RSS has forged nexus with Mossad

Digvijay Singh’s 4th January 2011 Press Conference finally proved that the Congress General Secretary indeed spoke to Hemant Karkare on 26/11-and that Karkare faced the threat to his life and limb-as well as to the security of his family-not from Pakistani terrorists or Indian Mujahideen activists but the motley group of Hindutva terrorists led by the RSS.  

This is hard fact. Here the question is not who conducted the 26/11 attack-the question is also not who killed Karkare-all these issues are related to a larger question-why was Hemant Karkare-the officer who exposed the true face of Hindutva Terrorism-killed on 26th November 2008, during an attack carried allegedly by Pakistani terrorists?

Third grade, communal officers manning the higher echelons of the Mumbai Police would have us believe that it was a freak accident-that Karkare happened to stand in the line of fire on that fateful date. Maybe-but when one realizes the enormity of what Karkare had unearthed-that most terror attacks in India have an RSS connection-one is forced to go beyond the `Maybees’ of the world.

No one can question that Karkare’s investigations could have led to the exoneration of the Batla House accused and other Muslim boys picked up from Azamgarh and other areas. It is possible that Karkare might have unearthed the RSS hand in all terror acts which took place between 26th July 2008 and 26th November 2008. So Karkare might have well sounded the death knell of RSS in India.

The RSS opposed the Indian Freedom Movement-its ideology and foot soldiers of related organizations were responsible for Mahatama Gandhi’s murder, and thousands of terror attacks (“riots”) against Muslims and OBC-Dalit Hindus in Bihar, Delhi and other parts of India. The RSS conducted an armed uprising against the Indian State right after 15th August 1947-an uprising targeted against the ideals of Nehruvian parliamentary democracy, the Ambedkarite liberal constitution and the general Left-of-Centre orientation of the Indian nation.

Jawahar Lal Nehru crushed the RSS uprising with an iron hand, often wielding a lathi personally against rampaging RSS mobs in Delhi.

Indira Gandhi came across several instances of RSS-sponsored terrorism-and acted firmly, applying the bulldozer to several illegal RSS structures all over India, including the one at the Benaras Hindu University (BHU).  

When Digvijay Singh exhorted Congressmen and women to wield the lathi against the RSS during the Burari AICC session, he was acting like a true Nehruvian. Only the RSS stood to gain from Karkare’s untimely death/murder. Let anyone who has guts or the balls to challenge this position come forward.

Rajdeep Sardesai interviewed Digvijay Singh on 4th January 2011 night in the CNN-IBN studio. Rajdeep openly took the RSS side, even accusing Digvijay Singh of ‘helping Pakistan’-do we need more proof of the fact that Rajdeep Sardesai and 90% of upper caste journalists are RSS agents?

In the CNN-IBN interview, Rajdeep openly said that Aziz Burney, the editor of Urdu Rashtriya Sahara, the most popular Urdu daily of India, should be ostracized for having written a book entitled “26/11: RSS Ka Shadyantra?”

So now an English journalist called Rajdeep Sardesai will ask for Aziz Burney to be ostracized? Why-because Burney dared question the official line? Now Rajdeep will decide what Aziz Burney and the Urdu media has to say?

The attack on Aziz Burney by Rajdeep is an attack on Urdu journalism. But there is a subtext to Rajdeep’s outrage. A few days after Karkare was murdered, I confronted Rajdeep at St. Xavier’s College during a peace meet. While interviewing Digvijay Singh, Rajdeep had said that ‘Karkare was his friend as well!’

When I confronted Rajdeep right after 26/11, he told me that he fully believed that Karkare was killed by the usual suspects: Kasab and others. When I reminded him of his duty as a journalist-that he should talk to people on the ground and look for alternative narratives on 26/11-Rajdeep told me that “I fully believe in Rakesh Maria’s version of 26/11. Rakesh Maria is an efficient officer.”

This Rakesh Maria heads the Mumbai ATS now-he was a sworn enemy of Karkare-he is a suspected Mossad agent and an officer who personally supervised the brutal 4th degree torture of Muslims in Mumbai.

Rajdeep has to decide whether he is Maria’s friend or Karkare’s-God’s terrible retribution awaits Rajdeep and his fellow travellers. Funny, that a recent article in Indian Express, written by some Pradeep Kaushal, mentions how Burney took my name in the book release function graced by Shri Digvijay Singh:

“The book is a collection of Burney’s writings in Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu), besides contributions from some ideological fellow-travellers, one of whom is Amareesh Mishra. “I have incorporated them because they reinforce what I feel,” Burney says. He says they are important because they have been authored by someone who is “Amaresh” and “Mishra” - in an obvious reference to the writer’s religious and caste identity”.

Pradeep Kaushal quotes me extensively: “Basically the RSS has lost control of the organisation it had created. In the form of (Narendra) Modi, this organisation has forged a nexus with Mossad, which is in league with the ISI, engaged in destruction… Do remember the remote control of many jihadi groups active in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia is in the hands of Mossad or CIA. Recently a group in Yemen was found to have been established by Mossad. Therefore, it is possible the terrorists who attacked Mumbai may have used Pakistan as their base, but they may have been drawn from different countries... At least one of them, it has been learnt, belonged to Mauritius. It is emerging now that a Saudi (being described as Maulana Bedi) may have gathered these jihadis there and sent them here. It is essential to find out who provided money to him.”

This is what I wrote right after 26/11. Yes-I am a Brahmin-yes I am Hindu-a true Sanatani Hindu. And yes, I am supporting Digvijay Singh in his fight against the RSS. As an Indian, Sanatani Hindu and a Brahmin, I firmly believe that RSS is a bigger threat to India than all Pakistani terrorist organizations put together. RSS is in league with Mossad and Israel. Mossad is seeking India’s destruction. We have the support of millions of Sanatani Hindus who will crush the demon called RSS.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2011 on page no. 1

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