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I am seventy two years old. Thank God that I am quite healthy, happy and peaceful at this age. I have been reading MG since January 2001 with great interest. It is very interesting, informative, useful and upto the mark. Its reports, articles, editorials, letters by readers, rejoinders etc. are worth-reading, and very informative. Its language is simple and impressive. The MG is becoming very popular among the readers of not only India but in foreign countries also. Thank God that it is progressing day by day. Congratulations to its editor Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan and the MG team for their endeavours to make it more informative and useful to the readers.
Shakeel Ahmad Frank,Gorakhpur, U. P.
The Muslim syndrome in U.P. Muslim politics
The article entitled 'The Muslim syndrome in U.P. Muslim politics's (The Milli Gazette, May 1-15, 2012) is full of anti-Congress sentiments at the cost of facts. For example, not two but three Muslims - A.R. Antuly, Abdul Ghafoor and Barkatullah Khan had served as chief ministers of Hindu majority states of Maharashtra, Bihar and Rajasthan, while the fourth ministers Mrs. Anwara Taimur had served as the chief minister of Assam and Farooq has served chief minister of union territory of Pondicherry. The writer accuses the Congress of following a policy that minorities had to vote for the majority and only Hindus were to rule. The final stamp of approval of Congress policy was affixed when Maulana Azad was forced to step down in favour a Brahmin president for the longest period i.e. from March 1940 to April 1946 and the Nehru was the most popular mass leader next to Gandhiji and that Gandhiji the Supreme leader was a baniya and not a brahmin. In December 1949 murtis had been placed in the Babri Masjid and U.P. government failed to remove these murtis from the mosque. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia did not utter a single world against it. He was a Hindi zealot and in close proximity to RSS he led the Angrezi Hatao Movement by blackening the English signs boards of shops by applying tarkol on signboards. He condemned Nehru for condemning Hindu communalists and denied that Hindu communalism rule posted any great danger to Indian democracy.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex- M.P.,Mayur Vihar, New Delhi
Dr. Sumit Paul has narrated in The Milli Gazette of 1-15 April 12 among other things, homosexuality came to Indian with the Muslims with the mughals. This is obviously wrong from the very beginning through holy Qur’an and Islamic law Muslims are forbidden from homosexuality, prostitution, sodomy etc., since these activities are treated as filthy and evil deeds. Muslims are allowed to marry up to three women to fulfil their lust of desire and sexual needs, subject to the capability. The holy Qur’an through lessons 7, 21, 29 have warned and prohibited homosexuality and such other inhuman activities. Prophet Luth (Lot) advised the fold not to indulge in barbaric homosexuality, lesbianism etc. The folk teased and tried to drive away Prophet Luth. He cursed the folk and prayed with God against his folk, subsequently, God rained down heavily with the rain of stones on the criminal folk, as they transgressed, beyond bounds of God. Thus the whole folk were perished. In Middle East and Western countries the homosexuality is common and followed the custom among sanyasies of Ganga – Yamuna rivers and jungles, ashrams, xian missionaries since they are not allowed as well as unable to lead married life. It is revealed in a book, sodomy with man with animals, sex with fruits etc. and in luxurious hotels, the customers are being provided with dutch wife (stuffy female figure) to enjoy with sexual night. The judiciary and government have not banned homosexuality or sodomy in society in order to avoid prostitution. The writers and media’s are conveniently including Muslims in perverted activities and anti social and anti national activities, which kind of habit should be wiped out.
