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How to make Muslim leader responsible; Muslims bad luck or conspiracy

How to make Muslim leader responsible
It is not hidden that Muslim leaders enjoy their position instead of giving Muslims their due shares. During Lalu Yadav minority hostel construction in every district started. Only two districts minority hostel completed. Patna minority hostel finished completion during Lalu Yadav regime and six yrs. passed only Motihari Min. hostel is waiting for inauguration. After six year 32 districts minority hostel is incomplete even in dilapidated half complete minority hostel. Muslim MLA’s didn’t raised even a question about Muslim issues and it is shame for them that Virendra Kumar Singh MLA (Aurangabad) asked a question from government in assembly on 26 March 2012 about when Aurangabad minority hostel will be completed he had asked same question in 2007. In the reply minority welfare minister Shahid Ali Khan said some work is left unfinished which will be completed in 2012. For popularity minority welfare minister has announced construction of minority girl’s hostel in Gaya on 13 April. How to make Muslim leaders responsible? Your advice needed.
S. Haque, Patna
Hindus may ponder their faith
The faith has strong influence on the man and his practices. The Hindu faith is so confused and ambiguous that the followers cannot have a concrete base. The concept of God is almost common in all religions. The Jews, Muslims and Christian have strong faith in Oneness of God. All the Prophets who came as messengers proclaimed that God is one. Hindus believe in number of Gods. This faith is irrational. They worship all the things which are useful to them which are also harmful such as serpents etc. They have deviated from the real and authentic belief which has been brought by the messengers of God. Such bizarre faith cannot develop the personality of man. The faith cannot deeply embed in the hearts of men. No love or fear of God is developed in the men and the society. Those who do not have strong faith in God are timid and coward. Casteism: This is another wrong belief in Hinduism. Brahmins are superior to all other Hindus, they born from the head of God; the SCs got birth from the feet of God. The whole world believe that all human beings got birth from one father Adam and one mother Eve but Hindus do not believe in this faith. They divide the Hindus in four prominent castes – Brahmins, Vishnu’s, Chattris, Shudras. All Hindu religious rituals are performed by Brahmins only. No other Hindu caste person can lead the rituals, Shudras are also untouchables. This difference was curtailed due to the impact of Islam. Islam does not propagate casteism. Muslims exhibit equality in the mosques – namaz (prayers) is a collective prayer, whoever enters earlier in the Mosque he will be standing in the first row.
Dr. A. H. Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Graft crusaders are guided by anti Congress forces
Ramdev, Anna, BJP and Sangh Parivar have come together having single primary objective to defeat the Congress-led UPA Government in the forthcoming Parliamentary Elections in 2014. In fact Ramdev moment is nothing but, getting the political mileage for BJP and collecting the votes. Ramdev has nothing to do with Black money or uplift of the people of the Country. Ramdev calling himself a spiritual personality in fact he is the man of dual personality. In fact Ramdev moment is nothing but, getting the political mileage for BJP. Ramdev is rooming around India on the issue of black money is nothing but to make aware people about the misdeed of Congress and collect more and more vote for BJP. If Ramdev is a Sadhu as he is telling all the time to the people of the country then he need not roam around India the aroma of spirituality and miracle forced the political personalities to drag them to come at his Ashram and act according to his will. To bag from the Govt. machinery is not the job of a Sadhu or Sant. And Ramdev himself have not come clean handed in the scene. He holds wealth of crores of Rupees, which he earns from his pupils from foreign and he did not, paid the Income tax on the same. He also holds several Ashrams in India and across the Globe and in USA. An inquiry should be carried out on Ramdev for his property. In fact BJP is dying to come in power by hook or crook. BJP is shooting the arrow and taking the help of Yoga Guru, Social workers just to come in power, which appears to be a distant dream.
Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Khaki damn care law
From Bihar many Muslim youths were picked up by the police of Delhi, Mumbai and Karnataka in recent months. These policemen in most of the cases used to pick up early in the morning when the entire family is in deep sleep. It is virtually kidnap because cross border arrest has got some rule to follow like to inform the local police authority. But here in Bihar police forces picked up Muslim youth withought informing. Recently Karnataka police picked up Kafil Akhtar alleging his involvement in Bangalore stadium case. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has objected Karnataka police modus operandi and Shivanand Tiwary M.P. said Karnataka police defied rule and virtually kidnapped Kafil Akhter. Our police don’t even regard international laws and treaty. The police act as mute spectator during anti-Muslim, anti-Sikh and anti-Christian riots. The biggest problem is how to make these policemen law abiding with elements of humanity attached to it.
S. Haque, Patna

