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Resolving Siachen is in the interest of Pakistan and India
The most pointless war is seen since past 28 years. The deadly avalanche that struck the battalion headquarters of Pakistan Army's Northern Light Infantry recently on the Siachen Glacier has brought to light the human and economic cost of sustaining a two-decade long conflict for the climatically uninviting area. With temperatures as low as -60 C, vicious winds and altitude sickness, the region is just east of the world's second-highest peak, K-2. By maintaining a military presence on remote Siachen exerts a grave financial toll. Both India and Pakistan spends huge amount of money every year on Siachen. India is seen putting about $200-$300 million a year whereas Pakistan puts around 60 million dollars annually. Looking back at both the nations, you will find millions live below the poverty line and still the duo put lots and lots of money to defend a frozen, uninhabitable patch of mountain. The Siachen Glacier has engulfed over 8,000 Indian and Pakistani soldiers between April 1984 and April 2012. It is called one of world's most pointless military deployments, where two poverty-wracked nations are engaged in a costly standoff over an uninhabitable patch of mountain and ice.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur– 440013

Reasons for losing UP elections
After loosing U.P. election battle Rahul Gandhi convened 2-day meeting to find reasons of loss during 5-6 April. I think Congress is not at serious to find reasons because they blamed their leader’s overtones and excess speaking. In electoral battle win or loose counted in votes. The Congress expected votes from whom or which groups. Dalits have their own party the Brahmin left Congress and moved to BJP and then BSP. After Bhagalpur anti Muslim riot / Mumbai riot and Babri Masjid demolition, Muslims left Congress and Brahmin and Dalits migrated to new shelter. Delhi ATS and Maharashtra task force target Muslims. 12 Muslims from Bihar picked by Delhi ATS and six Muslims were captured in Maharashtra with one killing. For Congress Batla House encounter is fake in Azamgarh and in Delhi it is real. In the name of justice and due shares just 4.5% alms in the name of B.C. waqf amendment bill 2011, RTE made to rob Muslims property and constitutional rights and kept anti right bill in abeyance. Mayawati rightly said due to Muslim 70 percent vote shifting to S.P., B.S.P. lost but the Congress is not ready to accept Muslims importance. But Muslims is not at all ready to be taken for granted.
S. Haque, Patna

