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At Indian Muslim cause justice confused

Shoddy investigation by SIT; Economic disparity, naxalism and Muslims; Politics are now mainly family oriented; Saffron journalistic tactics of media; Inept congress forces Muslim to approach S.C.; Mamta Bannerjee

Shoddy investigation by SIT
It is really surprising to see the recent report filed by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) which carried out several shoddy investigations and a deliberate distortion of evidence. The Supreme Court appointed SIT's closure report, on the complaint brought forth by Mrs. Zakia Jafri, is replete with inconsistencies, contradicting inferences and devoid of any substantial effort to examine all the records that can throw light on the alleged crimes. The line of investigation seems focused on finding excuses to discard the available evidence by casting doubt on the credibility of the victims and those that have come forward with evidence. On the other hand, when you see the report by Mr. Raju Ramachandran(who was appointed by the Court as amicus curiae) has declared that there was sufficient evidence to charge and nail Narendra Modi. It is really dismaying to see that the SIT has summarily dismissed the testimonies of two senior police officials that had made specific allegations against the Gujarat state government and Narendra Modi. Instead of probing these allegations with the seriousness the culprits deserve for their crime, the SIT ironically has made outrageous claim. Hence it would be fair to say that the SIT has lost all legal, ethical and moral standing to continue the investigation in a free and fair manner.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur

In the year 2002 ex-MP Mr. Ehsan Jaffrey and other 58 Muslims were killed by Hindu fanatics. The victims of Gulberg Society begged for help from the high officials of the government but the doors were closed from all sides. The victims even made phone calls to the Chief Minister (Modi) who was responsible to protect the lives and properties of his citizens but he cut the phone abusing, even he did not apprehend the culprits.The Supreme Court formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the massacre. The SIT could not find fault with Narendra Modi. The SIT even after spending lakhs of rupees could not find a single accused. Finally the SIT appealed to the Apex Court to close the file, making the partial justice. This state of affair is a blot on our judiciary. The court has to made arguments on the report. Those who are fighting for justice need not be disappointed. The responsibility of accusation is of the Court not of the Commission. The court should definitely ask the SIT as to who killed 59 persons. Any other creature had killed to blame Narendra Modi. Those who have limited knowledge of law can easily find out number of proofs that Modi and his government were very much involved in Muslims genocide. Modi and his aides of Hindutva instead of repenting on their black deeds they boasted on their shameful acts. Modi was portrayed as Hero. Modi tried to erase the proofs of his involvement in the riots. He behaved like her Hitler. No one could express any word against Modi. Haren Pandey was killed as he blamed Modi for monitoring riots in Gujarat. His parents cried but no one there to listen to them. The courts of the country had shut their doors. The IPS officers who had raised their voice were sent to Jail. The Iron women Teesta discovered a joint grave. She herself was involved in a case retaliation. It seems Modi has become an invincible power, no one can surpass him. Finally SIT also gave him clean chit.
Dr. A.H. Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Economic disparity, naxalism and Muslims
Former BJP president Rajnath Singh said that disparity in income and economic inequality are the main reasons behind the growth of naxalism which has emerged as the gravest threat for the country (Patna / 23 April 12) But the government statistics reveals different story regarding Muslims. Despite of economic backwardness and disparity even vendetta against Muslims did not force Muslim community to take arms against establishment consider the Bihar, according to government statistics Arraria, Kishanganj Purnia, Sitamarhi, Paschim Champaran, Darbhanga are seven Muslim concentration districts. But world will be surprise that despite all the extreme poverty and backwardness Muslim concentrated districts are not naxal effected districts. In contrast the district where there is economic disparity, extreme poverty and injustices against poor’s resulted in growth of naxalism. Muslims are generally law abiding people never take up arms against country establishment despite all the excess and poverty inflicted upon Muslims. This is a heavy slap on the face of saffron propaganda machine. That is why a deep conspiracy began to link naxal wit ISI or LeT or HuJI. Then via media of naxal–ISI, Naxal–LeT etc. nexus Muslims will be targeted
S. Haque, Patna