Khan Vellayani, Trivandrum – 695009
One crore baby girls killed during the last 20 years
Girls are future mothers of humankind. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had said "Paradise is under the feet of mother". Innocent baby girls - mothers of future generations - are being massacred mercilessly in India. Menace of female foeticide has assumed alarming proportions. According to an authentic survey about one crore baby girls were killed during two decades, not in rural areas, but in educated and rich Urban India. Percentage of female foeticide is highest in economically and educationally advanced states of India. It is barbarous, crurel, and immoral. It is a heinous crime against humanity and the nation. Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PNDTA) should be strictly enforced to curb female foeticide, sex selective abortions etc. All those involved in this inhuman and antinational practice of killing innocent girls must get deterrent and harsh punishments.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Media Watch, Bhandara, Maharashtra
Laws framed to tackle terror problem. But in the name terror tackling grave injustices inflicted upon illiterate poor class of people One framed by Congress another by BJP-led govt. Now it is term of Congress-led govt. On 5th May, P. M. convened a meeting on NCTC with CM's. Many CM's opposed. Narendra Modi demanded to invoke POTA again. But they don't know that no rule can give positive result without fair motive which is only possible with fair representation of opposed classes according to their population in implementing authority. But to deceive the gullible community politicians keep on experimenting
S. HaquePatna
Price of Partition
Mr. Karamatullah K. Ghori's article on "The Price of Partition" was interesting reading. A leader can only be judged by the impact he leaves behind years after his death. By that criteria Jinnah fails badly. His single minded pursuit of a homeland for Muslims, got him Pakistan. But at what horrible price ? The mass killings, rapes and horrors faced at partition by both Muslims and non Muslims, have few parallels in modern times. The poison and hatred produced survives sixty five years later. This was further compounded by the equally brutal break up of East Pakistan But the communal and sectarian tragedy plays on in large parts of Pakistan. No wonder the world considers Jinnah's creation as a failed state. If Jinnah had the foresight to compromise at the right time, Muslims would today be atleast 500 million in a United India. Communal riots have destroyed countless Muslims in India. Atleast in Kashmir and Gujarat, they are reduced to second class citizens. But a man who built his image by saying NO, just could not say yes, when the right time came. One could always blame it on those who came after Jinnah. But is Jinnah not to blame for failure to groom a second line of leadership? Jinnah in his pre partition discussions with the Viceroy, insisted that he was the sole spokesman for the Muslims. In his words :" If I take a decision it would be enforced. If the Muslim League refused to ratify it, I would resign, and that would be the end of the Muslim League." No wonder Pakistan,after Jinnah became an orphan state . Pakistan struggle was for a theocratic state. Yet Jinnah in his first address in August 1947 wanted it to be secular. Then why the horrible fight with all its consequences that lasts till today? The confusion and the absence of high leadership soon resulted in power passing to the army , the mullahs and to America. Compare this dictatorial mind set with the grooming the Holy Prophet gave to the likes of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali and countless others. It is these angelic followers who guided the new Islamic state through its most critical thirty years. It continues to guide humanity fourteen hundred years later.
J. S. Bandukwala, Vadodra
Blood drinkers in our country?

Sandeshis a famous Gujarati language newspaper published simultaneously from Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Bhuj. In its Baroda edition dated 29 April 2012 a very strange story has been published which is translated below:

5000 goats killed in Tamilnadu temple In a temple situated in the town Anadhiyur (T. N.) nearly 5000 goats were cut down during a religious ceremony. After killing these goats their blood was offered as a 'aashirvaad' from the deity. The blood-drinkers included even women and children. This happened on Friday last (27 April 12).
Mutton was also distributed free….
