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Your efforts are laudable. Please run this paper although you people are facing hurdles and financial crisis.
Umar Farooque, Patna - 800001
I am addicted to MG.
A Rashid Mijaki, Bharuch - 392015
I am getting MG. I find it a solid, useful magazine and I pass it on to my Indian Muslim friends and have also encouraged them to subscribe.
Mohammad Azhar Ali Khan, Toronto, Canada
Muslim Brotherhood
It is good for the East and West the Brotherhood Win Who should win the runoff Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, or Ahmed Shafik, a former commander of the air force and Mubarak’s last prime minister. Many, criticisms of Muslim Brotherhood are baseless. The Brotherhood has for decades declared itself fully committed to democracy and pluralism. Since the 1980s, it has consistently respected democratic norms, To imagine a huge anti-democratic conspiracy among such a diverse group is fantastical. Indeed, more radical Islamists have left the group, either in the past to join underground splinters or more recently any of the numerous Salafi parties. The other baseless Western worry about the Brotherhood is that it would tear up the peace treaty with Israel. It is a decidedly hypocritical opinion for the West to hold if it supports Egyptians’ right to self- determination only so long as its outcome corresponds exactly to American interests. On the contrary, it is Shafik who the West should be more concerned about: He is the greater threat to democracy and Egypt’s prosperity. He represents the authoritarianism which Egypt strives to escape: We should remember that the only reason Shafik was allowed to compete was because the (military-backed) electoral commission overturned the decision of the democratically-elected parliament to ban members of the old regime. Shafik is a pretty dubious character with, to say the least, questionable democratic credentials. The Brotherhood focus on growth and investment, with concern for social justice and welfare. This is what Egypt needs to reduce poverty. Shafik’s platform is clearer - it is the same corruption and crony capitalism which Mubarak offered, and which has put Egypt in dire straits. But of the two candidates the Brotherhood is a better bet for democracy and prosperity in Egypt and promotion of democracy that the West desires in the Middle East.
Kodimirpal (via email)
    Jains are ‘Hindus’ in disguise                
 Apropos the letter ‘Jains and Gujarat riots’ (MG, May 16-31). Who’re Jains? Jains are ‘Hindus in disguise.’ And mind you, they haven’t forgotten their Hindu past. It’s embedded in every Jain’s consciousness. Jains never belonged to a distinct religion, different than Hinduism. They’re the followers of Mahavir, whose very existence is a matter of speculations. They follow all rituals, gods and goddesses of Hinduism, yet call themselves Jains and want minority status. It’s a classic case of eating the cake and having it too. Jains have the same Hindu ethos, attitude, mentality and blood. No wonder, they wholeheartedly participated along with their Hindu brethren in that unprecedented blood-bath.
Dr. Sumit S. Paul, Pune
Poverty cannot block success
Patwatoli is outskirt village of Manpur, Gaya district where handloom cotton weaving community live. But this village is producing 10 tians. This year 13 students cracked IIT exam. They belong to poor families. They studied in lantern. The first boy of this village Jitendra Kumar cleared IIT in 1996 by sheer hard labour then he guided his co-villager students. This led students getting success in IIT. Success cannot be blocked by poverty. Muslim must know this fact. Our students also can get success if Ummah reset their priorities.
                S. Haque, Patna
Antipathy towards democracy
Our country is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world and we must be proud of this fact and our devotion and dedication should be reflected in all walks of our life. But it is unfortunate that the Indian cricket world has opted for the obsolete and rotten monarchy as is evident from the names or nomenclature of five out of ten participating teams in the recent I. P. L. cricket tournament. These teams are Super Kings Chennai, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, Royal Challengers of Bangalore and Knight Riders of Kolkata. What else than clear anti-pathy towards democracy and strengthening the hands of forces which are creating a climate of disdain against democrary. Curiously the sixth team has been named as the Daredevil Delhi as if Delhi is the abode of devils. One wished that any of these teams where named after any institution of democracy or after any important episode of Indian freedom struggle.
