Maoists or Sanghi beasts?

Sometimes the Maoists hold 'Jan Adalats' in forests where decisions are taken to compel Muslims to eat pork. Sometimes they enter Muslim houses by force and outrage the modesty of women. This has become a routine.
By Faheem Ahmad

Chitra (Jharkhand): Bharatiya Communist Party (Maoist) has now completely strayed from its original agenda and has opened an anti-Muslim front in some regions which makes people think that now they are completely saffronised and have become RSS cadres in the name of Maoism. Since 1987 under Naxali mission, they are doing every thing against Muslims which is the agenda of the Sangh gangs. In other words, it can be said that now the RSS is carrying on its anti-Muslim mission with full force in far-off rural areas of Jharkhand through its cadres masquerading as “Naxalites”. As a result, thousands of well-to-do Muslim families living in these regions are either spending every moment of their lives in fear and terror or, in order to save themselves, are migrating to safer places. Those who are not able to move to other places are silently bearing with the inhuman and illegal Maoist atrocities. It a pity is that neither the government is helping them in any manner nor the police is taking any action to stop the brutalities of these “Maoists”. Even if someone picks up the courage to file an FIR against these Maoists in police stations, police officers refuse to register their complaints.

This report is being filed from Chitra district’s far off villages like Raharya, Charka, Tiria etc. On reaching the area after an strenuous journey, the situation emerges as extremely terrible. Maoists are forcing Muslims to leave their lands, properties and everything else and leave their villages. If they fail to comply, they are forced, at the point of the gun, to change their religion or compelled at the point of pistols to eat pork or be prepared to die in case of refusal.

These areas are considered dens of Naxalites and very sensitive from the point of view of security. One of the victims of the Naxalite cruelties and compulsions disclosed on condition of anonymity that the murder of Muslims here is a common occurrence and almost a daily routine. After killing them, Maoists/Naxalites take over their lands, houses, cattle etc. He disclosed that Muslims of these villages were owners of acres of land, were leading a prosperous life but for the past two decades or so their properties are targets of loot and many of them were killed, their daughters and daughters-in-law kidnapped on the point of gun and their honour violated. He said that Muslims of these areas were prosperous landlords but after arrival of the Maoists, they are facing a reign of terror and merciless murder of the influential and powerful people in 1988 after which the entire area was filled with terror. That process is still going on and till date hundreds of Muslims have been killed. Even beards of Muslims were cut and tied to their sexual organs. Many of them were buried alive and after killing them, they threw the dead bodies on the roads or hanged them from trees. These are common occurrences in this area. On the occasions of festivals like Holi, Saraswati puja, men and women are compelled at the point of gun to participate in these festivals and thereafter women and girls are dishonoured.

Sometimes the Maoists hold ‘Jan Adalats’ in forests where decisions are taken to compel Muslims to eat pork. Sometimes they enter Muslim houses by force and outrage the modesty of women. This has become a routine. Their zonal commander is Anurag Yadav and the area commander is Paras Nath alias Ajay Kanjhu on whose orders the Maoists are indulging in these coercive and criminal activities.

This source said that once in the past they occupied 200 acres land of one Javed Mian in Raharya village and another 25 acres land of Wadood Khan of the same village, all by force, and this illegal occupation continues till date. In yet another case, in 2006-07 they compelled Muslim owners to get their lands registered in the name of area commanders Bilas Yadav, Nageshwar Yadav, Balkeshwar Yadav etc. without making any payment to the owners. They got their signatures on plain papers at gun point. Many families, he said, fed up with these cruelties have migrated to other places like Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur, Chitra, Sherghati, Gaya and even Delhi but those who were unable to migrate to other places, are compelled to bear the cruelties of these thugs.

The same person who narrated the atrocities and high-handedness of these brutes, said that in 1992 these people had thrown cow dung inside a mosque and after tearing pages of the Qur’an had thrown the pieces in the well. Police and administration, inspite of knowing everything, remained silent because the victims were Muslims. He added that even now if the government does not pay attention to their misdeeds, there is a great possibility that Muslims of the area will be compelled on the point of gun to change their religion. (Translated from Urdu)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 May 2012 on page no. 1

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