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I am a regular reader of MG since its inception. It is the beaconlight not only to Muslims but to others also because of its authenticity and boldness in presentation of very importent issues. This is what I like  most. Mayawati enjoyed the term with Muslim votes and could not keep her election promises, so she lost for ever. There is no chance of her commimg back to power. The UP Muslims have taught her a fitting lesson. Muslims of other states should follow the same political game and kick out the fascist forces in the forthcoming elections.
Mohammad. AzamKarimnager
 Hard Hindutva vs. Soft Hindutva
Sameer Qaiyum deserves all praise for his thought-provoking, beautiful well-written piece inMG (16-29 February, 2012). I aver that the so-called secular group, thy name is Congress, and other Hindutva groups belong to the same fraternity, never disengaged and remained themselves dichotomised in hatred and permanently disdainful about Islam and Muslims. Ever since its establishment the Indian National Congress is dominated by staunch Brahmins who never left a single opportunity to contaminate the Hindu society against Islam and Muslims and they were / are the lots secretly and conveniently encouraged the birth of hard-Hindutva group of Brahmins to implement the anti Muslim plans formulated by them to achieve the object of marginalising Muslims from the Indian mainstream. With no secrecy presently the Congress hard Hindutva marching ahead to embrace Israel and U.S. blindly but with the only object of hatred and enmity against Islam and Muslims though the country claims to have friendly relations with Muslim world which is nothing but a compulsion (oil and petrol) otherwise congress has no interest in any such honeymoon with the Muslim nations. After a recent bomb attack on Israeli embassy car, the RAW reached to the conclusion that the said attacked appeared to be the handiwork of Israel and U.S. but the same findings got turned down the next day and than the names of Indian as well as Iranian Muslims started surfacing the Indian media with full force, whereas, every one of us understands that now Israel and U.S. have started levelling the ground for attacking Iran sooner or later.
Faheemudddin, Nagpur – 440013
India redefining?
Nothing could shame India and it's so called secularism more than the Gujarat's well designed government sponsored carnage of more than 3000 innocent Muslims. But then our system seems to have developed an immune attitude towards all kinds of shames. Be it the carnage of 10,000 Sikhs in 1984, Babri demolition in broad day light in 1992, Kandhamal riots against innocent Christians or Gujarat gynocides of Muslims in 2002, the 'vibrant' system, when its presence needed most, conveniently went into a state of coma. What is more shameful is that in all such riots and carnages only minority communities, in the name of patriotism, were victimized by the majoritarianists, supposed to be the only patriots. One is also at a loss to digest the fact that even Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachchan, son of a renowned poet, doesn't mind campaigning for Gujarat's Tourism Ministry depicting Gujarat as a land of 'peace, spirituality and prosperity' whereas in the very land thousands of Muslims were butchered, their women brutally raped and the vegetarian land of peace still seems to be enjoying the smell of burnt bodies of Muslims.  And now, the 'Time Magazine's cover story on Modi came as an icing on the cake. Is 'Secular' India not ashamed of aspiring to follow in the footsteps of Nazi Germany?       
Mushtaque Madni, Pune
Godhra takfilm
Film Producer Shubra Deep Chakarvarty said in his interview that those who believed that Muslims burned the Sabarmati Express have changed their India. The Sangh Parivar could not digest it and then he received many threats and then was attacked in Delhi by VHP on 20 October. 2003 and still facing threats. But no filmwala stood by Chakarvarty. Similarly Ahmad Kazmi the trustworthy senior journalist when arrested by police, media organisations did not come out to stand with Kazmi but during Neero radio Tape Media organisation stood by Barkha Dutt and Parbhu Chawla. Why double standard?  
