Muslim Trump Card

Both so-called national political parties and their coalitions, UPA and NDA, are in serious disarray and disintegration. Both have reached this stage by antagonizing Muslim voters in states as well as on national level. Their reputation has been so damaged that election after election, the Muslim marginal vote that could have saved them from going under, has been irretrievably lost to them.

Muslim voters’ trump card has become very aware, very choosy and very decisive. Muslim masses have now fully realized that both ‘national’ political parties are nothing but communal Brahmin organisations and will never ever give any handle to Muslims as long as they are in power. The regional parties, though sprung from the same milieu, are now starting from a clean slate and had come to full realization that without Muslim support they can never come to power.

National media has finally gathered courage to project the disarray of both the national parties and openly weave the Muslim factor into their disintegration scenario. The worst part is that both Congress as well as BJP have become so committed to their anti-Muslim policies that they just cannot make any change in their policies - Congress with its communal tradition, BJP with its Hindutva baggage.

This is the time, Muslims should start formulating their own strategies, to reward only those that meet their demands and/or form their own Muslim-led political vehicles, however much inexperienced, untested, under-funded, unorganized. Time is on their side.
Ghulam Muhammed

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2012 on page no. 11

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