Criminals among the parliamentarians
On 13th of May 2012 our parliamentarians celebrated the 60th anniversary of parliament. In an unusual solidarity they resolved-among other things-to uphold the dignity, sanctity and supremacy of the august house, to enhance the accountability of the government, to rededicate to the task of nation building and to generally rise to the highest ethical standards demanded by the founding fathers. Arun Jaitley rightly said that there is no substitute for the credibility of the parliament. Asaduddin Owaisi said that this credibility deficit was responsible for the fringe elements trying to override parliamentary supremacy. What the honourable members preferred not to mention was that among them were 72 members with criminal records. In the previous Lok Sabha there were 55! They have been charge sheeted for crimes like attempt to murder, murder, extortion, cheating and misappropriation of property, kidnapping and wrongful confinement, rape, concealing stolen property and house breaking by night. The house could have passed a resolution asking these not so honourable members to resign and not contest the next elections or the house could have asked their parties not to field them again.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054

White Paper on Black Money
White Paper on Black Money presented by Union Finance Minister in Parliament is indeed a ‘bikni’ as rightly commented by an opposition veteran. Even this ‘bikni’ is not being allowed to cover the naked truth of black money by pressurising UPA allies which prevent all such reformative measures. Instead of doing just paper-work like issuing ‘White Paper’, Union government should have will-power and boldness to implement measures which may put practical curbs so that surplus currency may be nothing but ‘ordinary’ paper not to be used in black deals like realty and bullion deals. Pranab Mukherji has left one important field of Marriages and other personal celebrations, which are mostly held by large-scale spent of black money. An estimated outlay of marriage-expenditure mentioning number of guests should be printed on marriage-cards. List of gifts and cash-envelopes received/distributed on the occasions should be submitted to appropriate public-authorities within some stipulated time-period after marriage-functions are over. To avoid wastage on unproductive items like marriage-cards, even cost of marriage-card beyond a certain limit should also be compulsorily printed on marriage cards. When citizens demand accountability and transparency from government, they should also themselves be made transparent in marriage-related expenses to effectively check large-scale involvement of unaccounted money in marriages.
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6

Politics are now mainly family oriented
Though you are free to enter the world of politics at the national level, however, it is really tough to make your mark in this domain as it is becoming a family business. This family affair leaves no room for a common man to enter in this world even with an intention of doing something good for the country. Hereditary MPs are on average 4.5 times richer than MPs who have no family background in politics. The hereditary parliamentarians have double benefits - they are handed both money and power at birth. This therefore gives the rest little chance of entering the Parliament. This handicaps the functioning of democracy, which depends not only on free elections but on a degree of internal party accountability. Equal opportunity should be given to all who aspire to find a place in the parliament. National politics must be more than a family run business. This is the time when India has to put an end to dynastic politics which has gripped the country in its dirty hands.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur – 440013

A positive way forward
Hazrat Wali Rahmani has started Rahmani-30 which has re-kindled a hope among Muslims to achieve position through education under the guidance of DGP Abhyanand. Now Hazrat Rahmani has acquired 358 acre of land in Muslim dominated Kishanganj which is poorest district and educationally backward too. Hazrat Wali Rahmani acquired 358 acre of land in Kishanganj to establish an educational institution. Ummah must congratulate Maulana Wali Rahmani and pray for his long life.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim’s one sided loyalty
Aziz Quraishi said he is rewarded for his loyalty of Gandhi family on being nominated governor of Uttrakhand. At what cost his loyalty rewarded? And its one sided loyalty proved boon or bane? Muslims voted congress for over 40 years. (Till 1990) Muslims faced riots and Babri Masjid demolition and Muslims representation dipped upto 2% in government jobs. Muslims supported Left Front govt. in W.B. for 30 yrs. Muslims condition became worst than Dalits. Nothing changed for Muslims when they supported Lalu Yadav for 15 yrs. Loyalty shown by Muslims one sided has not fetched justice. Muslim should know stagnant water smells and therefore change is essential for freshness and justice
S. Haque, Patna

Conspiracy & corruption in media
While debating on decision on Tehelka and its implication on TV channel, Dr. Shakil Ahmad raised corruption in media and paid news issue. The TV anchor by passed Dr. Ahmad statement. Ahmad raised protest and then TV anchor promised to organise one hour programme on this topic. Dr. Ahmad would be invited (IBN-7) to discuss on what are the corruptions in media? Media must define this otherwise only paid news will be debated and thus vital issues would be left uncovered. Masjid Noor, Delhi was demolished on the fake judicial order. It was exposed by Janab Zafar Mahmood of Zakat Foundation of India. Jb. Mahmood wanted the issue to be made known to all people with the help of various mediums but none agreed to publish the conspiracy theory that was exposed by him. Why? Along with corruption in media, conspiracy of media must be debated.
S. Haque, Patna