Confession by Planning Commission on privileged toilets
Planning Commission while trying to justify expense of rupees 35 lakhs on renovating two toilets at Yojana Bhawan (New Delhi) has confessed its unpardonable mistake of installing ‘Door Access System’ in these fancy toilets which allowed a privileged entry to these toilets only to some selected few through smart cards. It is indeed a big irony that renowned planners planning for 121 crores people of this great nation could not even foresee non-feasibility of such smart-cards! Whole episodes reflects mindset of discrimination even in use of toilets inherited from erstwhile British rulers who had built three different types of stair-cases in North Block and South Block for discriminatory use by government-staff of different grades. Planning Commission should fix responsibility for wasting rupees 5.20 lakhs for discriminatory use of toilets on now dismantled ‘Door access System’. Clarification also alleges about motivation of filing RTI petition with some ‘limited’ queries only. In case Plan Panel considered it necessary to add any clarification on the subject-matter of the RTI petition, it could do so by sue-motto disclosure of any such information under query (7) of RTI petition which read as ‘Any other related information’. Bigger question is mindset to decide for fancy toilets instead of hygienic toilets renovated with economy and austerity. Government initiates ‘austerity-measures’ with high publicity through media. Abandoning austerity-measures for returning to normal system should also be likewise publicised.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi-6

Railway has a poor history on safety
India operates a railway system that carries more than 13 million passengers every day, but it shows a very poor history of safety. The BBC estimates around 300 railway accidents being reported each year, resulting in a large number of casualties. If you dig deeper into these issues, you will come across some shameful figures. Out of 33,000 odd railway crossings in India, more than 40 percent is unmanned which is one of the big reasons of accidents. The local trains in Mumbai kills 15 people per day, we could see more than 1000 accidents in last eight years. India has the second largest railway network of around 60,000 km but at the same time records the highest number of accidents in the world. Safety is guiltlessly compromised without blinking twice while our politicians flippantly keep claiming that safety, safety and only safety is their top priority. And in the middle of all this, a substantial portion of even the allocated Railway Budget for areas like safety remains shockingly unutilized, thus putting hundreds of lives in danger.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013

Muslims bad luck or conspiracy
When every Indians those who know the importance of education were watching T.V. on 18th May to know the IIT result. This year 4.7 lakh student appeared and on 9,647 is selected for 15 IITs in India. Result released on IIT website and news started pouring in T.V. news channels. But no news channel said how many Muslims got selected. IIT result news appeared with the news about Shahrukh Khan’s news that Khan was banned for five yrs. from entering into the Wankhede Stadium and other news appeared that Fasih Ahmad Engineer working in Saudi Arabia belongs to Darbhanga studied in AMU and Bhatkal arrested in Saudi Arabia in connection with Chinnaswamy bomb blast case. Media day in and day out displays Shahrukh, Salman, Saif, etc. as if ideal of Muslims on the other hand security agencies indiscriminately nab young Muslim educated technocrats and gives impression that Muslims have to face consequences if educated?
S. Haque, Patna

Environment Day
Environment Day being observed on 5th June, we being a responsible citizen should act and promote its message of preserving the Earth’s natural environment. It’s time to pledge to commit one act of green, whether it is of tree plantings, switching off the lights and replacing the old one with CFL or doing laundry with cold water, and much more. This green action would save your money in terms of gas and mileage in your vehicles. So, let’s try the following simple actions which can make us an active participant on world environment Day next year. Reduce the usage of air conditioning by making an organic roof garden. Water the plants every day, smell the fragrance of flowers, and watch small creatures flying around! When your laptop battery is full, just unplug the power source. Use a hybrid electric source and a laptop with an earth friendly battery! Save paper by printing double-sided. Refill ink cartridges instead of buying new ones. Remove the hard drive from old computers then recycle it. Spend some of the time you would usually be commuting growing fresh herbs, veggies, fruit in your garden and compost!
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur–440013

Rape cases on the rise in Delhi
The education level is seen increasing in the country. The number of cities and town are also seen keeping abreast with the modern times. But despite all these development the heinous acts like rape doesn’t seem to decrease. It is really a matter of shame to see India’s capital Delhi being on the top in having maximum number of rape cases. According to the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) report, Delhi witnessed 414 cases in 2010 and the very next year the figure reached out to 568 rape cases. However, the country has a couple of effective steps to curb this criminal and barbaric act which unfortunately does not work in a perfect order. The reasons are obvious, as countless number of cases concealed and not reported due to the unwillingness or parents or even from the outside threats. When governments plan to run a campaign against this crime, the people of our country has major role to play to avoid this cruel act.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur- 440013