Farooq Abdullah’s pilgrimage to Golden temple
It is laudable that central minister Dr Faqrooq Abdullah visited the golden temple in Amritsar. He was welcomed by the priests and Sikh clergies but he committed a blunder to make prayers there. On the query of journalists he said that he prayed God for peace of the country and better relations with Pakistan etc. Being a Muslim he should not have offered prayers in the temple. Mosque is the only abode of prayer or any other open place he can offer Namaz and send his complements to God. Not in the place of other religious places such as temples and Gurudwaras. History reveals that Caliph Omar wanted to offer Namaz outside the church but the Jews permitted to do his prayers in the church but he declined. Later he explained that if Muslims come to know that Caliph Omar had offered his prayers this place they may construct a mosque at that place. So far Sikhism is concerned it the mixture of Islam and Hinduism. The Sikhs are non vegetarians Muslims are also non veg. The Sikhs kill the animals by Jhatka where as Muslims slaughter the animals by Halal method Like Jews. Scientifically Halal method is good the animal does not feel pain by the death occurs by profuse bleeding in unconsciousness. It does feel shock or agony. In case of Jhatka the animal feels a shock the blood found in the body will not come out fully as in the Halal procedure. The presence of blood entails the quality of flesh. The Sikh or advised not to shear the hares of any part of the body even they cannot shave. They are supposed to wear turbans on the head. They also had caste system like Hindus. The holy book Granth Sahab contains the couplets of Muslim saint Khaja Fareeduddin Gajeshaker. Any way this religion could not spread like Islam. But Muslims give due respect to this religion. Sending of Dr Abdullah seems is on behest of congress bosses to please the Sardars of Punjab. The Congress or Abdullah are not aware of the erosion of Islamic Faith. The Muslims of Kashmir and India might have felt a shock. The Muslims on High assignment neglect the basic obligations of Islam. They try to please the party bosses and displease the Almighty. They forget that worldly life is purely temporary and the life after death is everlasting. They know the fallout of the negligence of Islamic principles. They will be sent to Hell forever after death and everyone has to die once
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Pakistani virologist Dr.Khalil Chishty is released
The release of the renowned Pakistani virologist Dr.Khalil Chishty on bail after spending one year in jail is truly exciting. Actually it was Dr.Chishty’s Canada based daughter Amna Chishty who had stirred the hornet’s nest, by appealing to the Indian government to repatriate her old and ailing father on humanitarian grounds. But, as the fate would have it, the case papers which had been gathering dust in the Ajmer court for 19 years suddenly moved and life sentence was handed to him by the judge. Now that the Pakistan President Asif Zardari has personally requested the Indian Premier Dr. Manmohan Singh to send back Dr. Chishty to Pakistan, it may only be a matter of time before the latter joins his kith and kin at Karachi . It was really touching to hear Dr.Chishty soon after his release from jail that he would pray for the release of the Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who is languishing in a Pakistan jail for more than two decades. What was more heartening was, while it was an appeal made by the then Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju to the Pakistani establishment which had led to the release of an Indian prisoner Gopal Das from a Pakistani prison, in the case of Dr.Chishty, it was Kavita Srivastava of PUCL who led the campaign for his release. It is high time both neighbouring nations India and Pakistan realized that…the release of prisoners who deserve sympathy will certainly boost the bonhomie in their relations.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa

Society must feel shame for blatant double standards
If any thing goes wrong some one must be held responsible and be punished. Recently A.P. government gave 10 lakhs to Keshao Rao who killed 43 innocents. Police had announced Rs. 10 lakh for Rao capture he surrendered and govt. gave the amount 10 lakh to Keshao Rao. But innocent Aamir of Delhi who languished 14 yrs. of his prime age in jail without any fault. Not a single penny is given to compensate and even judiciary let go scot free those responsible policemen who spoiled Aamir’s life. Such blatant double standard and the shear injustices against Muslims don’t hurt the ego of society.
S. Haque, Patna

Politics and sex
It refers to media-reports about on-going CD controversy involving a prominent Parliamentarian allegedly caught in some sting involving sex-related deals with a lady advocate. But the involved politician need not worry at all because in our country there is an immoral political consensus on not exposing extra-marital sex-affairs of each other, even by bitter-most political opponents! Everyone knows about “the very popular former Prime Minister who might or might not father a child out of wedlock and whose dalliances remain an open secret but never wrote about”. Everyone knows about leading political figure and who repeatedly defied court orders by not appearing for DNA test despite repeated court-orders to prove his innocence against allegations put by a youngster claiming he to be biological son of that politician. The same very dignitary also failed to accept challenge of a defamation-suit against the TV channel having boldly telecast sting allegedly showing him during his tenure as Andhra Pradesh Governor in compromising position with three naked women. Our politicians should follow culture of advanced countries by boldly accepting their extra marital affairs in a manner done by the then US President Bill Clinton and the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Our system is tailor-stitched to ensure safeguarding personal sex-liberty of politicians when a Parliamentarian even took his girl-friend in name of his wife on an official Parliamentary delegation. Extra-marital sex-affair is a political religion in India followed across party-lines, and everyone has a right to follow his religion! Some ‘little’ offers of gratitude for enjoying sex by those in powers may just be too petty to be considered in a country known for big scams and scandals. They should not pay their hard-earned corrupt money to ‘blackmailers’ threatening to expose such deeds through CD prepared by alleged sting-operations.
Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi-6