Why political parties need a Muslim face?
To garner Muslim vote’s parties need a Muslim name and beard and skull cap wearing figure work better. Muslim leaders are singing and praising for their leaders. The parties put them forward to show that they are secular. But now, Muslim name walla leaders are used at critical juncture. On 27th April a Delhi court convicted former BJP national president Bangaru Laxman after 11 years for he was caught on camera taking bribe of 1 lakh rupees. No BJP leader came out for reaction and Syed Shahnawaz Hussain was pressed for this duty at this humiliating position of BJP another national party congress has been Muslim president and other how piece posts. Congress in its life faced toughest tenure during Jai Prakash agitation at Bihar. Abdu Ghafoor was given Bihar rein During J.P. agitation period. Parties use Muslim timid leaders for their (parties) benefits and Muslim leaders will be used till they close eyes at Muslim are because and then they will be dumped.
S. Haque, Patna

Who is Bangaru Laxman
Every debate and report gave information about Bangaru Laxman after his nomination at BJP president post and onwards Tehelka expose with his four yr prison with Rs. 1 lakh fine. Who is he? Being a Dalit how he could reach BJP’s president post? What is his contribution in politics? Is he the same person who laid first brick at Ram mandir shilanyas?
S. Haque, Patna

Hindustan – land of discrimination?
MBA student Dana Sangma, niece of Meghalaya C.M. Mukul Sangma committed suicide in her hostel of Amity University in Delhi. Mukul Sangma demanded a new legislation to deal with instances of discrimination and atrocities against N.E. students. We have tougher laws to stop foetus (feminine) killing even then it is not controlled, and sex ratio dipped to an alarming low. We have legislated to protect the parent (old) rights. We saw attack on Hindi speaking people in Maharashtra. Shiv Sena came into lime light after a spurt of attacks on migrants. Hindustan experienced 37,000 anti Muslim riots. Muslims constitute 15% of India’s population but given representation less than 2 percent in government job. 3000 Sikhs butchered in Delhi in a day. Churches and Masjid are attacked. Police plays a mere spectator role. Dalits are persecuted for 2000 yrs. In Hindustan, Baba Saheb Ambedkar implemented reservation as a tool to revert discrimination and atrocities against Dalits. This means only legislation will not solve the problem of discrimination and atrocities but what is needed is fair intention and determination.
S. Haque, Patna

Death penalty appreciated
The heinous murder of Mr. Khushboo when she was coming out of St. Xevier College Ranchi (27 April 11). Vijendra stabbed her at the examination centre. People captured Vijendra and handed over to police. Fast Track court of Ranchi awarded Vijendra death penalty on 2 May. Everybody appreciated the courts decision. Grand mother, parents and friends hailed courts decision. Grand mother’s reaction was that not less than death penalty was sufficient and friends of Khushboo said only death penalty could give justice. It is rebuttal to the propaganda about death penalty as anti Human. The very propaganda targets Islam because Islam announces death penalty against murder.
S. Haque, Patna

Polygraphic test of police
Pune court gave clearance of polygraphic test of seven policemen in the murder of RTI activist Satish Shetty (2 May, 2012). To get justice more and more scientific method is to be utilised. Pune court gave clearance. In Batla House fake encounter, there was another policeman following inspector late Sharma to explore facts. Here too polygraphic test would have helped in the investigation.
S. Haque, Patna

For state special status and equal status for Muslims
Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar demands special status for Bihar. To pursue his demands he presents an argument that "The per capita income of Bihar is one third of the national average and one seventh of new Delhi. This gap is a matter of concern and needs to be addressed soon" Muslims at any parameter lagging far behind the main stream of society. Muslim has less than 3% in govt. jobs not having agricultural land, Muslims kinds are maximum child labours, etc. This is very wide does this not a matter of grave concern? At Akcheya tritya (24 April 12) gold worth of 91 crore sold, gold coins of 13 kg. sold in post offices and 272 cars sold in Patna only. Muslims of whole Bihar 18% of Bihar population don't buy in whole year of this much gold and cars. Does Muslim not require equal status through special step of justice i. e. reservation?
S. Haque Patna

Media will not divulge injustice
Media claims themselves fair and brags to stand opposite to injustices but fact is quite dark. On 5th May each and every media brought detail of UPSC result that 2,43003 candidates appeared for exam. In 2011 11,984 qualified for mains and 2417 called for interviews. Then finally 910 recommended for appointment in which 195 are women and minute details like how many are doctors, engineers and how many successful in Ist or IInd attempts. But no media touched only 25 Muslims got success which is only 2.74% when Muslims constitute 15% of India's population. Is this not a grave injustice what media hides. S. Haque Patna

