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Unholy alliance of JDU-BJP in Bihar
The unholy alliance of JDU-BJP in Bihar over projecting Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate for 2014 is on the verge of separation. Nitish Kumar sudden volt face amounts to political vendetta. If Narendra Modi is communal, then, why he had made BJP alliance partner in the government. Nitish Kumar wants to resort it as trump card besides reposing faith in Muslim. Besides, he had some apprehension of his vote bank being lost because of BJP. Any Muslim may ask Nitish Kumar for not holding responsible Modi for fanning communal riot in 2002 in Gujarat.
Wakeel Ahmad, Gaya

Analysis of the saga of Indian army officer
Mr. Avtar Singh, an Indian Army officer killed his wife and three children before killing himself in Selma in California. He had been appointed in Kashmir. In the year 1996 he had killed a prominent Kashmiri human rights activist Jaleel Andrabi. The Army officer wiped away his entire family but the teenager son Chris Singh aged 17 years injured in killing spree underwent surgery at a Fresno Hospital for head trauma after he was reportedly shot by his father on Sunday is struggling for life. The doctors had said his injuries were life –threatening. This gory incidence occurred after sixteen years after the murder of Jaleel Andrabi. It clearly indicates the officer had settled in California after his retirement and leading a peaceful life but with guilty conscious killing of a man without valid reason is a crime. Being an Army Officer of the ruling junta killing some one as militant is tantamount to kill a bird. There has been given the authority to kill any person on doubt of insurgency. Hundreds of Military officers have killed thousands of men on doubt. But the conscious of man pricks the person who had killed on political reasons. Mr Singh was wanted in India in connection with the killing of human rights activist of Kashmir. .Already Singh was under the prick of guilty conscious since last sixteen years. Some minor mistake of some of his family member stimulated him to kill all his family members along himself. That was the only option left for him to get rid of the prick of the conscious. There are number of Army officers who are living in the guilty conscious. There is a day of judgment all the false gods will be punished by the real God who is the real creator and fosterer of this humanity
Dr. A. H. Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Shoora and Sabha
The crisis which the Pakistan politics has plunged into is entirely due to the judiciary not respecting the line at which its domain ends. Fehmida Mirza ruled that Gilani’s April 26 conviction in the contempt case is no reason for his disqualification as the PM. The matter should have rested there and it would have rested there if Pakistani parliamentarians had expressed a little greater respect for the institution of parliament [shoora] which is the temple of democracy. Instead of closing ranks against the unjustified onslaught on the institution by judiciary they fought the decision of their own Speaker. The day when the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified a constitutionally elected leader of an elected government will be remembered as a black day in Pakistani politics. It is a pity that Imran Khan’s and Nawaz Sheriff’s supporters chose to exchange laddus on that day. In contrast the Indian parliamentarians stood as one against a group of people who mobilized huge crowds on the open spaces of Delhi in August 2011 to try and coerce the parliament [Lok Sabha]to pass a bill in Toto although there was no political party in parliament who did not have reservations about various provisions of the bill. On 27th of August 2011 the members of the Indian parliament across party lines stood like a monolith, passed a “sense of the house” resolution and sent it to the leader of the team which had taken to streets. The resolution offered him nothing except perhaps an excuse to terminate his fast unto death and a message that Indian parliament is nothing to trifle with.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054

Didi right HC wrong
The so called legal flaws are not in returning land to the farmers in Singur but it is there in the Calcutta high court division bench decision. It can be easily perceived that the TATAs are rich fellows and they could easily prevailed upon the judges of the high court and got quashed the Singur Land Rehabilitation and development Act 2011. Being a communist the earlier government should not have helped the capitalists to start a factory of NANU car. By giving the land of poor farmers it was proved beyond doubt the Communists are not genuine but fake. Didi not being a communist did the job of communists; she can get help from Supreme Court. But there also is risk of the tread in the Apex court. The judges are after all human beings. They are not angels descended from skies
Dr. A. H. Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Mass killers' end
It is high time all mad dictator, mass killers open their eyes to realise that, finally, they themselves get a good number of gunshots from their own guards or are sent to gallows!
Sultan A. Patel , Khanpur Deh - 392150