Food should reach the mouth
It is well-known that with tons and tons of food grains rotting for want of better preservation and an efficient distribution system, India’s infants die or remain stunted for want of nutrition. Every fourth Indian goes to sleep hungry. The fault lies in the last mile delivery of food to the hungry. Still our ambitious Food Security Bill is so apathetic towards this very aspect of food distribution. The chapter XII of the draft simply passes this great responsibility to same discredited “local authorities”. The “local authorities” consists of disinterested civil servants who are liable to be transferred at day’s notice and have no stake in the local community. A provision exists in the constitution in the form of article 243G by which the most uninterested and inefficient “local authorities” is mandated to be replaced by the democratically elected “local institutions self-government” like panchayats and nagarpalikas. These institutions of self government have a stake in reaching food to their constituents and are best placed to ensure that food goes to the waiting mouths.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054

Agni-5 Missile how far useful?
It is a matter of great joy and ambition that our scientists have succeeded in launching Agni-5 Ballistic missile. This is the joint efforts of 800 scientists who have toiled for months in 20-odd laboratories of defence research and development Organization (DRDO). Billions of people in India and abroad watched the miraculous advancement of the masterpiece designed by our Indian scientist. The Chinese have categorically remarked that Chinese nuclear power is stronger and reliable and New Delhi has no chance to catch up. But the ground realities are somewhat different. We have made the Agni-5 to target 5000 Km far from Delhi but presently our enemies are closer to us hardly 200 KMs from the boarder. The Chinese forces have occupied ten thousand Sq Kms in Laddak they have advanced 300 km. In Arunachal they had demolished our boarder wall. In South China Sea our oil and gas search was hampered by China. Though we have the nuclear power submarine purchased from Russia at cost 900 million dollars. We do not have the courage to make use it. In Assam and Tibet and in POK the Chinese forces are busy in construction of roads and bridges .It is also sending intruders in our territory .We are just mute and no action is initiated against Chinese forces, Apart from China and Pakistan the Naxalites are vexing us more than the terrorists. In this troubling situation how this missile can be used. Is it not the waste of crores of rupees? Our scientists are doing good work but they cannot augur the hopes of our diplomats. With present embarrassing state of affair Mr. Manmohan Singh is not in position to congratulate the DRDO chief VK Saraswat. I request Mr. Saraswat to design missiles of short distance 100to 200 Km range where the forces have virtually raised a siege against us
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Death of baby Afreen?
It is very sad incident that a Muslim man got such an impact from the Indian society that he forgot the teachings of Islam. The father of Afreen became so cruel that he battered her lovely child. Our society is slowly becoming materialistic. No one wants to nurture the girl child till her marriage. The parents have to invest lakhs of rupees in the marriage and even after the marriage the expenses continue unabated. The proverb goes in Urdu NA RAHE BANS NA BAJE BANSURY. The female feticide is a regular feature in India; crores of girls Childs are aborted in private hospitals. Before the advent of Islam the Arabs used to bury the female Childs after delivery. Thousands of girls were buried. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) eliminated this evil after a long struggle. The motive behind the killing of female child was the same as we have today. Life after death is the fundamental belief of Islam. God has created the human beings to revere and worship God in this worldly life. God will reward those who abide by the divine principles sent through His Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He has proclaimed that whoever nurtures three daughters and get them married he will be in Heaven in the company of The Prophet. Someone asked about two daughters the prophet repeated the same. The companions of the Prophet anticipated that if someone had asked about one daughter the prophet would told them the same too. He has instructed the fathers to give preference to the daughters on sons. Islam has allotted the ½ share of the sons to the daughters. This law is in force since last 1400 years in Islamic court. Even in India in Muslim personal law it is practiced. The women gets share in the property of her husband and also in the property of her father. After marriage it is the obligation of husband to earn the livelihood. The wife need go offices and workshops living her children on the maids. She has to manage the house and cherish and nourish the new born. Finally I can say the father of Afreen has not been reared in Islamic atmosphere. It seems he did not get the chance to kill Afreen in the womb of her mother. Now the Muslim clerics should open their eyes on the cruel incident and reform them by teaching the fundamentals of Islam. Even the Hindus of India badly need the divine teaching of Islam lest the society be free from girls. Abduction and rape will become a common practice. It is responsibility of Media to highlight the Islamic teachings to safeguard their own female children.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Increasing nudity in modern girls
It is being noted that the modern girls in TV ads and serials are seen with meagre dress where as the gents and young lads cover their body fully. God has kept hidden attraction in the females. They need not become nude and attract more than the need. If they will do so the males will try to molest them and if there is no hindrance they can rape and fulfil their sexual desire. The rape cases are rampant only due to the over attraction of modern girls. Very few not all girls go to this extent. To keep the modesty and virginity purda system is the best. Marital sex is the best. Sex before marriage brings complications in life. Those who visit London can see the plight of unmarried mothers on the road crossings how much they suffer in the society. Indian girls are also following the footsteps of European girls. They must know that India is not Europe. Here there are religious norms and principles. People do not like or encourage extramarital sexual relations. Husbands try to murder their wives if they doubt on their wives.
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