Why political parties keep a minority cell?
Political parties need votes to get power. For power they utilise faces. Earlier only Muslim names were sufficient but now Topi and Beards are used and a minority cell is employed to garner Muslim votes. These minority cells are employed to praise leaders and to fulfill party agenda like before ever sewa yatra minority cell keep ready Muslim gathering for meetings and BJP minority cell announced to award Sir Syed Ahmad Khan title to Modi (Deputy C. M. of Bihar). Now the days are not far when minority cell of BJP award Mohsin-e-Millat Parties minority cell never protested for Urdu teachers appointment, land for Mazharul Haque University, completion of minority hostels, and due shares in government jobs for Muslims etc. parties created minority cells to douse genuine demands of Muslims. Muslims must be aware of the blacksheeps in Ummah.
S. Haque Patna

Saffron journalistic tactics of media
When SIT, NIA or security agencies catch a Muslim as terror suspects media gives importance, newspapers published in first page under bold headings etc. But NIA visited to trace out the Ajmer blast terrorist Babban Kumar and searched M. V. I. office which issued licence in Dhanbad. Hindi daily published this news at page 19 (26 April 12)
S. Haque Patna

Inept congress forces Muslim to approach S.C.
Congress doesn't deserve to be ruler why? The party takes two months to know the reasons for loss in election (Autony Committee) even that is half baked. Mayawati could find that reason within half an hour of result announcement and Mulayam Singh kicked Kalyan Singh from party as his party lost M. P. election. Congress is not a courageous party and easily surrenders at saffron propaganda. Vajpayee govt. banned SIMI. H. C. declared the ban unconstitutional cong. Led UPA moved to S. C. Muslims have to approach S. C. to get constitutional Article 30 relief from RTE. Congress government in A. P. illegally captured Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali's Waqf Land 1654 acre. The govt. lost the case in H. C. (MG 1-15 May 2012) but A. P. govt. undertaking moved to S. C. AMU's minority character polluted by congress government. Muslims are protesting against govt. order in S. C. Congress forced Muslims to contest for legal rights till highest court so that Muslim cannot set their constructive agenda in order.
S. Haque Patna

RTI ineffective for Muslim?
P. A. C. collected Muslim youths and carried them to Hindu canal PAC killed 42 by shooting them all and thrown the bodies in Hindu. Naeem Akhtar who was sitting with Qamaruddin in the truck. Police fired in the Qamruddin's stomach. His stomach brust and intestines fell on Naeem's body. Police thought both killed but Naeem was alive. He brought the case in picture. CBI inquired the case and recommended 60 police (policemen and officers) but only 19 were named in the case. Naeem Ahmad filed 350 RTI applications (India Bhaven Lucknow) but Naeem Ahmad did not get any application information. On the other hand, bungalow for president after retirement in Pune was exposed by an application of RTI. Is RTI is ineffective when Muslims matter of injustices information wanted?
S. Haque Patna

Zakia Jaffri is a Muslim
Zakia Jaffri wife of late Ehsan Jaffri congress ex M. P. who was killed by saffron terrorist alongwith 59 Muslim in Gulbarg society during 2002 pogrom. She got SIT report (22000 pages / dozen CD's) on 7th May. She is a Muslim lady killers are freely roaming but voluminous report she got as Muslims have, Sachar Commission report Ranganath Mishra report, Gujral Commission report like more than 100 reports Muslims have. Muslim must raise question about commissions report what Muslim should do with these reports? S. Haque Patna

The first national science survey is really distressing which claims that more than 60% of post graduates and 20% of science doctorates are still unemployed. This could be the basic reason why a majority of students do not want to specialize in science. However, they are seen preferring careers in IT, Engineering, medicine and management studies. When you look at the different science streams at college and post graduation level, the situation is really grim. Right from the teaching system to resources, everything sounds to be in a big mess. All you can see is plagiarism, nepotism and misconduct. Also, when you look at the careers which promise good employment like research in labs also fail to cater any incentive. If the stream of science wants to improve in India, you need a change from the base. With mere some superficial cosmetic makeover of couple of science colleges and institutes would not yield anything. For this you need to make a sea change in science teaching method and system. The first 12 years should be made exciting and intellectually stimulating. Though a couple of noble men in this domain are seen doing something, however, the fact is these things are happening at a very slow pace and often become victim of politics. Change should be expedited without being marred by any kind of politics, corruption or favoritism.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
32/B, Gandhi Lay out,
Jafar Nagar,
Nagpur- 440013