Dr M. Hashim Kidwai,  ex-MP, Delhi-110091
Rahul Gandhi and Muslims
Since the time Rahul Gandhi made his appearance on Indian political screen as a dynamic Congress leader and prospective Indian Prime Minister he went on moving the whole country on war footing spirit with different guise to prove his credentiality as future Indian P. M. Whenever and wherever he goes, went, contacts, contacted with the masses under different roles, the media never hesitate to play to case opportunity by describing him the most worthy Indian Leader the country had every witnessed. The U.P. Assembly election were the acid-test for him as was expected that his charmer would lead the Congress at the top but what happened lateron every body knows. Now after a pause he like shrewd and seasond politian held responsible his partymen for U.P. debacle without admitting that people have rejected him also in the same way as they downplay his party. It is to be noted that right from the day he took reins of Congress he spoke untiredly on various subjects but never uttered a single word on the matters relating to India Muslims, communal frenzies, atrocities on Muslim masses, prevailing continued brutalities and atrocities on Muslims, killing of lakhs of Muslims during 60 years and their continuity, demolition of Babri Masjid, arrest of well educated Muslim youths, their false encounters, their detention in jails for years together under the fabricated cases made out congress ruled states’ biased police and subsequent imprisonment by the same ranking judiciary under the supprt and direction of highly communalised congressmen. He never tried to read the mind of present Union Home Minister about Indian Muslims and finally demolition of Babri Masjid for which the stone was laid by his deceased father.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur
Azam-Bukhari row
This is with reference to an article by Mr. Md. Shahid on Azam-khari row in a recent issue of MG. The writer affirms that the Ulama and Imams should venture into politics and not remain confined to madrasas and masjids. However, it is also imperative that the Ulama and Imams while participating in politics in their personal capacity should not exploit their institutions or even their religious positions for proecting themselves. As equal citizens of a democratic country, they have the right to participate in politics and even from a political party but they should not use the pulpit or their religious post for political propaganda.
Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP,  Delhi-110096
Muslim women
Muslim women of 21st century are divided among various Firqas. Most of them are not highly educated. They live in Pardah without understanding Islam. They cannot give answers to the questions raised by people from other communities. People take them as backwards. Educated women do not wear Hijab in many cases. These educated women too have no knowledge of Islam. They fear that Hijab indicates backwardness. Thus Muslim women are not on the right path of Islam. Religious knowledge is very important. We need strong Muslim women with good knowledge of basic principles of Islam. They must know that Hijab protects them and gives respectability to them. Allah loves women in modest dresses. Women with good knowledge of Islam must come out and contact women in the interior part of India. Women with their natural quality of love and kindness can help us to unite. They can give good training to their children and make the future of Islam bright.
Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat
Indian Muslims in jails
The Times of India, Mumbai, deserves credit for giving well-deserved importance to TISS report reportedly at the behest of the state minorities commission on the high detention rate of Muslims (36% of the jail population against only 13% of Muslim population in the state). However, both Times of India and TISS are guilty of ignoring the gorilla in the room. It is the heavily communalized state police that is heavily populated by extremist Hindutva elements. Unless the communalized elements which are in overwhelming majority in the police, are not acknowledged as such, exposed and controlled, the state cannot escape being branded as police state. TISS has blamed the supposed criminality of the Muslims on lack of education and employment opportunities. That forms the basic reasons of Muslim backwardness. But that does not automatically translate into increased ‘criminality’ of the Maharashtra Muslims. By ignoring the hate and discrimination base line of all government and political policies against Muslims, any attempt to eradicate the cancer of communalized demonization of Muslims will result in failure. Both Sonia congress and Sharad pawar’s National Congress parties feel no need to cleanse the police mentality and refuse to recruit Muslims in the police force with a view to promote secular ethos in security agencies. In fact, they stubbornly cling to their anti-Muslim agenda in the state, openly flouting constitutional norms to treat all people in this multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious state/nation on equal footing. The hate campaigns especially in police force should be legally banned and heavy penalties should be imposed on communal elements who commit crime in the name of fighting crime.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai
Homosexuality is only against civil society but even contrary to natural rules for all living ones. I. P. C. has several clauses which rightly interferes in self decisions affecting rights of the society. If freedom to enjoy gay sex among consenting adults is justified then attempt to suicide should also be held justified on the ground that it should be the right of the individual to get rid of his / her life according to his / her desires. Legalising gay sex will pollute society, as youths will become addicted to homosexuality either out of fashion or being forced by others. Can a legal expert decide as how to do a surgical operation on a patient? No. It should be left to a surgeon to decide on such a matter. Can a surgeon or a university professor or an eminent lawyer decide as 10 storey building be erected. Only a civil engineer could better handle such matter why then it should be assumed that members of judiciary are experts on all matters. The basic argument in favour of homosexuality between consenting adults is that the law banning it is 149 years too old, obsolete, based on ancient religious scriptures and Victorian notions. If this is the logic then laws relating to murder, rape, robbery should be done away with as they are based on old legal books - religious and secular. Leading English dailies and several T.V. channels seems to consider Delhi High verdict as a revolutionary event. This clearly shows that unfortunately while aping the west they have totally rejected morality which is the basis of our highly valuable national culture.
Dr M. Hashim Kidwai,  ex-MP, Delhi-110091
Maulana Azad National Fellowship
The Maulana Azad National Fellowship (MANF) is a fellowship for the research scholars from minority communities in India funded by Ministry of Minority Affairs and implemented by University Grants Commission. This fellowship became very useful and has created interest in higher studies among minority students. Currently, every academic year only 756 seats are being distributed. When it gets divided into States and Union Territories and further stream and subject wise it just become one or two in one subject state wise. Thus, the competition level is quite high and every year UGC gets nearly 10,000 plus applications for it. As percentage in master degree and research proposal being the basic criteria for this fellowship it has been noticed that only few students who have higher percentage is getting selected for this fellowship and lots of students are getting disappointed. Thus it fails to reach its target student groups. Being connected to the current academic scenario what we have found is these 756 seats are not enough at all and there is an immediate need of increasing seats of this fellowship. We don’t want to compare but there are 2000 RGNF seats for SC students and in addition nearly 700 RGNF seats for ST students but in case of whole minority communities it is only 756 whereas minority communities constitute about 20 percentage of Indian population. Right now for these 756 seats it hardly costs 15 crores to MOMA per one batch on each academic year. So, what we like to request you is please increase seats for MANF. It will be better if every minority student gets MANF but if not possible right now at least 5,000 MANF seats will be reasonable per year. So, for the betterment of minority community research scholars and for a better socially and educationally equal India it is very urgent to increase seats of MANF. At least we can expect that Government of India & MOMA can effort to spend an amount of 100 crores for one batch in each academic year for the proposed 5,000 MANF seats. We believe in GOI and hope this can easily be done. We are waiting for your earliest and positive responses regarding this matter. If you think that you are not the right person and have got this mail by fault or can’t help in anyway in this regard then please just ignore it.
Abu Saleh, Hyderabad, AP
The situation in Syria
I have been to Syria, have covered the early phases of the wars in West Asia. Even a blind can see the way things are going and the western press and the Indian TV news seem to be entirely in the pay of Washington. I hope and pray that this beautiful country does not go the Libya way.
