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Israeli diplomatic car blast: What do these photographs say?


The Special Cell story about the blast in the Israeli diplomatic car on 13 February is that a motorcyclist stuck the magnet bomb to the rear left side of the Innova Car of the Israeli diplomat, and the bomb was of the kind which explodes within 4.5 seconds once it is planted. Which means there is no time for the biker to move away from the target or for the target to know what happened let alone make any attempts to dismantle the bomb or stop the blast in any way. The photographs taken by reputed press-photographers and published next day in newspapers are still available on the websites of various newspapers and news portals across the world.

What do these photographs say?

An examination of these photographs in various stages after the bomb exploded makes an interesting story. In the first stage we see the car in flames. A close observation shows that the flames are coming out evenly from inside the car; the body of the car is intact and even its rubber tyres are unharmed. Special Cell or Israeli embassy never claimed that the bomb was hurled or planted inside the car. The story is that the bomb was attached to the outer left panel of the car (the petrol tank is on the right side). If this is so, the blast on the outer panel must have smashed the panel and the area close to it. The left/rear rubber tyre should have been destroyed and burnt but nothing of the sort happened. We see in the photographs of the next stage when the fire had been doused that the body of the car is intact with not even a dent, and the tyres are totally intact and the car is standing on all its four tyres with little damage to the outside panels or engine.

This has only one logical explanation: the bomb was stored inside the car, obviously by the Israelis themselves and it exploded inside causing flames to come out from inside the car. And this is why the driver could alight from the front right side and walk the whole distance to the left side of the car and drag out the woman to safety. There was no chance for her, the driver or the car's left rear to survive if the bomb had gone off on the rear/left side where the woman was supposedly sitting according to the Special Cell story.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 April 2012 on page no. 13

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