Freedom Movement and Muslims
They were the true sons of India. They voiced and fought for the freedom of their country from the same stages occupied by their non-Muslim colleagues. They made all attempts and sacrifices to dragout the white skinned foreigners from the India soil. They considered it their pious and Religious duty to pushout the intruders out of their mother land. The names of king Bahadurshah Zafar, Zenat Mahal, Tipu Sultan, Shojaud-Daoula, Chand Bibi, Ashfaqullah and thousands of Ulama from Deoband and Jamiatul-Ulama-e-Hind alongwith thousands of Muslims are the few who fought till last movement of their life but never compromised wit the Britishers at any cost. During the freedom movement personalities like M. A. Kalam Azam, Rafi Ahmad Qidqai, Dr. Ansari, Asif Ali, Maulana Asad Madni, Maulana HIfzur Rahman, Ali brothers, Bi Amma are the unaccounted from thousands of Muslims who never compromised with the ideology of Muhammad Ali Jinha and his Muslim League achieved freedom, the names of all Muslim patriots and sons of the soil steadily removed from the history of freedom movement by the congress itself in a planned and systematic way to which they were the faithful and irrevocable part during freedom movement. Now where those names have gone and why they have been replaced indifferent, disassociated and isolated by siding, aiding, co-operating and associating with the foreigners even at the cost of Hindustan. According to the history Maharani Laxmibai fought only for Jhansi whereas Shah Bahadur Shah Zafar, Tipu Sultan, Shojaud Doula and others were determined to drag the foreign dragons out of the country but their names failed to find place in Modern Indian History however those traitors and cowards who genuflexioned before the white skinned boses and were rewarded for that by them in all the way have found as real freedom heros with hypothetically narrated exaggerated stories of their brevary and unmatched contribution in freedom movement with zero participation of Muslims which is the main object of rewriting of Indian history during congress regime.
Faheemuddin Nagpur

Mamta Bannerjee
Mamata Banerjee though could be seen as a messiah by her number of supporter, but the fact is that after her series of disastrous moves and widely ridiculed antics, it seems that she might just hasten the end of honeymoon with voters. Her inability to address criticism via her autocratic behavior has started to alienate those very people who rejoiced when she defeated the Left. Her actions have prompted media to give her a new name the 'Queen of Democrazy'. Ms. Banerjee who was seen herself once in the hospital after Communist goons beat her up, overtook the left partly by taking a stand against political violence in West Bengal. Her treatment of Trivedi has made people wonder if life is any different. Currently when her state is facing a debt of nearly $40 billion, she is doing the least to get away from the tag of being a Queen of Democrazy. Her moves and actions have simply been raising the discontent among the people while Ms. Banerjee's woes are piling up.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
32/B, Gandhi lay out,
Jafar Nagar,
Nagpur - 440013

Gujarat progress
A lot of hype has been created by Gujarat prosperity and its chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Media is seen often exalting the economic growth and development opportunities given by Gujarat State. However, USIP (US- India Policy Institute) has carried out a study over this issue concluding that in most of the most of the measures Gujarat does not fare well, and rather it is way down on fourth to sixth place in the list of states of India. The study finds no evidence to the hype that Gujarat is the favorite destination of FDI (foreign direct investment) ranking below states like Maharashtra, New Delhi and Karnataka. The study documents that in the past decade Gujarat received less than 1/6th the FDI received by Maharashtra and less than 1/3rd the FDI received by New Delhi. The Gujarati being good in business cannot be called as new attributes, rather it is an ages old thing; and developed over centuries especially due to their easy contact with the travelling business men from all over the world at the Indian west-coast. No wonder then that Gujarat is one of the few states where income earning opportunities have always been better and praiseworthy. Notwithstanding, such a relative advantage in income growth, it is useful to review how Gujarat is faring in other measures of standard of living such as poverty, human development, hunger and so on. Further, it is also instructive to review as to how various socio-religious communities living in Gujarat are placed in a relative perspective and are they getting the benefit of higher growth experience in Gujarat. Hence to attribute the economic only to people like Modi is unfair. However, it is just an effort to wash his communal image seen during the Gujarat genocide.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
32/B, Gandhi Lay out,
Jafar Nagar,
Nagpur- 440013