Teenagers consuming tobacco in large numbers
The number of kids and teenagers consuming tobacco is on a constant rise in India. If you check the health care figure, around five million children are seen consuming this fatal thing. This is basically due to the easy access of tobacco and absence of competent laws to regulate this heinous consumption. However, there are laws like Tobacco Act which speaks about punishing children below 18 years consuming tobacco. In just a meagre five rupees kids are able to find Gutka and the fact is these things are consumed more than cigarettes in our country among the children. Ironically, Indian government has invested five million dollars in 2010 under National Tobacco Control Program meant to help people get rid of tobacco. Despite investing a thundering amount, the problem still seems to persist. The experts feel that laws in place against this menace are not implemented. India is the third largest producer of Tobacco and is second in the number of consumers in the world. With such alarming figures, it’s high time for the government to do something tangible against this menace or else we would lose a sizeable amount of future generation in the coming future.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur–440013

Lalu Yadav should follow Mulayam
No leaders in few decades has matched the popularity of Lalu Yadav because after 1989 Bhagalpur anti-Muslim riot he had announced to control communal riot and he proved his ability beyond doubt. But at the same time he took some faulty political decision which cost him dearly like inducting Kameshwar Yadav prime culprit of Bhagalpur riot into his party fold and he didn’t fulfil the promise he had made to appoint 25000 Urdu teachers and one Urdu knowing Sub Inspector in every police station. Lalu Yadav must learn lesson from Mulayam Singh Yadav because he apologised to Muslims for shaking hands with Kalyan Singh and promised reservation for Muslims in accordance to their population. By doing so Mulayam Singh Yadav regained the confidence of Muslims and was thus voted to power. Lalu Yadav must follow the footsteps of Mulayam Singh and apologise to Muslims for induction of Kameshwar Yadav and promise reservation for Muslim in proportion to their population.
S. Haque, Patna

N.D. Tiwary is lesson for world
N.D. Tiwary a veteran congressman was C.M. of U.P and Uttarkhand and has been also governor. Many believe that at times he was also considered presidential candidate. Being C.M. of U.P. in 1989 N.D. Tiwary gave permission for Ram mandir shilanyas on 8 November 1989. N.D. Tiwary has been promised from many quarter and projected candidate of highest post of India. But Almighty Allah exhibited lessons to those who led to Babri Masjid demolition. N.D. Tiwary at 86 of yrs. facing trial for his wrong doing and is being tested to prove paternity of Rohit Shekhar as his mother Ujjawala Sharma blamed Tiwary as his ex friend whose son is Rohit.
S. Haque, Patna

Leaders image building on public exchequer
H.T. / 16 May 12, Bihar issue carried 6 pages including first page advertisement of M.S. Jayalalitha C.M. of T.N. and its government propaganda. Why such huge advertisement of T.N. govt. and its C.M. in Bihar issue newspaper? It appears that our political leaders? It appears that our political leaders are kind enough to denote public money on media. Bihar government distributed 110 crore to media during 2005 to 2011 to build sushashan image. To save public exchequer there must be a rule for any govt. to restrict expenditure on advertisement.
S. Haque, Patna

Congrats D.G.P. Abyanand
D.G.P. Bihar Abhyanand must be congratulated for motivating poor family talented students to crack IIT. He is mentor of six coaching classes from Silchar to Goya including Rahmani-30 In these classes poor students are given guidance D.G.P. Abhyanand’s six institute guided 88 students 51 students cracked IIT. Out of 18 Rahmani-30 students seven competed IIT competition. Congrats D.G.P. Abhyanand for his role as teacher. Abhyanand D.G.P. of Bihar is guiding IIT aspirants as well as his official duties. His counter part in administration home secretary Aamir Subhani must guide Muslim students to compete UPSC exam because Aamir Subhani was topper (rank–I) in his batch.
S. Haque, Patna

If I were in place of Justice Liberhan
If I were in place of Justice M.S. Liberhan who returned from S.C. and was asked to probe the demolition of Babri Masjid and the roits that followed after demolition. Had I headed the Commission and took 16 years 7 months to complete the enquiry. During this period commission was given 48 time extensions with 399 meeting. Had I spent 9 crores of public money in investigating the conspiracy and conspirator? CBI in one stroke brushed aside the Librahan commission report. If I were in place of Justice Librahan I would have strongly objected C.B.I. and defended my points because it was a question on S.C. justice integrity
S. Haque, Patna