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Begging among Indian Muslims
Sachar and Mishra may have classified Indian Muslims as under-privileged, most-backward educationally, economically and socially... but atleast on one front we are more progressive and developed community, un-matched among other minority communities -- as far as begging is concerned. Throughout the country we see pitiable conditions of Muslims while visiting mosques, tombs, historical places, dargahs, qabristans, parks, shrines, public places, markets, localities, lanes, bye-lanes, streets which are full of Muslim beggars. The graph of begging among Muslims always moving upward. Begging among Muslims has now become un-controlled and unchecked profession. Despite all evils, it is unconsciously recognised by the community as a part of daily life. This is the only profession which needs no qualification, special trainng (it is learnt that some training centres have been established in few parts of the country), skill and art at all. What is necessary that one should be a brazen-faced, shameless and lacking sense of honour. Right from dawn to dusk and also late in the night we see Muslim beggars of all ages, sex, strong and stout begging everywhere with false and fabricated stories and lame excuses, unreasonable demands with chocked voices to gain sympathy and favour of the people. The beggars, like migrating birds, move from one place to another in large numbers and groups fearlessly whereas we Muslims are always ready to accept it thinking that it is a religious obligation to give to beggars. The offering of alms and accepting the demands of these so-called “faqueers” without taking notice of their wickedness is a sin. Thus we are responsible for encouraging the beggary. Enquiry reveals that majority of beggars are well settled in life. They own well-furnished houses equipped with daily needs and facilities. They have saving accounts in banks and post-offices. Their letters to each other contain sentences like "yahan dhanda achcha chal raha hai, tumhare yahan kiya haal hai". Places like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata  are the hubs of beggars and in case one vacate his place of begging for the other a deal is finalised at exhorbitant rate for a specified period, but the community as a whole appears to be least bothered. Sikhs, Jains and Christians are also minority communities in India but we hardly find any of them begging. These communities are very conscious, self-respecting and self-realised. Let the month of Ramadan come and see the white collared, bearded and well-dressed “moulves” with hand bags at your doors with request to donate generously for madrasas. Whatever collection they collect in this way, they get 50% commission, which is also a form of begging. Another begging going on and on is the chorus of demands for reservation, concessions, aids in all respect for the Muslims for their uplift, progress and development. We are aware fully that such demands are made since Independence but in return Muslims failed to even get a lollipop as no government is interested in it. What we need is to enlighten our young generation with the importance of education, hard-work, sincerity, facing realities of life, self-respect, responsibility, devotion and above becoming all a giver not a taker.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013
Plight of Muslims
Justice Sachar Committee’s report bears testimony to the fact that in every sphere of life condition of Muslim community is pitiable. For example 94.9% Muslims of rural areas do not get free food grains. Only 3.2% Muslims get loans from banks. 60.2% Muslims of rural areas are landless. Only 1% Muslims have hand-pumps. 54.6% Muslims or rural areas and 60% Muslims of urban areas never went to schools. In Kerala Muslims are 24.7% but their representation in services in only 9.8%. Worse is the condition of Muslims in all other states. Sachar Commission has proved that Muslim community is most backward and poor. Later on justice Rangnath Mishra commission has strongly recommended 10% reservation for Muslims. The constitution was amended for giving reservation to a small minority - Sikhs - which is 3% of India's population. Muslims are 15% of India's population hence constitution should also be amended for giving reservation to the most backward Muslim community of India. 4½% quota for minorities is insufficient and unjust.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Media Watch, Bhandara, Maharashtra
Blind, deaf and dumb?
Are they not without sight who cannot see the plight of the people of Palestine? Have they ear who cannot hear the shriek of the oppressed? Have they got a tongue to tell the truth nothing but truth, of course whole-truth about inhuman oppression, unjust suppression, be it contemptful jailing or satanic blackmailing?
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Mazharul Haque University, an orphan
During Laloo Yadav government Maulana Mazharul Haque Urdu Persian University came into existence. It started in government flats and till today running a government flat on Bailey Road Recently for cub in Bihar, the Bihar govt. has plenty of land in Motihari and Gaya announced. But Mazharul Haque University is given marching order because where the university running museum will be constructed when Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar was awarded Maulana Mazharul Haque award, this university is an orphan.
