd. Azam Karimnager Telangana.

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