What is the safety of Indian embassy in Kabul?
It is high time that India should establish a Taliban office in our country it will be in the interest of India, America and Taliban. We can create a soft corner in the heart of Taliban. The Taliban will not storm our embassy in Kabul. As the days are passing the morals US and NATO forces are coming down. They are fatigued and want to run from Afghanistan, and America is worried about safe exit from Kabul. India need not be a duck for Taliban. We should not sacrifice the Indian citizens for the safety of US forces locked in Afghanistan. Our diplomats should be very much cautious and take unrest action on this issue lest we should lose the precious lives of Indian officers they are not less important than the lives of our cabinet ministers
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Easy to defeat communalism
Our so-called champion of secularism are having tendency to surrender at crunch time for example at Babri Masjid demolition, riots, Batla House, Muslim reservation etc. This led rise in communal strength. But a hero emerging to defeat communalism is Akhilesh Yadav he has given clear signal to crush saffron brigade by announcing that Muslim would be given reservation according to their population and appointed Zafaryab Jilani advocate general of UP the BJP opposed. To defeat communalism is very easy do the somewhat communal forces oppose. BJP opposed Zafaryab Jilani, Akhilesh appointed saffron brigade opposes justice to Muslim like Reservation to Muslim. The soul of communalism and saffronism is in the injustices to Muslims do justices to Muslim ghost of communalism would automatically die.
S. Haque, Patna

Case against AMU campus in SC
Any step for Muslims education is not accepted to saffron brigade that is as AMU campus at Kishanganj announced, saffron brigade staged a protest rally in Kishanganj by name of “chicken neck rally” and announced AMU campus would not be allowed because it will be terrorist den and divide country. To allot land three years lapsed now special leave petition (SLP 18064 / 2011) was filed in SC. Some social worker filed the case that geographical position of Kishan ganj bordering Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and China will be this case though this case should have been rejected because Nepal is friendly country, India helped Bangladesh to emerge into existence, Bhutan always supported India and China – India tied all the relations. Why this SLP is accepted for hearing? Are bordering area people doing have right to higher education at their door steps?
S. Haque, Patna

Amjad sacrificed his life to save humanity
A large chunk of Muslims spend their time in mushaira and other group spend their time to propagate Islam on road processions and other section busy in Gabbar’s life (film) so how we would know Amjad’s sacrifice to save humanity. Amjad 25, resident of Payalpur, Pirpainti Block of Bhagalpur, a box maker while travelling on new Farakka – Anand Vihar train from Sahebganj station to Bhagalpur. Two unidentified women accidentally tripped while boarding the train as it was approaching platform no. 3 at Bhagalpur. Amjad managed to save the two unidentified women but lost himself and fell on the track and was run over by the train. Such important news could not catch our media (Urdu newspaper) which writes pages on poets and publish political statement with utmost importance. Railway authority handed over a cheque and a letter of appreciation to Amjad’s father at Payalpur village of Bhagalpur district on 2 April. Amjad’s photographed with his sacrifice would soon appear in the college of railway.
S. Haque, Patna

