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I used to read MG occasionally, but now I have started reading it regularly. I appreciate your intrepid journalism and the way you take up issues related to the Muslim community.
Dr Qizara Shams, Calcutta-42 (via email)
The brutal murder of Afreen
Recently, in the Bangalore city, a baby Afreen was brutally killed by his father. That was undoubtedly a barbaric, irreligious and inhuman act. For committing such a gruesome crime, he deserves an exemplary punishment under the prevailing laws of land. Moreover, it is also against Islam and the will of Almighty. A girl or boy child is a gift of Allah and should be accepted wholeheartedly. Its denial tantamounts to disbelief in Allah as the Imaan (faith) in Allah is the basic tenet of Islam. A craving for male child is, however, a sociological problem and not a religious one. It is a social evil spread all over the country irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Such tragic incidents are rampant in the country due to traditional wrong notions of preference of sons over daughters prevailing in the society from time immemorial. But a craving for a male child is totally a false notion. Further, a killing of female child including unborn one is heinous crime and condemnable. This will create several social problems, widening a gap of sociological imbalance in the gender ratio to a great extent in the long run. It is a grave concern for a society as a whole.   
U. F. Malek, Ahmedabad
Give relief to masses
All the Union, State and local governments should unburden the masses by imposing big increase in all entertainment taxes including luxurious cinema theatre etc. charges and game tickets. More care must be taken of the vast majority of the people who cannot bear rise in the cost of basic necessities of life like food, housing and essential travelling.
S. Akhtar  Khanpur Deh - 392150
Azam-Bukhari impasse
All kudos to Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to defuse the impasse orchestrated by Mohammad Azam Khan indulging in an unnecessary and uncalled for verbal dual with Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Delhi over his genuine demand of fair and adequate representation of Muslims in all public offices and institutions. Political exigency demanded it and it was in the interests of Samajwadi Party vis-a-vis Muslims. Azam Khan should not have started such a campaign against Shahi Imam in the interest of his party, as the same may prove detrimental to the prospects of Samajwadi Party at the ensuing Lok Sabha election 2014. After all, Shahi Imam is not only considered an important and influential Islamic personality in India but is also known in the international Muslim polity. His continued support and co-operation with the Samajwadi Party may pave the way for the formation of a third front before Lok Sabha election 2014 and thus a chance of  Mulayam Singh to become Prime Minister of India, if his party continues to its winning spree.
Manzar-Ul-Islam Advocate, Muslim Majlis Uttar Pradesh
Sultan Manzil, Takia Pir Jalil, Lucknow
Congrats Justice Aftab Alam
Congress party in the name of goodwill delegation travelling to Haj arranged for bureaucrats and politicians to enjoy Haj subsidy in 1967. In the name of goodwill gesture, Congress tried to dent the Islamic tenets, thus gave politics in a platter to saffron brigade to create an environment against Muslims. RTE, Waqf amendment bill 2011 etc. are the brain child of Congress like TADA; UAPA draconian acts made police easy hand to target Muslims. Islam clearly asks Muslims those who are capable must go for Haj but Congress tried to pollute the Islamic tenets by giving subsidy for Haj pilgrimage in the name of goodwill. Justice Aftab Alam must be congratulated for scrapping this goodwill gesture which dents Islamic tenets. Let the Haj be free from any subsidy.
