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Haryana’s chief minister BHUPENDER SINGH Hooda who is also the chairman of Haryana Urdu Academy has announced the names of 18 Urdu litterateurs who rendered valuable service to Urdu who will be honoured with awards. They are: Dr. NARESH of Panchkola will be honoured with ‘Fakhr-e Haryana Award’ and a cash prize of Rs. 1.5 lakh. Dr. SHAKILUR RAHMAN of Gurgaon will be honoured with ‘Hali Award’ alongwith a cash prize of Rs. 1.21 lakh (1,21,000), one shawl a memento and commendation certificate. AMAR SINGH Sahni of Faridabad will be honoured with a special award of Rs. 51,000 in recognition of his valuable services to Urdu. Dr. KUMAR Panipati will be honoured with Kunwar Singh Bedi Award alongwith Rs. 25,000 in cash, one shawl, a memento and a certificate for his famous books: Ahad Saaz Adabi Shakhsiatian, Yeh Galian hain Maulana Hali ki Galian etc. Dr. RAUNAQ Zaidi will be honoured with Sabir Dutt Award and a cash prize of Rs. 25,000 in recognition of his efforts to create awareness and awakening in women and his efforts in raising their living standard. Dr. K.K. RISHI will be honoured with Syed Muzaffar Husain Burney Award alongwith Rs. 21,000 in cash, one shawl memento and a certificate. Dr. QAMRUDDIN ZAKIR will be honoured with Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Award alongwith Rs. 21,000 in cash for his books Tahzeebul Muslimeen andTablighi kaam ki Ibtida Mewat se. Dr. NAZIMA ZABIH of Noh will be honoured with ‘Munshi Gamani Lal Award’, Rs. 21,000 in cash, shawl etc. for her books Dil hi to hai na Sang-o Khisht, Zameenkha gayee Aasmaan kaise kaise etc. She will be the first woman fiction writer of Mewat to win this Award. Other award winners are MAIKASH Ambalvi who will be honoured with Surendra Pundit Soz Award with Rs. 21,000 in cash, Dr. NARAIN DAS Khushdil of Yamunanagar and Dr. SULTAN ANJUM of Chandigarh (both) will be awarded with Rs. 21,000 each, shawl etc. in recognition of their services in the field of journalism in 2010-11. Dr. (Mrs.) RAJWANTI Mann will be honoured with Rs. 21,000 in cash, shawl, memento etc. for her Urdu translation of the book Sir Chhotoo Ram: fun aur Shakhsiat (Art and Personality). Running into 300 pages, this is a translated biography of Sir Chhotoo Ram. Dr. T.N. Raj will be honoured with Zafar Jetley Award in recognition of his humerous and sarcastic writings in Urdu, in addition to Rs. 21,000 in cash. Among his six humerous and sarcastic books in verses, Durgat is very famous and popular. Prof. CHANDRASHEKHAR will be honoured with Rs. 21,000 in cash for his valuable services to Persian and Arabic. VINOD SEHGAL of Ambala will be honoured with Ghazal-Qawwali Gyan Award and PRAVIN SETHI of Chandigarh will be honoured with Theatre Award. Prof. S.R. QIDWAI will be honoured for promoting and rendering services to Haryanvi Adab (literature) while living outside Haryana. He will be given Rs. 21,000 in cash, shawl etc. Dr. ANISUL Hasan Siddiqi will be honoured for his efforts in promoting scientific and environmental knowledge and awakening among people in easy and simple language. In this connection his four books written separately and titled What is: (1) Eclipse (2) Sun (3) Earth (4) Moon are popular and informative.

Chief minister Hooda however did not announce the date on which the awards will be given to the awardees. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 July 2012 on page no. 12

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