Satyamev Jayate on rotten healthcare system
The recent episode of Satyamev Jayate hosted by Aamir Khan focusing on the rots of the healthcare system seems to have invited the wrath from the leaders of the Indian Medical Association and other influential medical groups. Some medicos even have threatened the actor with a defamation lawsuit while other has asked him for an apology. However, the shabby situation seen in the Indian healthcare sector is not new thing to common man. There are many reports of horrific deaths and injuries from alleged medical negligence in hospitals and nursing homes often appear in news on daily basis. The fact is that Indian healthcare sector is riddled with negligence and corruption. Doctors involved with other Machiavellian activities that are clearly against accepted medical ethics can be found in almost every medical office and hospital. Acceptance of financial benefits from leading medical laboratories for referring patients and expensive gifts from drug manufacturers for writing prescriptions of a specific drug has become an acceptable and shameless practice by many of our healers despite the presence of stringent laws against such unethical behaviour. The deep rooted corruption has plagued even the MCI (Medical Council of India). Interestingly, despite the acute lack of regulatory control, private hospitals and nursing homes have not only mushroomed all over country, they are also making enormous financial profit from hapless patients. Before castigating the actor the IMA leaders should clean their own house by taking exemplary disciplinary measures against their errant medical colleagues to regain public trust and lift the dwindling standard of the healthcare delivery system in India.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur–440013

The Cuckoo
Immort bird, sing, sing, sing
Thy song gives me joy
I forget worldly pains
And my heart dances with thy song
Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (U.P.)

An Indian farmer
An Indian farmer went to a stony land
With a spade in his hand
And he broke the silence of the stones
Shakeel Ahmad Frank
Gorakhpur (U.P.)

There was an unlimited dry depth
Nature saw it and wept
Wept seven days and seven nights
And filled it with tears
Shakeel Ahmad Frank
Gorakhpur - U.P.

Why so much frustation in case of China….
While replying to a question of Chinese intrusion into Indian territory the Honourable Union Defence Minister Mr. Antony kept on engraving the same old reply in a very light way without assessing the gravity of the situation on Northern Border. According to him there is no commonly delineated Line of Actual Control (LAC) between the two countries and there are few areas along the border where India and China have differing perceptions of the LAC. The Minister while avoiding to call China aggressor went on twirlingly by starting that specific incidents of transgression are due to differences in perception of LAC which have been taken with China through established mechanism and other effective sources but failed to spill out the facts. Not only the Defence Minister but on various occasions very important high ranking military officers avoided to accuse Chinese for violation of LAC, the question is why - are we scared of China if not than what? It is observed that all along the 4, 057 km. Line of Actual Control China violated LAC 500 times in last two years but despite such sheer transgression Indian Government refuses to call it Intrusions. Similarly the presence of 2.5 million strong People’s Liberation - Army along LAC remains the point of no worry for Indians. The Indian Government always played down the issue by holding transgression of Chinese merely the “differing perception”. The admitted position of LAC transgression by PLA stood 228 (2010), 213 (2011), 64 upto April 12, which clearly indicates that China has been flexing its muscles for Ladakh, Utterkhan, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal but we are simply kept on lodging protest in a mild language with Chinese which they are keeping aside. Last year Chinese troups damaged 200 feet long stonewall in Yangtse area of Tawant but Indians got satisfied by registering the protest for the Chinese excursion. The PLA has intensified Armed - motorised and boat patros in the strategically located Trig Heights and Pangong Lake in East Ladakh whereas Chinese claim along the 206 k. m. border between Tibbat and Sikkim is already there but our Government treats it a matter of no concern… why…, the mystery remained unsolved. It is crystallized that despite having World’s best Military power we are not proportionally in a position to push back the Chinese intruders from our territory obviously because China is more powerful military Nation. Even our military superiors many a time gave evasive replies if asked by the reporters about disturbances on Northern borders. More surprisingly our political parties specially those claimed to be more patriotic and faithful towards their motherland so far gathered no courage even to lodge political thinkers, philosopher, writers, experts, analysts, speakers and contributors are sitting prettily as if every thing is alright at Northern side. And finally those who are always ready to fire slogans like “Tit for tat or give him tit for tat are out of screen.