S. Haque, Patna
 Ranvir Sena murderers acquitted
In yet another case of denial of justice, the Bihar High Court has acquitted 23 murderers of Ranvir Sena who lynched 21 people - mostly Dalits who included women and infants in Bathani Tola village. The fateful incident had happened on July 11, 1996 when the killers went on the killing spree for about two hours as the fortunate survivors had to silently witness their kith and kin dying before their own eyes. And after a prolonged trial for fourteen years, the Sessions court sentenced 3 persons to death and awarded life sentences to another 20. The acquittal of all the 23 accused by the Patna High court now, overturning the lower court verdict, on the ground of "defective evidence" would explain, as to why the defenseless people in the rural India are getting attracted towards the extremist ideology called naxalism. Now the pertinent question arises as to whether the prosecution witnesses who must have withstood the bullying tactics of Ranvir Sena all these years can now live peacefully in the same village in the midst of the hawks? And most importantly, if any such horrific carnage were to occur again in the vicinity, does any eyewitness would like to testify before the courts of law? It is high time the law enforcing mechanism works in tandem with the judicial system to give hope to the Dalits, the tribal people and the minority communities that justice will not be denied to them though there may be a delay in the process.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P) 
My son cannot be a terrorist
Special team of Delhi Police picked Assad ur Rahman from Chandunagar (Delhi) with recovery of 1 kg. explosive and detonator on 28 March claiming he belongs to IM. Police recovered weapons from Ishrat Jahan when she was murdered in fake encounter and police recovered arms from the two businessmen when they were killed in fake encounter at Cannought place. Assad’s parents live in Darbhanga so their ancestral house in Naya gaon village at Rayyan thana of Darbhanga district. His father said his son cannot be a terrorist. His son has a clean character and not a single case was registered against him. But national print media did not published the facts and printed reports that Assad alias Dilkash’s ancestral house was vacant since long time as not residing in ancestral house proves he is engaged in terrorism like former cabinet home secretary floated a theory about Ishrat Jahan that she was seen with different men at different time but inquiry proved Ishrat Jahan was innocent and killed in fake encounter.
S. Haque, Patna
Have Congress men’s hearts become clean?
Have they become human or are they still doing everything only to get Muslim votes?! Anyone aspiring to wear the crown of the party presidentship should make sure that the foul effects of the anti-Muslim words spouted by an extremely ungrateful Narsimha Rao at the time of the so-called ‘police’ action in Hyderabad have been washed out from the party men’s minds and hearts!!
S. Aktar, Khanpur Deh – 392150
Samajwadi success
Through a cloumn of your esteemed newspaper it will be worth to mention to gala success of Samajwadi Party in UP elelction. The Results has shown the unity of community once again. The efforts of Muslims have gave them a majority and they deserve their rights. The next 2 years would be keen to observe where samajwadi will try to occupy more seats in Lok sabha elections ousting trinamool congress from the centre and giving its share of seats. The muslim in the meanwhile should extracts the most of them by forcing them to establish minority educational institutions , hospitals etc in the name of muslims. Reservation should also be taken into consideration. The senior muslim leaders in the party have been busy arguing within their religios clerics and a sign of hope is enlighting somewhre near the znith. The unity shown in voting is once again needed in buliding muslim community..
Muhammad Ahmad, Deptt. of Physics, AMU
Salman Khurshid defends Abhishek Manu Singhvi
It would appear that Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid is a Law unto himself. When he defends supposed immoral acts of a Congress colleague, that has been witness by thousands on Youtube, with the argument that Singhvis' private life should be treated separately with his public life; he chooses to ignore the fact that a politician's public life is as important to the public as his private life. In a democracy, where people have to judge politicians on their personna in toto, his private life itself becomes his public life. After all a nobody cannot stand for election or public life without people becoming fully aware of his past and present in all sphere of his activities. It is a pity, that Congress led by people who are wedded to Indian culture and ethos and value family life should not only appear to be shielding an alleged sexual predator who happens to be their spokesman, but allow another Congressman, who should know better than his career as lawyer has taught him, that our society is fortunately not so debased that we can so easily stomach such abhorrent acts, which even a supposedly more permissive country like USA, had its President dragged through long and most humiliating and grueling process, till he was finally exonerated. There are rumours that similar sex CDs of other ministers, including our stone-face Home Minister, too are lined up for public exposure. If the TIMES NOW's TV mock saturation campaign about Congress's new Kamraj plan, was not ordered to cover over the bad publicity that Singhvi's scandalous exit would have attracted, Congress should move fast and get all such dubious characters out of its fold, so that people may not be forced to brand it as immoral and shameless, after their estimation of Congress as communal  and corrupt.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai
Haj subsidy
The decision by the union government to restrict air fare subsidy to the pilgrims to Makkah only once in lifetime is laudable. Going a step ahead the government should scrap the subsidy completely. The subsidy has been misused to bail out the ailing Indian Airlines, and the fare the pilgrims have to pay is higher if compared to the fares of other Airlines for the same distance and for the same period of time.  Muslims going for Haj do not need any type of subsidy as they are asked to perform Haj only when they are capable to do it financially. 