Nitish's Bihar not shining: Justice Katju
Press Council of India chairman expressed concern over the news presentation about development of Bihar, and said Bihar is not shining. He said he saw himself that no industry had come up in the last 6 yrs. and there were poverty, filth and dirt What is development index? Development without humanity index development is a curse. Bihar stuck with viral disease. Kids are dying as news channels aired the data like 34 kids died in 15 days in Patna Med. College Hospital. In Muzaffar (SKMCH) 30 kid died in two weeks and eight kids died in Gaya. It is very important to know that health minister of Bihar camping for Hatia (Ranchi) bye election (7 June 12) what sort of media projection is proportional to govt. advertisement got media? Government data says that out of total 1.11 crore families only 33 lakh families have toilets. But wine consumptions increased 10 folds in Nitish Kr. 5 yrs. rule. Without human angle in development is a curse. Every government must know that development of human index (health, education, nutrition etc.) every development would be a farce.
S. Haque, Patna

A lesson from intelligence failure
Ranvir sena founder Brahmeshwar Mukhia was facing charges of 277 dalits killing was shot dead on 1 June early morning near his house. Ranveer sena was banned private militia of land lord. Ara and patna was burning looting arson at the mercy of mukhia supporter. Police were beaten by mob. C.M. of Bihar convened high official meeting on 6 June and expressed concern over the failure of intelligence resulted mayhem and arson. But no one is ready to think the reason of intelligence failure. It has become habit of intelligence and police during anti Muslim riots deliberately failing and the whole system silently praised intelligence failure. If then system would have taken notice, today C.M. would not have expressed concern. It is a lesson.
S. Haque, Patna

CJI on corruption and communalism
CJI S.H. Kapadia expressed dissatisfaction over tardy pace in corruption cases. He said that performance in deciding corruption cases had not been satisfactory (5 June 12). He said "I have persued the statics and rate of disposal of graft cases till June 2011 and I have no hesitation to say that the performance has so far unsatisfactory" C.J.I. SH Kapadia persued statics of corruption and drown conclusion. Let us present the date and statics of communal cases to judge the judiciary that 4251 case registered in Gujarat riot (2002 anti Muslim riot) and 2000 cases closed. In Bhagalpur 1989 anti Muslim riot more than half case of registered cases closed. In Mumbai 92-93 anti Muslim riot 1731 cases closed out of 3059 cases registered. In 1983 massacre of 3000 innocent Muslim (official data) 1819 killed) killed but not a single person even tried (H.T. / 5 April 12 not broken in spirit by Harsh Mander) Judicial dismal performance in communal cases give rioter and killers energy. The judges must know the hard fact if they want to save humanity.
S. Haque, Patna

Secularism defined to deceiving Muslims
In Indian politics, secularism is used as per demands like Mayawati. Mamta, Jay lalita, T.D.P., Faroque Abdullah, Ajit singh, Chandra babu naidu and many more so-called flag bearer of secularism had honeymoon with BJP. Shankar Vaghela (ex BJP) can be minister with congress M.P. congress former M.P. C.P. Thakur can become BJP state president. So Modi's candidature for P.M. in 2014 election will be accepted in the name special package or special status to the states. Because Sharad Yadav the staunch so-called secularist visited Jhandawalan RSS H/Q (12 October 99 / Zee news / 6.15 p.m.) Modi's candidature for P.M. post would hurt L.K. Advani because during 2002 pogrom, every BJP leaders agreed to kick Modi out from C.M. post but only L.K. Advani so-called loh purush of BJP opposed Modi ouster. There is some lesson for every one.
S. Haque, Patna

Positive endeavour by Hindi media
Muslim have only newspaper in the name of media but the newspaper are busy in wanton things like mushaira, filmy gossip, useless politics, etc. Our Urdu don't see even what other media constructive and positive things doing to make aware new generation. They exhibit film in schools which is a documentary about every steps how a newspaper is published and the newspaper arrange school students to press and explain the publishing of dailies. It is Urdu dailies who spends full energy to hide its circulation because real circulation if know to public then government is bound to deny them govt. tenders etc.
S. Haque

