Congress strategy: kick ‘em to get their votes

Congress came to power six years ago on the express promise that it will repeal the much-misused POTA and will review cases against the arrested Muslim youth. Nothing happened. POTA was repealed no doubt, but UAPA was strengthened so much that it became even worse than POTA and TADA, particulary in giving immunity to the Police officers, which is the root cause behind their carefree, irresponsible, lawless behavior.

UPA did not stop there. The (in)security system was gradually so much strengthened by giving new powers to the agencies, creating NIA and now NCTC (an idea stolen lock, stock and barrel from the terror-obsessed USA) that India is galloping fast to become a Police State ruled by the likes of Stassi and KGB.

A ray of hope glimmered after Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare exposed the Hindutva terror networks which were exploding bombs so cleverly that Muslims were victims both ways - they got killed and were also promptly arrested for the same crime.

The arrests slowed down a bit for some time but soon the draconian apparatus under Hon’ble Home Minister recovered from its momentary sanity and, lo and behold, wholesale arrests started yet again all over the country with little or no proof to date and the IB started again spoonfeeding its deaf and dumb stenos in the media.

The whole community watched in horror when a semi-literate bicycle repairer in the backwaters of Darbhanga was arrested as Indian Mujahidin’s “kingpin”. No one knows what this IM is -- even the Home Ministry said so shortly before clamping the ban on an unknown organization which is used solely to terrorise Muslims. Now, no less than 14 persons, mostly youth, have been arrested from various places for which they have coined the fancy name of “Darbhanga module” which, they assert, is trying to revive IM (no one knows when this unknown outfit was knocked down).

The drama of arrests was resumed exactly when the Congress was gearing to come back to power in some crucial states. What a fanciful way to win back a community’s trust! Let the strategists in the Congress Party know that the Muslim community does not believe in the half-baked fictions cooked up by the thoughtful story-tellers in IB/Police/Special Cell/ATS/NIA. The Muslim community firmly believes that this terror taint is a new avtar of the communal riots crafted to keep the community busy, illiterate and poor on one hand and to reap the votes of these frightened voters on the other. The cheated voter is much wiser today and has options. If the Congress really seeks to regain Muslim trust, it has to shed its Sanghi communal mindset and shunt out the Sanghi black sheep in its ranks which masquerade as secular but, like Shivraj Patil while home minister, complement the Sangh agenda for Muslims.

They are so brave and proactive when it comes to harass the Muslim community on fictitious illusions. Yet the same Home Ministry bosses piss in their pants at the very thought of touching a Sangh bigwig like Togadia and Indresh Kumar. The names of both of them and many more are mentioned in Malegaon and Ajmer blasts chargesheets but they have not been even interrogated while NIA/Police bosses despatch a party at great cost to the exchequer to Saudi Arabia to arrest and thereby sniff out the whole future career of a young engineer (Fasih Ahmad) who, according to Saudi and Indian media reports, was handed over to the Indian party and deported from Saudi Arabia on 13 May but even after the passage of two weeks now, his whereabouts are unknown which is a crime in itself as any arrested person has to be presented to a magistrate within 24 hours. But rules in India do not apply to the poor and voiceless, especially Muslims. Yet, UPA is dreaming to come back to power in 2014!

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2012 on page no. 1

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