John Dayal
Riots return to UP
This is a very unnerving report that in almost riot-free governance of ousted Mayawati’s BSP, within less than three months of newly elected Government in UP the recurrence of communal riot reported in Kosi Kalan town, in Mathura which took the lives of four Muslims, the properties burnt and still the victims are terrorized. More painful is that neither the CM Akhilesh Yadav nor any of his cabinet ministers bothered to visit the riot affect town to have stock of losses and the reason that triggered the communal divide. As it happens in Congress rule, the Mulayam Singh’s SP transferred the DM and SP. It seems the centre has some blanket policy for Muslims only minor scuffle changes the Govt. and whoever succeeds by the overwhelming support of Muslims, follow the pursuit to ditch it support base of Muslims. The Congress would have made its mindset changed against the SP after humiliating defeat in UP. By now, the Congress appears in a fix to support SP and vice versa SP to Congress in view the forthcoming presidential election followed by Parliamentarian election in 2014. The next general election is bound to produce a fractured mandate. The Alliance will work and regional players like SP will play a major role for election of next President of India and the formation of next Government. But, where is the Muslims ‘heartthrob’ Azam Khan? Why no exchange of allegations between duo bete noir Imam Bukhari and Azam Khan on Kosi Kalan’s riot. We appreciate that Imam Bukhari, the widely heard voice on Muslims issues, this time protesting and condemning SP. His strong worded protest was is in fact needed in support of riot victims in Kosi Kalan, Mathura, in UP. Likewise, we hope that Imam Bukhari will sooner disassociate himself from his ‘Son-in-Law’ a nominated MLC of ruling SP over his remaining mute spectator on anti -Muslim riot in UP
Suhail Reza
Muslims need Dr. Aziz Indori
Dr. Aziz Indori retired from Indore’s Islamia Karimia Degree College in 1995. Then he started a school for teaching poor kids. Dr. Aziz and his 4-5 friends are running a school in a building donated for this noble cause by Dr. Aziz’s brother-in-law Dr. Abdul Rashid who is working in Muscat. His school is situated in Khajrana Mohalla of Indore in Madhya Pradesh.  Muslims need Dr. Aziz type Indori not other Indori who is state in the Sham-e-Ghazal programmes.       
S. Haque, Patna
Murder of Qateel in custody
It is indeed deplorable that an under-trail on false cases has been murdered in a full security jail. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.
Afzal Shah, Lucknow
Mr. Ban Ki-moon, U N Secretary General visited India and met Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and other ministers. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by Jamia Millia. The important incident which mainstream media failed to cover barring a few.  Relatives of victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots demonstrated outside the auditorium at Jamia Millia where Ban Ki-moon received an honorary doctorate. The Sikhs said Mr. Ban should not hold talks with leaders of Congress who they accused of killing innocent Sikhs. They also asked Mr Ban not to shake hands with killers of Sikhs. They also said that 30,000 Sikhs were killed and not a single Congress man is convicted in genocide of November 1984. My point is that we, the Muslims, should learn a lesson from brave Sikhs. In Gujarat, thousands of Muslims have been killed, women have been dishonored, property worth thousands of crores of rupees has been destroyed. Infants and unborn babies have been killed mercilessly. There are many similarities between anti-Sikh genocide 1984 and anti-Muslim genocide 2002. I would like to state that many Muslim religious and political personalities are visiting Gujarat on official and private visits. These personalities have been donating generously to the killers of Muslims and thus strengthening the hands of the anti-Muslim forces. May I request these Muslim personalities on behalf of victimized Muslim brothers not to: 1. share dais with the killers of Muslims, 2. shake hands with them as their hands are soaked with the blood of our brother, sisters and children, 3. donate and strengthen the hands of anti-Muslim elements . I salute my Sikh brethren for showing exemplary courage and raising their voice against the official of an International body. Will the Muslim leadership learn a lesson from Sikhs?
Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat
Sugar coated poison – 4.5% quota
Before U.P. assembly elections Congress announced 4.5% backward minority quota in all central exams and in all central universities. During election Congress propagated it as 4.5 Muslim reservations. I.A.S. result and IIT result published Muslim could not reach even 3% what is the purpose of 4.5% minority quota? Factually this 4.5 minority quota is nothing but sugar coated poison. Congress is expert of distributing sugar coated poison among Muslims.
S. Haque, Patna

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2012 on page no. 23

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