S. Haque,Patna
Right to Education
The well-intentioned Right to Education legislation seems to have pitted with number of controversies. There are two basic reasons why it seems why experts feel that it's not a viable solution. Firstly, it hands public funds over to private hands and secondly, it does not address the causes for the rot in the Indian education system. In fact, educationalists feel that the system is inherently perverse. The system which was imposed by British imperialists with an intention of bringing in clerks and coolies still seems to exist. Post independence, the educationalists taking care of Indian educational system has internalized ideas about distribution without worrying about production, quality or excellence. This is the very reason why Indian education after independence was not able to produce people of global caliber. In fact, this is worse than the imperialists did to the Indians. To certain extent, the IITs and IIMs can be called as the achievement of Indian education, which has known to produce best talents. However, the problem is these are limited institutes with very little amount of seats which has created an awful situation. Hence students from the class 8 or 9 seem to enter in the rat race of getting into these institutions. Memorizing and cracking the JEE exams have become the key objective of these students. This has therefore resulted in cramming children's head with useless facts, and killing every spark of creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box among this sect of students.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440013
S.C. puts a seal on Muslim demand
Muslims were very much against the any Haj subsidy and have been demanding to withdraw the Haj subsidy but Congress was least interested because Haj subsidy is for political gain and for the I.A. life support. Haj subsidy with more interest is taken back by government. Congress was not ready to withdraw Haj subsidy. It is the S.C. which ordered to withdraw Haj subsidy and limit the good will mission to only two number. It was long pending Muslims demand congress played only politics with genuine demand, because Congress is inept or inefficient to rule
S. Haque
Arrest of Kafil Ahmad - Facts & Timings
During the visit of U. S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton our country's intelligence department issued security alert to many states and alert warning to many airports and arrest of Kafil Ahmad by Karnataka police in a secret pick up method. Bihar C. M. objected Karnataka police operation. The city police commissioner of Bangalore Jyothi Prakash Mirji said "Kafil was an associate of Yasin Bhatkal. Kafil has been held for questioning for his role in providing a SIM card and a mobile to Yasin Bhatkal there is information that Kafil was a teacher in a school in Darbhanga where he was teaching "Jihad to young boys" This shows the same mentality who target Muslim educational institution and Madrasas as "Den of Terrorist". Muslims organisation and NMC must take cognisance of his utterance about Jihad teaching in school. Hillary Clinton visit refreshens the visit of her husband Bill Clinton's visit when Chitti Singhpura incidence occurred.              
S. Haque,Patna
Anti-pathy towards democracy
Our country is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world and we must be proud of this fact and our devotion and dedication should be reflected in all walks of our life. But it is unfortunate that the Indian cricket world has opted for the obsolete and rotten monarchy as is evident from the names or nomenclature of five out of ten participating teams in the recent I.P.L. cricket tournament. These teams are - Supre Kings Chennai, Rajasthan Royals, Pujab Kings, Royal Challengers of Bangalore and Knight Riders of Kolkata. What else than dear anti-pathy towards democracy and strengthening the hands' of, forces which are creating a climate of disdain against democracy. Curiously the sixth team has been named as the Daredevil Delhi as if Delhi is the abode of devils. One wished that any of these teams where named after any institution of democracy or after any important episode of Indian freedom struggle.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M.P.,Mayur Vihar, New Delhi - 110091
Muslim women in Gujarat
Muslim women in Gujarat are in better condition compared to other states of India. They know how to read and write. Their financial status is not that bad. Meman, Bohra and Khoja have good money. Religious knowledge is good enough. Many Muslims are working against Firqa-Parasti. Thus progress is not so bad if not satisfactory. Women in South Gujarat are really progressive. They know the value of education. Social workers have created awareness among them. Women of Kutchh and Saurashtra live in poor condition. Nothing has been done by the government of Gujarat for the riot victims. They live in very poor condition. Divine Light Charitable Trust, Surat, is also working for Muslim women. I am also one of the trustees.
Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat
SIT and Modi
The S.I.T. headed by R.K. Raghavan was a creation of the Supreme Court. It is now for that court to preserve its credibility by extracting an explanation for the several inconsistencies and contradictions between the team's closure report and what it had said earlier. If no convincing explanation is forthcoming, the S.I.T. and its head must be awarded exemplary punishment for reducing justice to a joke.
Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091,

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2012 on page no. 23

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