In sushashan, Qabristan is in S.D.M. custody
Any graveyard or cemetery ground or Qabristan is managed by the community. But there is a Qabristan in Bihar whose gate key is in the custody of SDM. The reason is unknown. The Sarthua Qabristan in Jahanabad which is well protected by boundary wall even then for burial the Mulsims has to approach the SDM. This is tough task. Many Qabristan, Masjid and Madrasas are easily targeted by saffron people. Masjid burned and Qur’an torn, Janemaaz and fan of Masjid are torched. And now it has become common phenomena.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim issue politics and credit
Every political party do politics on Muslim issues by announcing plan and inaugurations etc. Rajasthan C.M. Ashok Gehlot inaugurated construction of Haj House in Jodhpur on 1st April. Haj House will be costing 1 lakh crore. But he didn’t mention of Haj House compilation. For politics Muslim issue is kept hanging and thus credit goes to other party. Mr. Lalu Yadav inaugurated Haj House construction when he was C.M. of Bihar and year’s politics played on Haj House. Seven years passed in construction Lalu Yadav lost state throne and within a year Haj House was completed. Finally, Nitish Kumar got all the credit for Haj House in Bihar.
S. Haque, Patna

Police mute spectator
After 28 years of Sikh riots, CBI presented a report in session court Delhi on 30th March. CBI exposed the police anti minority character that police were mute spectator and worked as dictated line. After independence in 64 yrs., India’s minority had horrible 37000 riots. Why riots not checked? It is due to the saffron colour on khaki.
S. Haque, Patna

Saffron mentality of media
National English daily published a report (24X10 c.m.) targeting Muslim dominated district Darbhanga of Bihar with old lethal media weapon of establishing relation of IM with Darbhanga. The report says that 12 Muslims were arrested as IM operatives with a picture of a man calling Assadullah Rahman covering face with particular scarf. (4 April 2012). Though out of mentioned 12 many had got clean chit from NIA. But next day National Hindi daily published high alert about Ulfa would spread terror on its establishing date 7th April in 4X1 c.m. at page 24 and Orissa government not to release 27 naxals from jail against jhina ki kaka and Italian Paalao release from naxal in 14X1 c.m. strip at page 22. This is media double standard with saffron media mentality targeting Bhatkal, Azamgarh Darbhanga etc.
S. Haque, Patna

8 April – why Muslims lost glory?
Each Hindi and English dailies published wide report about IIT on 8th April because 8th April is fixed date for IIT entrance test. This year 5.07 lakhs students appeared in the test and women share is 1.69 lakh. Since month dailies had been publishing reports and preparing methods with experts advices and the prospects in future. But no Urdu daily touched this subject even on 8th April, not a single column appeared in Urdu dailies but a single column appeared in Urdu dailies but having report of “Sham-e-ghazal” as if Muslims belong to a different world. Where as on 9th April every English and Hindi news papers had published at least half page report (usually one full page) about the questions appeared in IIT test. Amazing a coaching institute has released answers on its website. On the other hand Urdu media is least bothered but loves sher-o-shairi, sham-e-ghazal, art-oadab etc. To regain the lost glory Ummah must redefine our priorities
S. Haque, Patna

Is law taking its own course?
This sentences law will take its own course commonly used but is it ever tested? Harsh Mander, member of National Advisory Council wrote an article in H.T. / 5 April 2012 about the riot victims. He wrote that only in Nellie massacre 1983, not a single person had been tried because the state itself had withdrawn all criminal charges against every person charged with the mass crime. Official record registered 1819 killing (innocent Muslims) but unofficially casualty exceeded 3000. Did it mean law took its own course? Sitaram Yetchury in his article mentioned that without any investigation more than 2000 case of riot closed in Gujarat what sort the course of law is? No culprit or responsible for Babri Masjid demolition punished and contempt of court case did not even able to be considered seriously by law breaker likewise many example cited. The famous sentence “law takes its own course” fails in test. Is judiciary ready to take cognizance?
S. Haque, Patna