S. Haque, Patna
Marriage versus live-in relationship
The institution of marriage needs to be upheld and protected. A newly born child needs a family to grow up. It is the family that provides bodily care, love and affection as vital for his or her growth. The live-in relationship experiment of the west has done immense harm to our society. We should resolutely refuse to follow the west and strictly adhere to our ideal sacred, moral principles. It is most unfortunate that to the Supreme Court the highest court of the country, there is nothing wrong in living-in relationship, this verdict is sure to play havoc with our highly precious social system and will destroy our time honoured moral values which are the basis of our national culture and lead to sexual anarchy of the worst type. India will become another and the institution of marriage will disappear and there will be an army of children legitimacy and that would be the saddest day for the country.
M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi
'Why the custom of dowry is increasing in our society'
Apropos of the above report, I would like to say that evils like the dowry system have crept into Indian society entangling itself with religion and tradition. Religions that began in other geographical locations, during the course of their widespread acceptance, imbibe numerous indigenous practices, customs and traditions, giving rise to a mutant religion almost- dissimilar and similar to the actual religion in a number of ways. Unfortunately, what mostly happens is that the only time we hear of women being harassed for dowry, is when  her death has already made news. Throughout her ordeal, the woman either suffocates herself silently and somehow drags on to whatever little is left of her marriage or ends her life. Firstly, such situations arise  out of greed and oblivion to one another's feelings. Our society is diseased with narrow-mindedness where people still believe that a daughter-in-law is just house-help, decked with family jewels. Secondly, it is known that the moment two people interact, disagreements are bound to happen. If only a healthy support system existed in society, where people empathized with each other instead of busying themselves gossiping about a new neighbor or watching re-runs of senseless TV shows that propagate ideas of jealousy, hatred and envy among women particularly. Women need to understand themselves to understand other women. Instead of wasting the gift of life on futile acts like troubling another woman - daughters-in-law, in particular - women should utilize their time with more constructive activities that prove advantageous to their family, community and society as a whole. An African proverb, very aptly summarizes the role of women in society as, "If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. If you educate a girl, you educate a community".
Yasra Khoker, Jaipur
Samajwadi Party and Muslims
During pre-election campaign in U. P. the S. P. under the dynamic leadership of Superemo Mulayam Sangh Yadav went on promising untiredly for the implementation of innumerable schemes for the progress, betterment and upliftment of Muslims in his state out of which at least on two occasions he indicated if his party occupy the top position in assembly his party may opt for a Muslim C. M. to prove the secular, political and non-communal credential stand of the S. P. However, after getting thumping majority, he restricted the chief ministership around his family by appointing his son Akhilesh as C. M. thus for getting that Muslims in U. P. wholeheartedly showered their votes in favour of S. P. in the hope that at least this time they will have a Muslim C. M. in the state which may over shadowed all the memorials established by Mayawati. The S. P. superemo should have realised that his son has ample of time and opportunities to grab the chair of C. M. with enblock Muslim C. M. could pave positive avenue in future. One should note that congress under the young leadership of Rahul Gandhi failed to pocket the Muslim votes this time only because the young gandhian blood failed to offer any promise or place any welfare scheme for Muslims. On the contrary promises made by Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav appeared attractive and substantial in nature which forced Muslims to vote enblok in favour of S. P. Hence it is not correct to claim that it was charming efforts and political approach of young Akhilesh but the party is back in power with absolute majority. Now the Yadavs should not overlooked that the Muslim votes only brought the party in power. Now it is upto the party leadership to realise the truth and materialise all the promises forcefully in positive way without caring for the objection and criticism from opposition. It is hoped that soon Mr. Mulayam Singh may take up the Batla House fake encounter with central government and the home minister of India who is bent upon to prove it real one. It is also expected that all the innocent Muslim youths of his state who have been charged and languishing behind bars in different states since long will come under the scanning of Mr. Yadav who will take the issue on priority basis to get the youths free from the bloody clutches of biased police and legal system. Mr. Yadav is expected to appoint enquiry commissions to enquire the conduct of policemen and penalised them suitably under the law for atrocities and harassment carried out against the Muslims specially from Azamgarh and around. The Muslim leaders of SP are hereby expected to keep aside their political and party interest and work jointly wit one voice to solve the Muslim grievances and problems. They must avoid to express lip sympathy like Congress Muslims and discharge their responsibilities and commitments honestly and sincerely for Muslims. If it is done, the ultimate beneficiary would be the Samajwadi Party for longest period in future.
