Is Indian Judiciary above reproach?

Is Indian judiciary above reproach? Narendra Modi getting clean chit in Gulbarg Society massacre, that witnessed 63 Muslims getting burnt and butchered, is a clear indication that the entire government machinery is anti-Muslim. Though it’s a serious allegation, truth points out that justice has always eluded Muslims in this country. Just recapitulate the whole event in the light of a former MP being burnt at the behest of a devilish CM, yet his wife is being deprived of justice! If a former MP can be dismembered and beheaded by a fanatic mob, who cares for ordinary Muslims?

It was death’s ‘dance macabre’ for three days and a zealot Hindu CM not only turned Nelson’s eye to the mayhem, he openly instigated his cadres to go on a rampaging spree looting, killing and burning. If emperor Nero played flute when Rome was burning, Modi went even a step further and exhorted his men to incinerate the Muslims alive. This is not indifference. This is utter disdain for human dignity. The late Marxist historian and scholar Dibesh Banerjee opined that right from the riots in Jabalpur (1961) and Gwalior (1965) to Godhra, Hindu miscreants always fomented troubles for the minority. A CM who should have been tried in court for his flagrant misdeeds is smirking shamelessly and the people of Gujarat are hailing his ‘achievements’. This is indeed pitiable, nay shameful.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2012 on page no. 2

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