Always rules violated against Muslims
Bihar C.M. Nitish Kumar rightly protested that Karnataka police violated the established laws of the country in arresting Kafil Ahmad during the very early morning on 6 may Karnataka police didn't inform Bihar police. It is shear violation of rule. Karnataka police in plain clothes barged at Kafil's home and pushed his old father women were sleeping they entered into the home and arrested. Kafil Ahmad Kafil father said his son didn't go only Bihar. At least a dozen of Muslims were picked up by different state police. RJD M.P. Ramkirpal Yadav raised a question that all of a sudden in so many numbers Muslim picked by police in the name of terror suspect why?
S. Haque, Patna

Name Mysore Airport as Tipu Sultan Airport
Sultan of Mysore was real tiger for their enemies the Britishers invaded India and captured but British ruler faced tough challenges at some places. British national army museum has prepared a list of 20 persons who had posed tough challenges to the colonial powers. Army museum conducted a survey about those persons challenged British ruler in 17th century. Irwin Romel of Germany Neopolean Bonapart, Julu fighters, Nat Shingway Kamhalo and Afghanistan ruler Muhammad Akbar Khan with from India Tipu Sultan and Rani of Jhansi Laxmi bai are in the list. Tipr Sultan was killed by British government in a conspiracy because British ruler couldn't match in fight. Even now British considers Tipu Sultan a toughest enemy. But India has forgotten the great martyr tiger of Mysore. Let Mysore Airport be named after Tipu Sultan.
S. Haque Patna

Saviour of democracy making demonocracy
Narendra Modi had given reply about his role and speech during 2002 pogrom by SIT that after 8 yrs. he didn't recollect the exact words but he had always appealed for peace. This resulted killing of 3500 Muslims. Narendra Modi's reply was very similar to the L. K. Advani's reply about his role and speech on 6th December 1992 at ayodhya, advani had given reply that he was asking people to stay away from the structure (Babri Masjid) He was appealing people to climb down from structure (Babri Masjid) this resulted the demolition of Babri Masjid and killing of Muslim in thousands numbers The congress former M. P. Sajjan Kumar had given the reply about his role and utterances during anti sikh riot days in 1984 that he was trying to save Sikhs This led to the killing of 3000 sikh in one day in Delhi only. But afater 28 yrs. facts of his role exposed. In Nillei rally 3300 Muslim innocent butchered and burned in just one night. These innocent killing records and these saviour of democracy converting it into demonocracy as Hitler had established demonocracy in Germany out of democracy through which he emerged.
S. Haque Patna

Media ethics enquiry in full public view
One of the biggest media group "Murdouk group" has come under inquiry by media ethics investigation committee. The Murdouk group "SUN" C. E. O. Rebakah Brook replied all the questions posed to her about relationship with British P. M. (Tony Blair / Camroon) and even intimate close relationship. The quizzing of Ms. Brook aired on BBC channel and full enquiry will be aired. But in India, Media is controlled by unforeseen powers and follow the different ideology of a group or a political parties. Indian media don't judge the right or wrong and selectivily hids hard facts. Muslims, dalits and backwards are indirectly targetted by media and Indian media is not at all read to scan diseases of media. Its example how easily hushed up the Neera radio tape expose and nothing happened to the involved journalists. It was done very clandestinely in Neera radio tape case.
S. Haque Patna

Our priorities responsible for backwardness
4th May this year, every aware persons of India wanted to know the names of UPSC successful candidates because they know that India is governed by P. M., C. M. and D. M. Next day detail of the result published in newspaper. But Urdu daily published with importance the Muslims worries about not organising any mushaira programme since few months. The Muslim wrote detailed report about the Urdu Adab and literary organisation has been defunct since many months. Reasons behind Ummah backwardness lies in our prioprities. So Muslim must redefine our priotities.
S. Haque Patna

At Muslim cause justice confused
According to SIR report Narendra Modi was not responsible for Gujarat
2002 pogrom. SIT was appointed by S. C. and S. C. appointed amicus curie has opined to indite Modi. Similarly one judge said Sabarmati express bogie fire was burned in conspiracy where as another judge declared it an accident. Retired justice S. C. MS Librahan worked for 16 year 7 months and submitted it report to govt. CBI in one shot discredited the report in court. This is repeatedly happening at Muslim cause.
S. Haque Patna

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