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Israeli roots strengthened; False charges fake terror cases….

Israeli roots strengthened
Israel is about to penetrate deep into India in the name of increasing agricultural productivity, Israeli minister Yahel Vilan, deputy chief of the Israeli mission in India met deputy CM of Bihar Mr. Shushil Kumar Modi in Patna on 20th April. The Israeli’s have invited CM Nitish Kumar at Israeli agriculture fair on May 15. Agriculture minister and deputy CM are also invited. What a coincidence Shushil Modi of BJP was meeting Israeli minister the Nitish Kr. (JDU) was dining at Janta Dal (U) MLA Razia Khatoon’s residence (Kalyan Pur Assembly Constituency).
S. Haque, Patna

Selective justice jolts faith in judiciary
Army of landlords Ranvir Sena killed 21 poor Dalits and six Muslims on 11 July 1996 in Bathani Tola of Bhojpur district in Bihar. Lower court of Aara sentenced death penalty to three persons and life imprisonment to 20 persons on 5 May 2010. It took 14 years to punish the killers and justice to the deceased in Bathani tola massacre. But on 16 April 2012 Patna HC acquitted all 23 persons. Amazing and merely just within 24 months the army of landlords got acquitted. MG 16-30 April 2012 very precisely revealed that persons involved in Nanded blast easily got bail from court and succeeded to grab judicial representative post (Milind Ektate Nanded bar Council President, 12 accused bailed easily out by govt.) but Md. Aamir Khan kept in jail on cooked allegation. Judiciary didn’t ask government to compensate where as on the other SC asked government to pay Rs. 2 lakh to man (Hardeep Singh) handcuffed by police.
S. Haque, Patna

Market plays Nirmal Baba tricks
Akshay tritiya fall on 24 April this year. Every gold and jewellery shop and company advertised that Akshey tritiya day buy gold it will usher prosperity. National stock exchange (NSE) said on Akshey tritiya day traded gold value increased from Rs. 1,172 crore in 2008-09 to Rs. 11,532 in 2011-12 what Nirmal Baba used the tricks to keep black wallet, eat banana etc. for prosperity he used his trick effective. Market plays the same tricks for squeezing money in lieu of prosperity.
S. Haque, Patna

Pranab deserves president post
The most deserving of all contenders for the post of the President is Pranab Mukherji. By outright rejecting him on behalf of the BJP and the NDA Sushma Swaraj has done herself great damage. The leader of the opposition is suddenly not even the leader of the NDA. Even the BJP president had to do a lot of explaining on her behalf.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054

AMU campus in abeyance

There was verbal duet between Kapil Sibal and Bihar C.M. over CUB opening. It created hype and both created their vote bank in the name of Central University of Bihar opening in Gaya (Kapil’s stand) and in Motihari (Bihar CM’s stand) How Kapil Sibal HRD minister suggests a formula to start CUB in Gaya and its extension campus at Motihari. It is good move but since three years wrangling is going on to start AMU campus in Kishanganj. After massive agitation Bihar government gave 224 acre land to AMU authority. But central government did not allocate fund for AMU campus construction in 2012-13 budget. This is shows that earlier state government was least interested in opening of AMU campus at Kishanganj and now congress to be kept in abeyance. Is this not a secular conspiracy to keep Ummah illiterate? Let us start a debate in this direction.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim face for president post a sign of cosmetic secularism
Indian ruling class (parties) nominate Muslims for president or vice president posts. Three Muslim presidents with preterm one Muslim decorated the president post but it didn’t matter for Muslims. To brag about its secularism BJP says that BJP made APJ Abdul Kalam president cong. More secular it made three names; Mulayam Singh Yadav is projecting S.Y. Quraishi for prez post as well as other parties is ready to field APJ Abdul Kalam, second time. This is the very easy way to become secularist. Indian political parties have separated secularism from justice as if it is two different and opposite things. Providing every community its due share in justice. Congress parties has been promising since 10 yrs. (election manifesto / speech) Laloo Yadav during his 15 yrs. rule promised to give Muslim its due share (reservation) congress and Laloo Yadav did not keep the promise and both lost their ground now Muslims are watching Mulayam and mere cosmetic secularism will not serve any purpose. It is better to fulfil the promise.
S. Haque, Patna

Batakh Mian saviour of Gandhi’s life forgotten
Gandhiji launch first struggle against British invaders from Champaran. Champaran is known as Karam Bhoomi of Gandhi. Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar started his seva yatra from Champaran (H/Q – Motihari) he had been in Champaran for four days. CM spends 30-35 day in such official yatras cum camping. He visited historical places during staying like Gandhi Sangrahlya, late Gorakh Babu House where Gandhiji stayed, and visited George Orewell’s house (famous English Novelist) and paid homage to freedom fighter Rajendra Singh but he couldn’t find time to visit Batakh Mian’s house that save Gandhiji life when Britishers conspired to poison Gandhi. Batakh Mian was punished by British government. Nitish Kumar didn’t find time to pay homage to Batakh Mian.
S. Haque, Patna