A Hameed Yousuf, Bangalroe-08
Let us prefer radio
The satan captivates human hearts through eyes. Pandit Baal Mukund ‘ARSH’ Malsiyani says: “Dil kaa naheen qusoor, ‘Mukund’ aankhen hain ‘zaalim yeh do chaar na hoteen voh giraftaar na hotaa.” Moreover, earphones can prevent disturbance to others. Let us minimise T.V. use, and promote radio use.
S. Akhtar  Khanpur Deh - 392150
The attack on Israeli diplmat’s car
This is clearly a false flag operation of which Israel are adept. They did it with the Twin Towers on Sept 11 as it has been proved by many investigating architects and engineers. Go to website for further information. The building was blown up from inside and they quietly blamed it on some Arabs who flew the planes into the building. Imagine. How can the radars of a country that spends 40 billion dollars a year for its internal security fail to detect the presence of planes invading its airspace! Especially the attack on the Pentagon itself! It this is not a false flag operation what on earth is it? This same tactic was used by the Hindu Karsevaks with the Godhra express. They started the fire from inside and blamed this on the Muslims that resulted in the most horrific genocide of nearly 3000 hapless Muslims in Gujarat completely with the blessings of the 'great hero' Narendra Modi who is being cleared by even the supreme court  and encouraged  to be the next PM of India. By the way the liquid used to burn the property of Muslims and the Muslim themselves alive was the same liquid that was used in the Godhra express arson attack. This was proved by investigators both foreign and local. But nothing is taken seriously as this would prove Modi's complicity of crime and damage the BJP's image forever.  This false flag operation tactic they obviously learnt from their Israeli friends who are their new masters and teachers. In fact this was proved that a few weeks before the Gujarat massacres of Muslims the Israeli minister of defence had visited India. India it must be remembered is the largest buyer of Israeli arms and ais also a partner in trade with Israel. In fact Israeli ministers frequently visit India including Kashmir too. Probably to teach the good poor BJP HIndus how to fight the 'Muslim menace' of India! The entire genocide was carried out in a very different pattern. It was too well organised to be just an orgy of violence and killing  by unruly Indian Hindu thugs So talking about this car bomb it is obvious that Israel has used this same tactic again just to find some excuse to put the spotlight on Iran and attack it. Well investigated Zafar saheb. Keep up the good work. Inshallah the truth will triumph one day.
