Murder Most Foul

The latest episode in a section of our administration's war on the Muslim community in the name of fighting terror has just taken the toll of a young Muslim terror-accused lodged in the most secure area of a high-security jail in Pune. This crime in custody took place in the morning of the day he was to be returned to Delhi because Maharashtra ATS headed by an officer known for his nexus with the underworld failed to find an evidence against him.

Speculation is now rife that the good underworld, i.e., its Hindu brand, has liquidated Qateel Siddiqui inside the high security jail. Even his murderers have claimed to have committed their crime as soldiers against terrorists.

There is no reason not to believe that Qateel, who was only an accused until his murder, was eliminated by the ultra-nationalist ATS using ultra-nationalist criminals belonging to the tribe who served Bharat Mata by exploding bombs in Malegaon and Ajmer etc. Their cohorts in the legal profession were forcefully preventing advocates from fighting the cases of youths picked up at random with little proof. Politicians and judges too were pitching in by refusing to show any understanding to the terror-accused even though there would be no shred of evidence against them as most of the time the evidence was cooked up post-detention and confessions obtained through third degree torture.

Qateel too was badly tortured even while in the custody of the notorious Special Cell of Delhi Police. He relatives saw and photographed his injuries and marks of torture during his appearances in courts in Delhi but he told the judges that he was not tortured because he feared that he will be subjected to more torture if he told the truth.

Qateel's murder is an albatross round the neck of our dubious democracy and a telling testimony that life and honour of a Muslim is no longer safe in India.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2012 on page no. 1

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