Was annexasation of Kashmir moral and legal?
Most of journalists of English print media have criticized the report of three interlocutors who had given the report on the conditions prevailing in Kashmir .The honest report of the three members was not accepted most of the politicians in India .We can conclude that the annexation of Kashmir was immoral and illegal on the only ground that so far one lakh and twenty thousand Kashmir is have died in the battle of freedom fighters and about fifty thousands of Indian army Jawans and officers died ,These figures are much more than the casualties occurred in 150 years of freedom struggle of Indians against British .At present about seven lakhs of Indian army has been deputed in Kashmir .their daily expenses are not less than 30 crores per day .The journalists go and see the grievance and plight of the widows and orphans of the deceased army jawans and officers they will immediately conclude that government of India has made a great mistake by capturing Kashmir If the Kashmiris had been Hindus as the case of ex Hyderabad state it was justified On today some Islamic militants have attacked CRP jawans and killed them .Those live in Delhi and write articles never bother about the precious lives sacrificed on the altar of Jammu and Kashmir .The families of deceased .What kind of set back takes place in their families .The young widows cannot marry again .If they marry they have to forgo their widow pension .their woes loom large as the days pass .Pakistan being a Muslim country feels obligatory to help the cause of Kashmiris .Even China is supporting their freedom struggle .It has deputed its army in POK and sending infiltrators in IOK and a constant inconvenience and threats are being faced by India .50 to 60 Muslim countries give moral support to the freedom struggle of Kashmiri Muslims .Islam gives them a perfect code of life and rule of law to run the government .They morally think bad to remain submissive in the reign of non Muslims .Who have no any code of conduct to run a government .They have the faith that if they die in the freedom struggle they will become the martyrs and are sent into Heaven for everlasting period .The Indian Army does not have such belief .They had join Army to earn livelihood for their families not the sacred cause of safeguarding the Borders of the country even they get the knowledge our rulers occupied Kashmir on the military might .Now the responsibility has been thrown on their shoulders to keep Kashmir by army only They are ridiculed by Kashmir’s and hate them as they are their foes not as friends . The better and just solution is India and Pakistan free the Jammu and Kashmir and protect their sovereignty .The united nation army can intervene and set right the canker which is profusely bleeding both India and Pakistan .The Indian army can be entrusted the herculean task of Linking of rivers . India need not expend billions of dollars on weapons boosting the influence of Maoists thereby
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad 30/05/2012

Political parties not serious
Our political parties are not serious about the welfare of our people. We cannot trust any political party. Muslims are also confused. I think Muslims must support good candidates and should not give importance to any political party. Good candidates can be from any political party whether small or big. Muslims must help good Muslim candidates. Good candidates from other religions must get support from Muslims.It is time to rise and tell good people to fight elections on every level. We must get rid of corruption. Problems of poverty, unemployment, education should be justified. All the Muslims must unite for this cause.It is time to use our voting rights.Good candidates interested in the welfare of our nation will also think about the welfare of Muslims Inshallah. Let us have talks on every level.
Nazneen O.Saherwala, Surat

Factors propping Modi image
It is very unfortunate for a country like India that after demolition of historical Babri Masjid, Advani stature was touching sky and now Modi under his nose 2500 innocent Muslim massacred, his stature flying high. Building of Modi image there are many factors like saffron dominated media, Sangh, VHP, BJP cadre are important. But there is one report published in daily on 15 April 12 that “Decisions by courts on riot cases polarised Hindu votes are shedding” In politics stature of a leader rated according the vote bank of that leader. In 2002, 2500 Muslims killed in Gujarat. More than 2000 cases closed without any investigation and almost after 10 years courts started deciding riot cases. If case of riots were decided and properly investigated the Modi stature would not have risen what now he is rated as future P. M. of India. So apart from many factors, delay in justice is one of the important factor propped Narandra Modi stature. Let judiciary introspect inside themselves what serious the report indicates?
S. Haque, Patna

Mamta lacks seriousness for justice to Muslims
One year passed since Mamta Banerjee in power but promise to Muslims for reservation is hanging. Trinmool congress is playing tricks by giving honorarium to Imams and Muazzins and making Shahrukh Khan Brand Ambassador and they are planning to meet P. M., Mulayam Singh, Laloo Yadav, Nitish etc. T. M. C. seems to be not serious its M. P. and cabinet minister Sultan Ahmad said “We will talk Mulayam, Nitish and Lalu who have always demanded Muslim reservation. The 4.5% reservation to Muslims within 27% OBC quota is not enough” (H. T. / 23 May 12) How serious T. M. C. is that they call 4.5% Muslim reservation when it is 4.5% minority quota announced by central government in Dec. 2011
S. Haque Patna