Pakistani circus
The disgraceful exit and disqualification of Yousuf Raza Gilani from office is a good indication for Pakistan's currwnt state of democracy which has always been in chaos and believed to be too fragile and
corrupt by international community .Atleast, it reflects that now judiciary means something in Pakistan and will serve a lesson to those men in power there who treat nothing above them.It is a healthy sign for Pakistan's budding democracy and simultaneously it speaks of the sustained legacy of Pakistan's erring political leadership.
-With Best Regards,
Adfar Rashid Shah, Jamia Millia Islamia- New Delhi.

Congratulations to Haryana Waqf Board
Waqf's lakhs and lakhs acres of land are unutilised or are in the others illegal occupation and not all fulfilling the purpose of Wakif, those who gave properties for the benefit of Muslims. Leaders, Industrialist and officers easily pounce upon the waqf properties. For the grabbing of waqf properties government place inept and unqualified person at the waqf chairman. But in the gloom Haryana Waqf Board has lighted a candle by establishing an engineering college with waqf properties. Mewat Engineering College (Waqf) started by Haryana Waqf Board at Pala, Tehsil Numb of Mewat district. This revolutionary step of Haryana Waqf Board.
S. Haque

Patna was burning and police were beaten
On the 2nd June the slain Ranbir Sena founder Brahmeshwar Mukhia funeral procession reached Patna and Patna was burning. The Mukhia was not shot dead in his village on 1st June. Then Ara was left at the mercy of Mukhia suppoeter. Govt. offices, govt. vehicle and private vehicle burned even at patna police picket and because mukhia supporter wanted media person not to mention that 277 killing allegation on mukhia. At every noock and corner police were beaten. Even then police did not lathi charge. But the same police fired at peaceful agitation at Bhajan Pura (Forbesganj) on 3 June 2011 killing five innocent Muslims. Mukhia's funeral procession was dismal as compared to Lal Krishna Advani "somnath to ayodhya" yatra. Laloo yadav as leader from the front and controlled the hooligans and sent Advani to jail. S.C. rightly slapped on Modi that Rome was burning and Nero was playing flute.
S. Haque

Indian policing system on the verge of rottening
S.S.B. campus at boarding area has become bane for people like on 25 May Bargainia area people felt because as usual S.S.B. jawans teased and molested tuition going girls. Then people agitation started and continued on 26 May. The agitation was massive, people burned the camp portum. S.S.B. fired one person was killed six were injured. C.M. sent D.G.P. Bargania to inquire the incidence. People of Arraria district Kursa Kanta agitated when two S.S.B. jawan entered in Md. Jawed house and sexually assaulted wife of Jawed she shouted and resisted with house hold knife. The jawans fled. The people complained higher official The jawan then attacked the village next day morning and beaten mercilesly and fired killing four innocent Muslims their name Md. Zubair Shahnawaz Alam, Md. Qurban, Farhatunnisa on 20 December 2010. Bihar govt. ordered Aamir Subhani to inquire. One and half year passed but no one knows about report. In the meanwhile S.S.B. commandent A.K. Singh in a interview to H.T. said that Arraria is boradering area, summggling and other illegal activities carried for this girls are used and the girls lure jawans. So by mistake the jawan entered wrong home. The media published report of S.S.B. jawan sizure and a series of article were published. But what happened at Bargania, Sitamashi confirmed Kursa Kanta people's allegation was true. N.M.C. take the cognizance of the investigation report and punish the culprit as at bargania. Assistant commandent rakesh kumar and five jawan suspended and arrested on 26 May 12.