Nagpur - 440013
Justice Katju promotes Jihad
Firstly we must congratulate justice Katju, the chairman of PCI who straightforwardly attacked media for devoting 90 percent of its time to cover entertainment and other non issues like cricket, bollywood, celebrity’s astrology etc. He was speaking at the convocation of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Sardar Patel College of Communications and Management while conferring the distinguished alumnus award to Vinod Sharma (HT). Justice Katju suggested media to focus on the real issues like unemployment, poverty, malnourishment, lack of health, illiteracy etc. This is nothing but Jihad. The best Jihad is to fight self evil, society evils. Our media misled the people about Jihad.
S. Haque, Patna
Modi on Time cover a calculated hype
It’s ironical to see the TIME International cover story reporting Modi among the polarizing figure in Indian politics and placing him for votes for the upcoming TIME 100 issues. However, despite all hyped the picture which lies beneath is ugly and dirty enough to include people like Modi to even consider even for this poll, forget about including him in the TIME 100 issue. Modi is a man whose hand is dipped badly in the state sponsored 2002 Gujarat Holocaust& Genocide. In order to get rid of this heinous blot, the media and his loyal groups attempt to shape his image as chief architect of development in Gurjat. Ironically, recently, he was seen celebrating the 10th anniversary of 2002 Gujarat Holocaust& Genocide with pride and arrogance. The minorities especially the Muslims who were badly affected by the genocide still live in the nightmare. They remain affected still despite ten long years. In fact the same country US where Times hail has cancelled his Visa to the country a couple of years due to obvious reasons. It’s a matter of shame prestigious groups like Time is giving its attention to mass murderers like Modi.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur–13
Talaq by drunken man validated by the Darul Ifta
The recent ruling by the Darul Ifta–the fatwa department of the renowned Deoband seminary–that talaq uttered three times by an inebriated man on a mobile phone invalidates a marriage, is very unfortunate.  For all Muslims, the Quran and the Sunnah are sacrosanct and they alone should form the basis for the so-called ‘fatwas’.  The Quran instructs: “And if you have reason to fear that a [married] couple may break up, appoint one arbiter from his family and one arbiter from hers. If they both want to set things aright, God will bring about reconciliation between them. Behold, God is indeed all-knowing, aware.” (4:35). The Quran also says: “A divorce may be [revoked] twice, whereupon the marriage must either be resumed in fairness or dissolved in a goodly manner” (2:229).  The Prophet spoke of it as being the most hateful of all the lawful things in the eyes of God, and said that when it does take place, it should be done in an atmosphere of good will. In no way should one harbour ill will against the other. Given that alcohol is haram (strictly forbidden equivalent to a great sin) in Islam, how come the utterances made by a drunken man be considered as valid?  It is high time the Islamic seminaries started interpreting the holy verses of the Quran in holistic manner.
                Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa
Namaz banned in Masjid
Sholapur police commissioner banned Namaz in a mosque at police H/Q saying terrorist would enter with Namazees into headquarter. What an argument shows their ability and intelligence? That is why naxal dominated districts has risen to 120 districts out 540 districts.