Why Phulwari assembly reserved
Phulwari Sharif area and around area are Muslims dominated area. On
22nd local bodies election held and out of 28, 17 seats won by Muslims. On what criteria Phulwari Shariff assembly seat is reserved as S. C. seat? When it is Muslims dominated area. Likewise many assembly and Parliamentary seats reserved by congress. Has congress party not been fair to Muslims? A serious debate must begin S. Haque Patna

Our police face of demon
Many slogans are written in police station like may I help you, your friend police etc. But practically police character is quite opposite. The whole nation saw Gujarat M. P. Dr. Prabha Kishore Teoiad cried in Parliament and explained how the Gujarat police roughed her up. She is a lady Parliamentarian misbehaved by police. A father whose son was kidnapped from Yaarpur area of Patna approached Gardauibag P. S. The incharge P. O. scolded the father and said “searching child is not a police job” This led public anger in that area. Sahara / Bihar 22 May at 4.20 p. m. aired a report about Hajra Khatoon who approached Dhamdoha police station of Purnia district to file a complain against her neighbour. She was raped in police station. With her complain she approached higher officer but see no response she went to C. M. janta darbar at Patna. The complain for investigation reached to the same police station where she was raped by police. The investigation gave clean chit to thana. Now she filed RTI but no one is replying. Our police character is like demon.
S. Haque Patna

Exhibition of Muslim face in bad taste
Bihar C. M. inaugurated and open jail at Buxon on 23 May 12. Media exhibited the picture of Nitish Kumar handing over key to jail prisoner This prisoner (intentionally selected or by chance) is beard sporting with scull cap and Haji Rumal at shoulder as prisoner published at page no. 1. It is absolutely in bad taste. Media has mastered to exploit every occasion to defame Muslim symbol Muslim media must prepare themselves to counter the saffron media modus operandi S. Haque Patna

C. M. Bihar cascade stoned inside job
Media showered prizes and awards to Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar. Then C. M. started sewa yatra, janta darbar etc. When he was visiting chause (Buxor) on 24 May 12 C. M. cascade stoned. NDA leaders some said few lumpen thrown stone, some said it was conspiracy of opposition. But there is another view that to pave the way for Narander Modi for P. M., Nitish Kumar image is being tarnished because on 24th May in sewa yatra janta darbar ABVP disturbed the darbar. If Hindi national daily report about CNN-IBN and other four agencies survey declared Modi favourite for P. M. post with JD (U) opinion that after announcement Modi as P. M. candidate, JD (U) will decide its coarse of action.
S. Haque Patna

Congelated Indian Union Muslim League
Post Independent birth of Indian Union Muslim League, the political outfit, considered and claimed to be the sole representative of Indian Muslims founded at Kerala raised at the Indian Political Horizon with tall claims, promises and assurances for political and social upliftment of Indian Muslims alongwith other down troddens of the country. On their part, Muslims considering the Organisation their Messiah welcomed the Party wholeheartedly without wasting time for setting up rostrums in different cities in a very short period. However, after departure of Kuttys, the Party failed to acquired the services of self-les, self-sacrificed, sincere, devoted and strong willed leadership which could shaped the party a strong Muslim political group at National level, however, unfortunately the bridle of control concerated upto Kerala for that reason the corridor of party failed to accommodate able, honest, well-polished, hardworking, intelligent men, women, young and old to up-lift and lead the party in right direction to achieve its object and materialise the dreams of its founders in the interest of Umma. After Kuttys, Late Banatwala showed some promising advancement but gradually his interest sticked to the Lok Sabha selection and membership of Parliament exclusively. The Muslims from various states with all purity established the branches of IUML under the no objection of Kerala but soon administration / management of the branch shrewdly takenover by the cunning foxes and power greedy people who primarily had their self interest to fulfill through the party. Amazingly every thing was under the scrutiny of the Central Administration but it not only remained silent but supported the unwanted elements too probably to restrict the entry of right persons at the stages. Subsequently no attempts were made, either by the Central or regional branches to attract and prevail upon the youths, ladies, businessmen, educated, intellectuals, planners, schemers, thinkers and so on under the fold of the Organisation which gradually captured by the opportunists at all levels. No efforts any time made by the Head Quarter to mould IUML a National Muslim Front in real sesnse which caused great damage for the noble cause of the Party aswellas Muslims in India.

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