Rhazes Esref  (to MG website)
At the first glance one may see Akhilesh Yadav’s plea to the PM for a judicial probe into the arrest of the journalist Syed Mohammad Kazmi as interference with the police work. The police insist that they have a water tight case against the Muslim journalist. They always do. Far too many young men’s lives and careers have been ruined by their arbitrary arrest by various agencies without any evidence against them. At the time of arrest the case is always water tight and the suspect always a master mind. If Akhilesh Yadav, in order to see that Syed Mohammad Kazmi should not go down as yet another life and another career fallen victim to hasty, inefficient, biased or motivated action of security agencies, asks for a prompt judicial probe he may only be preventing a miscarriage of justice.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai-54     
Good Muslim journo are misguiding the Ummah over Syria
It is sad that Muslim journalists and analysts like Karamatullah Ghori have been writing a lot supporting regime changes and overthrow of leaders like Ghaddafi and Bashaar al-Assad. By doing so such journalists have caused much more hostile division, disunity, uncertainty and confusion. Now Ghaddafi is gone. Are Muslim unity caring journalists like Brother Ghori happy about the outcome and the expedient political manipulations by foreign powers like the French? Eventually who benefited and who lost? Ghori may analyze the events differently. Many Muslim leaders ( Example a staunch pro-Muslim leader like former Malaysian leader Dr Mahathir Muhammad) made exactly the same mistake in the 90s by supporting Americans against Iraq. Same Dr. Mahathir shed tears a decade later about his terribly wrong misjudgment after seeing the devastation and loss of innocent lives in Iraq caused by the most brutal American invasion. Did the disappearance of Saddam Hussein bring greater development, prosperity, peace happiness and real democracy to Iraqis? Good Muslim journalists Muslim leaders and the Ummah never seem to learn lessons from the pathetic history of allowing foreign intervention in political changes in Muslim countries. The Syrian regime is a criminal oligarchy and it has to be thrown overboard is an entirely different issue. The crux of the matter is whether Americans and NATO powers should decide which regime should be overthrown and how they should be executed. The United State and NATO, can usually achieve what they want. They wanted Saddam Hussein out, and soon he was hanged They wanted Moammar Gaddafi's rule to come to an end, and before very long he suffered a horrible death. The US and her allies believe, that they can do whatever they want in the world, to whomever they want, for as long as they want, and call it whatever they want, like "humanitarian intervention". The 19th- and 20th- century colonialist-imperialist mentality is alive and well in the West. Stratfor, ( the private and conservative American intelligence firm with high- level connections, reported that most of the Syrian opposition's more serious claims have turned out to be grossly exaggerated or simply untrue. Opposition groups including the Syrian National Council, the Free Syrian Army and the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights began talking about massacre. Stratfor's investigation, however, found no signs of a massacre, and declared that opposition forces have an interest in portraying an impending massacre, hoping to repeat the conditions that propelled a foreign military intervention in Libya. Stratfor added that any suggestions of massacres are unlikely because the Syrian regime has planned its crackdowns to avoid just such a scenario. Regime forces have been careful to avoid the high casualty numbers that could lead to an intervention based on humanitarian grounds. Human Rights Watch has reported that both Syrian government security forces and Syria's armed rebels have committed serious human rights abuses, including kidnappings, torture, and executions. According to a US embassy cable, revealed by Wikileaks, since at least 2006 the United States has been funding political opposition groups in Syria as well as the London-based satellite TV channel, Barada TV, run by Syrian exiles, that beams anti-government programming into the country. The cable further stated that Syrian authorities would undoubtedly view any U. S. funds going to illegal political groups as tantamount to supporting regime change. Regime change in Syria has been on the neo-conservative wish list since at least 2002 when John Bolton, Undersecretary of State under George W. Bush, came up with a project to simultaneously break up Libya and Syria. Amongst Syria's crimes have been their close relations with Iran, Hezbollah (in Lebanon), the Palestinian resistance, and Russia, and their failure to conclude a peace treaty with Israel, unlike Jordan and Egypt; all this constituting evidence of Syria's stubbornness to submit..  
Kodimirpal  (via email)
Muslim cause – NHRC buckles down
Home minister of state Malla Pali Ramchandran submitted written report about Batla House encounter that National Human Right Commission investigated the Batla House encounter so there was no need for further inquiry (UNN / 27 March 2012). When each and every justice loving people wanted judicial enquiry because the probe so far, conditions of the killing and circumstances confirm encounter was fake. But so-called secular party’s tendency to surrender at the propaganda of saffron group worked. But NHRC ducked at Muslims cause. The NHRC has responsibilities to fetch justice to oppress but track record of NHRC reveals that when Muslim cause comes to NHRC, it ducks and easily buckles down. NHRC had recommended CBI inquiry into Godhra incidence and riot in Gujarat but Gujarat government refused (Agency / 30 March). The Gujarat police closed more than 2000 case of rioting, killings and raping etc. without any enquiry. Judicial probe of Batla House fake encounter blocked by NHRC and instead of standing firm for Gujarat riot victims, NHRC easily buckles down.
S. Haque, Patna

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2012 on page no. 23

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