We need reformers, not politicians
India is a country ,where all the religions are honoured equally. but the present so called politiciens are dividing the mosses by playing the caste vote card in the name of Reservations ,and creating conflict in all the casts. We need Reformers but not the Politiciens who are looting in the name of Corruption. and scandals. I congratulate dr. Maqdoomi of Hyderabad ,who is contributing series of letters of various aspects and educating the masses in a fitting manner. which are informative and educative. Educated scholars like Dr. Maqdoomi should come forward with their valuable suggestions for the betterment of the society ., but not to sit like a 'silent spectator ' and can use this Milli platform as a service to sociery is service to God..
Mohammad. Azam Karimnager Telangana.

Land scam
SC bench of justice H.L. Dattu and justice C.K. Prasad ordered Subhashghai to return 20 acres of land to Maharashtra government and observed “one cannot be treated as a blue eyed boy for whom rules can be bent or bypassed to give away land of the state. There is a lack of transparency in the allotment” (4 April 2012) whereas former C.M. Vilas Rao Deshmukh’s senior council denied any quid pro quo between Ghai and former C.M. Vilas Rao Deshmukh in the matter the high court’s remark against Deshmukh is pending before the Supreme Court. But in Aurangabad’s 14 acre land case Vilas Rao Deshmukh cannot deny quid pro qo with Dilip who is his brother. “14 acre of land in Aurangabad – notified as Waqf property in 1973, this 60 acre property was allegedly sold for Rs. 8 crore to Nirman Bharti Developers owned by Vilas Rao Deshmukh’s brother Dilip” A property once Waqf cannot be sold. It is better the property be returned to Waqf or Congress will have to face the ire of Muslims because once published in Milli Gazette would pave the path of justice.
S. Haque, Patna

Ire of Mamata Banerjee
Mamata Banerjee is basically a kind hearted lady. She has devoted her whole life for the welfare of the people. Being a feminine gender she can be angry on some matter. She is almost a dictator Like Indira Gandhi. She is not in the clutches of party bosses like Sonia Gandhi. She is all in all and becomes angry she can punish the mischief monger. Her anger is just like the ire of a mother and she can forgive her opponents very soon. The opposition parties and the media need not do fuss out of her simple mistake. How Indira Gandhi did in her dictatorship everyone knows very well let the Professor send his apology through his wife she will pardon the professor (gender bias)
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Immorality abounding
Calling prostitutes ‘sex workers’ is only one of the deadly traps of satan who wants humans to become swines. God-fearing people should protect themselves by keeping a safe distance from the current ‘Navratri’ dances when the magnetic power of sexual desire becomes double.
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392150

Congress does not read writings on the wall
Congress lost all 3 M.C.D. where Batla House exists. Congress lost U.P. state because Azamgarh, Meerut, Congress lost Bihar assembly because Bhagalpur is one district exist in Bihar
S. Haque, Patna

Andres Brevik no apology
Trial has begun in Oslo court of Andres Breivik for killing of 77 innocent people in Utoeya island summer youth camp of Norway and bombing a car on 22 July 11 The oslo court argued about his mental state as criminally insane. He killed innocents to attract world view toward his hatred toward Islam. He had prepared a plan for ethenic cleansing of Muslims. To give his hatred plan publicity he killed 77 innocent in gun shooting and bomb blast. During trial he pleaded killing but said in self defence he killed and refused to apologise. He denied criminal responsibility. Trial would go on for 10 weeks. Nerandra Modi C.M. of Gujarat also not ready to show some remorse or regrets those innocent who lost their life in 2002 Gujarat riot. This means he denies constitutional responsibility to save the lives of Gujarat.
S. Haque, Patna