S. Haque, Patna
Pilgrimage of President Zardari
Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said Muslims should not travel for pilgrimage except three grand mosques one is Baitulla or Khana-e-Kaba, second, mosque of Madina, thirdly, Mosque of Aqsa of Palestine. One can visit these three mosques by making journey. Neglecting the clear instructions of the Prophet if any man takes up the journey it will be treated as deviation from the Islamic teachings. So the tour of Mr. Zardari or his late wife Benazir was purely of political nature. They will be held responsible for their act. Secondly the rituals made at the tomb of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin are also un-Islamic because the great Prophet had never used flowers or Chaders to offer the tombs of sacred persons. He did not make the tombs or constructed Gumbaz on the martyrs of Badre or Uhad. This is also an overt deviation from Islamic principles. The students of history know very well that Caliph Omar went to conquer Palestine on a camel. His servant and he could sit one after another on the single camel when the city gate of Jerusalem arrived the chance of sitting was of his servant. Now see the present ruler’s pomp and show and expenses done on security and welcome petrol used on cars. Is it not the public money wasted just to please A so-called Raja Zardari of Pakistan. He said nothing about Hafiz Saeed the most wanted terrorist who masterminded Mumbai attack.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
VIP prisoners
 It refers to shocking media-reports about jail-authorities and ministers rolling out red carpet in jail for former Punjab minister Bibi Jagir Kaur now imprisoned for serious charges of kidnapping, forcible abortion and wrongful confinement of her teen-aged daughter found dead in mysterious circumstances in the year 2000. It is a shame on our democracy that favourites of political rulers get princely privileges during their jail terms. Enquiry should be made and guilty should be punished for providing her out-of-norms facilities like travel in a private air-conditioned car rather than a prison-van. Privileged treatment to prisoners with political background is not new. The then Chief Minister of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav enjoyed five-star  facility during his period of imprisonment in context of infamous fodder scam at an official guest house turned into a temporary jail to house the VIP prisoner. Even influential and affording prisoners capable of buying every facility and ‘persons on posts’ through money and/or muscle power, also find jail-term a relaxing holiday rather than any punishment. RTI petitions exposed luxurious living of influential accused Vikas Yadav for alleged murder of Nitish Katara at costliest private ward of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for 25 days without any medical treatment! It is single-handed fight of courageous lady Neelam Katara (unfortunate mother of the victim Nitish Katara) that Vikas Yadav is for records in jail even though practically enjoying all luxury of life in name of medical requirement.
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6
Bihar government’s stand on Forbesganj firing is condemnable
Indeed the Bihar government's characterization of Forbesganj police firings as a minor incident that did not merit CBI inquiry is highly condemnable. This deep and insensitive assertion was seen by the said government in its affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in response to the notice seeking the state's response for a CBI inquiry into the last year's Forbesganj police firing incident. This incident occurred last year in June when four civilians were killed including a 10 month old child along with nice seriously injured when police opened fire recklessly. The demonstrators were protesting against the acquisition of village land by a factory owned by local BJP politician. Perhaps to prove its loyalty to the ally party BJP, the government is seen giving such naïve affidavit in the court, despite clear evidences against the police opening fire on the innocent demonstrators.  In fact by calling the Forbesganj firing as a minor incident, the Bihar government has brazenly marginalized the murder of its citizens.  On the contrary the Bihar Government should immediately accept the demands for a CBI inquiry into the Forbesganj firings and to take all necessary steps to provide adequate compensation to all the victims.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur–440013
Put World Bank report on NHAI on website
Indian media is playing its role of being fourth pillar of democracy sufficiently well by exposing scams and scandals through its vigilant eye, when a newspaper made World Bank report public on large-scale corruption at National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). UPA-1 had done a remarkable job in gifting people of this nation RTI Act to make system accountable and transparent. Since a flood of RTI petitions is there on any aspect where some scam or irregularities are reported, it should be mandatory to put any authenticated report revealing scams, scandals and irregularities prominently on website of concerned public-authority before it is exposed through media or otherwise. NHAI should put World Bank report in full which has exposed serious charges of malpractices and irregularities, on its website before the public-authority is flooded with RTI petitions on the aspect. System will effectively check corruption and malpractices in future such projects.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi-6

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 April 2012 on page no. 23

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