Kursa Kanta 20 December 10
S.S.B. jawan entered Jawed house and attacked his wife people protested at camp jawan attacked village. Killing Md. Zubair Shahnawaz Alam Md. Qurban, Farhat no suspension, no compensation Aamir Subhani did not visit place to inquire Bargania 26 May 12 S.S.B. jawan teased and molested tution going girls. People protested, burned camp jawan fired killing one Niraj 1 officer, five jawan suspended and arrested, a lakh compensation D.G.P. inqured at site.
S. Haque

Forbesganj police firing on innocents
Bihar police fired on the villagers who were protesting the blocking of village road by Industrialist relative of BJP MLC. Without warning or lathi charge or firing in air police fired on the chest of peaceful protestors. Four innocent died and police jumped on the dying bodies. 3rd June of 2011 was the day of police atrocities at Forbesganj. Bihar government ordered a judicial inquiry and sanctioned the past in Dec. 2011 only. After 11 months of judicial commission, the commission aired an advertisement to appoint a clerk and stenographer, what it means?
S. Haque Patna

To keep Muslims engaged, brand ambassador
For winning Bengal assembly election Mamta Banerjee promised reservation for Muslims but after wining assembly election she is doing super facial things like made Shahrukh Khan brand ambassador of W.B. these steps taken to keep Muslim engaged. Now Bihar government invited Aamir Khan and expressed to make Aamir Khan Bihar brand ambassador. Politicians know that Muslims are illiterate community and by just offering a chadars to Ajmer and by making brand ambassador Muslim namewala show boys it is easy to keep Muslims engaged.
S. Haque

For Muslim committees
Muslims back is bent with the burden of committees, commission and promises. Human resoures minister Mr. Kapil Sibal announced five committees which will look into the matter of implementation of schemes and M.S.D.P. scheme in 90 minority dominated districts. He further announced that 100 girls colleges would be opened in Muslim areas. This is certainly a promise with a view on Parliamentry election due in 2 yrs. Without any budgetry allocation and time frame these promise are mirage. On the other hand Mr. Sibal announced in lok sabha on (25 April 12) that 200 universities would be opened across India in next five years for which 20,000 budgetry allocation is being made and 80,000 crores finalised to improve access to colleges and universities. Muslims are being promised and for other budgetry allocation wit time frame.
S. Haque

Incompetent congress benefits BJP
40 to 45 yrs. of congress were the era of anti Muslim riots. Those time congress got benefit of its incompetiency but after 1989 (Bhagalpur riots) janta dal grabbed the power and for 1992 congress incompetency in protecting constitution and law in demolition of historical Babri Masjid, BJP got position of a ruling status. In every episode of congress incompetency now BJP gets benefit. Before U.P. assembly poll congress gave 4.5 minority quota in 27% B.C. reservation. Now congress incompetency exposed that this minority quota quashed by A.P. High court within two months. It would certainly benefit BJP. This is congress pseudo secularism. Incompetent congress cannot ensure justice to Muslim but surely benefits BJP
S. Haque

Sky rocketing prices
On account of sky rocketing of essential commodities, the country today is facing a most formidable solution-defying crisis which has made the life of the common man extremely miserable. On this account the congress and its leaders who are committed to the welfare of the common man are rightly very much perturbed. But they should not feel depressed as the past history tells us how a similar crisis which had also similar huge proportions had been successfully solved by one of its most popular and legendary leader Rafi Ahmad Kidwai. During the 50s the country had to face the food problem and in those days it had to face the worst food situation. The target of self-sufficiency had totally failed and there wa a cut in rations by one/third on account of food grain shortage. Semi-famine conditions prevailed through out the country. Black-marketing and hoarding were responsible for worsening the situation. Hoarding and black-marketing had very considerably worsened the situation. Kidwai who had been given the food portfolio not only successfully tided over the crisis but made the country self sufficient and over and above all this he proved to be a miracle man by converting the country into the land of plenty. This he did by his extraordinary administrative talent and totally abandoning the cumbersome and time consuming bureaucratic producers and by taking stern measures against hoarders, black marketers and profiteers. His measures are still alive, the government should adopt these measures and should open shops of essential commodities where these items should be sold at cheaper rates and stern preventive measures should be taken against hoarders, black marketers and profiteers.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, New Delhi

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