Nirmala Baba
Raja of Bundela while debating about Nirmala Baba said we are librated after 2000 years of slavery. On news express channel of 16 April. He has formed Bundelkhand Congress. How media in a flow propagates against Muslim (emperor)
S. Haque, Patna

Huge ghotala in minority student scholarship
Minority is very soft target. In every field of life Muslims are robbed off their due share but Muslims are given more than due representation only in jail. The governments announce many plans and earmark some amount for betterment of minority but officials either diverts the fund or siphoned the maximum amount from the plan. The MSDP fund is spent on street lights or hand pumps in non minority dwelling areas. In U.P. vigilance department revealed that crores and crores siphoned from minority scholarship fund in seven districts of Purvanchal. Ghotala has become a routine in India but vigilant community pounces on their share. For Muslim, illiteracy, non aware backward, timid leadership etc. makes us soft target. So we should create organisations on groups who can monitor minority schemes.
S. Haque, Patna

Media’s agenda to make issue a non issue
Media have their own proprieties and it has set own agenda. Detention of SRK at NY airport in USA and the sale of Dilip Kr. (Yousuf Khan) ancestral home in Peshawar are made an issue by media. Our media have not any concern for thousands Muslims illegally languishing in jail on the police manufactured charges like Aamir spent 14 yrs. in jail Our media don’t bother of our waqf properties, Muslims palaces, historical Masjids where ASI department banned Namazs Justice Katju chairman of PCI has rightly said media have not all concern regarding the real problem of humanity.
S. Haque, Patna

Centenary ceremony of Bihar
Bihar government spent 20 crores to commemorate 100 years of Bihar existence. Even with the permission of Raj Thakeray function organised in Mumbai first chanting “jai Maharashtra” in Mumbai at centenary function of Bihar. Media praised Bihar’s development as leaders of Bihar announced migration of Bihari labour from Bihar has stopped but four storied factory at Jallandher collapsed. The list of labourer published, 90 percent of labourers are from Bihar 40 to 45 days in janta darbar, 60 days in yatras, one month in centenary functions, Rajgir Mahotsva, budh mahotsva etc. at every nook and corner wine shops, crores and crores showered on media, and only 2 percent Muslim representation in 6 lakh job in Bihar is certainly do not match Bihar government’s salogan “development with justice”.
S. Haque, Patna

21 dalit killed but no justice
Bathani Tola is a tola in sahar block of Bhojpur, Bihar where 21 Dalits were killed by upper caste land lord militia group Ramveer killed on July 11 1996. Lower court convicted and sentenced three persons to death and 20 others to life imprisonment. The convicts approached Patna H.C. against lower court verdict. The division bench of Justice Navaniti Prasad Singh and Justice Ashwini Kumar Singh set all 23 convicts free saying “prosecution failed to prove involvement of the appellant in the crime beyond reasonable doubts”. This means no one is responsible for the killing of 21 Dalits. Many groups who are opposing Bathani carnage H.C. decision say without reservation in judiciary the flow of justice would not reach to persons at the bottom of society.
S. Haque, Patna

President rightly rejected GUJCOC bill
Rightly rejected the Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime (GUJCOC) bill by the President of India, which was prepared on the line of POTA and TADA. President did not endorse the law and returned back to the Gujarat Government. In fact, BJP is always advocating such types of draconian laws, which is misused very badly and the victims of such types of legislation are the Muslims and not Hindus. Modi Government of Gujarat is always remains forward to suppress the livelihood of Muslims. President has rightly returned the eight-year-old Bill to Gujarat, as the state government had not made amendments in certain clauses, which was proposed and suggested by the Union Cabinet in the said legislation in 2009. The center's objection was on some provisions of the Bill, include Clause 16, which allows admissibility of confessional statements of accused before a police officer during trial and Clause 20 which says that no accused of an offence punishable under the proposed legislation will be released on bail if the prosecutor opposes it.

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