Now Muslim world know media power
Muslims don’t have their strong media and they don’t use media (whatever they have) effectively because Ummah don’t know the power of media now social media has wide and strong effect apart from main media the Muslim world had experienced in Arab spring rise. The OIC have felt the media power that is why OIC have agreed 25 million dollar fund for media to counter the world media propaganda against Islam. For good work to begin it is never too late. Congrats OIC!
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim must redefine their priorities
Dubai is the country when Indians are earning and doing business and their number is quite fair compare to other Gulf countries. Last month in the name art and Urdu Adab and international mushaira organised with so much publicity and fanfare. The same day Indian newspaper advertised about BITS (Dubai) branch. BITS (Birla Institute of Technology) have four branches in India and started one in Dubai. Many MBA institute has opened branches in Dubai. Why Muslims are a lost in race? It is their priorities made Millat a lost race and without redefine Millat cannot achieve their lost glory.
S. Haque, Patna

Why Nirmal baba cannot be tried in court?

Every T.V. channel and every baba or fortune better are doing same thing what Nirmal baba is doing. But all of a sudden media and other babas have started opposing Nirmal baba. There are two only reasons 1. Nirmal baba has left all the other babas too much far behind in earning 2. He has asked his disciples not to keep lingam of shankar in their houses. Otherwise Nirmal Narula cannot be tried in court because S.C. has said that two adult persons can stay, live, talk etc. whatever they want with mutual consent it is the person who goes to garner wishes from Nirmal darbar. Media should not forget this angle in debate.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim personal law
In Shah Bano talaq case, court encroached Muslim personal law and ordered her ex-husband to pay monthly maintenance. It was shear defiance of constitution. Muslims opposed the violence of constitution and Muslim Personal Law. Congress brought forward Arif Md. Khan to pollute M.P.L. as he fail congress dumped Arif Khan. Now Muslims are opposing RTE, tax bill marriage registration bill, Waqf amendment bill etc. Salman Khurshid he would soon be dumped. Salman Khurshid must know that lamb separated from herbs becomes prey.
S. Haque, Patna

Who was saving Sajjan for 28 years?
CBI has submitted its report to Delhi court about anti Sikh riot 1984. CBI clearly said Sajjan Kumar and five others directed the mob to kill every Sikhs. According to witnesses there was large scale conspiracy to wage war against Sikh and kills them. In that conspiracy Sajjan and constables were hand in gloves in the conspiracy circumstances and witnesses clearly shows the conspiracy of killing of Sikhs and police were in mere spectator’s role. For such heinous massacre 28 precious years passed to identify the killers. Who was saving him? And since 28 yrs. justice is hijacked we are worried like other justice loving people are worried.
S. Haque, Patna

Why Vikram Singh for top army post?
U.P.A. so-called group of secular parties cleared the name of Vikram Sing for top army post despite the charge of fake encounter in J&K and charges against him. It is a matter of deep concern for whole of the country that country could not find one spotless and clean persona in so big army of ours for its top post.
S. Haque, Patna

Innocent Khawja Yunus killed in fake encounter
Killing of any innocent cannot be compensated but monetary help to the family may mitigate their grievances. Two fishermen were killed by Italian marines the fishermen families filed cases against Italian marine. Police send two Italian marine commanders in jail for killing the two innocent Kerala fishermen. The family of two fishermen agreed to settle the matter and withdraw all cases and Italian government agreed to pay Rs. 1.00 crore each Young promising computer engineer Khawja Yunus employed in Gulf while on holiday in India police picked him up fake terror charges and encountered him it is proved that Khawja was innocent and killed by Police in custody. Khawja Yunus family was given only Rs. 20 lakhs compensation. For a young computer engineer compensation is 20 lakh and for fisherman’s death compensation Rs. 1 crore it is not a double standard justice?
S. Haque, Patna

False charges fake terror cases….
Former Swedish police chief Lindstrom said that Rajiv Gandhi did not get kickback and Amitabh Bachhan was falsely implicated. To drag Amitabh’s name there were pressure. Then Amitabh response came that he was innocent and implicated falsely investigate agency. Naxals kidnapped Jhina Hikaka (Biju Janata Dal MLA, Odisha) and to release him, Naxals put few demands. Among those demand the one demand is to release 29 persons languishing in jail. The naxal claims that eight are naxal cadre and 21 are innocent adivasis falsely implicated by police. Muslim youth are at the receiving end police and investigative agencies freely implicate Muslim youth in false terror charges. Now more than 150 Muslim youths are languishing in jails on false terror charges. Imran Khan spent 14 years on cooked terror 20 charges. Hyderabad Muslim youths and Malegaon Muslim were sent to jail on fake terror charges. This shows that there is something vital wrong penetrated deep into our establishment. Are police and investigating agencies toeing Hidden agenda of someone?
S. Haque, Patna

Fatwa from Archbishop on dress code
Media closely tracks the site of Deoband to find out fatwa loaded and then starts debating as if they keep their panel and their studio always ready for fatwa debate. Surprisingly media did not pay any notice to the suggestion given by Archbishop that “church visiting persons could not wear revealing clothes” as a kind of fatwa. Archbishop Thomas Disouza said why only church or other religious places, dress should be decent and covering must be wore at everywhere. But media ignored this suggestion of Archbishop why? The same media make fun against any fatwa by Islamic clerics.
S. Haque, Patna

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