Author of "Who Killed Karkare?" Vindicated

Mecca Masjid (Hyderabad) and Ajmer Sharif blast cases detected by investigating on the lines suggested in SM Mushrif's book Who Killed Karkare?

Going by the media reports giving details of the investigation that led to the cracking of the two blast cases, it becomes apparent that the investigation agency i.e. the NIA followed the lines suggested in chapter no. 3 of SM Mushrif's book Who Killed Karkare? and got to the actual perpetrators and conspirators.

Mumbai-based Hindi fortnightly Qaumi Farman in its December 2010 issue apparently quoting the recently filed chargesheet in the Ajmer Sharif blast case has reported thus: In Ajmer Dargah blast case, one bomb had remained to be unexploded. When this bomb was defused it was found to contain, apart from the explosives, a mobile phone used as a timer device.

On the screen of the mobile was written "Vande Mataram" as a screen-saver. The SIM card number of the bomb which had been exploded was 8991522000005190837 and its mobile number was 9931304642. The investigation into the SIM cards revealed that they had been obtained from the service provider companies of Bihar and Jharkhand. They were issued in the name of one Ramfer Yadav r/o Village Kangoi, Post Mihijam, Dist Dumka.

Who Killed Karkare?The SIM cards were purchased from a shop called "Mobile Care" at the bus-stand of Dumka. The inquiry into the mobile phone found in the unexploded bomb recovered from the place of incident, revealed that its SIM card has been issued by the service provider of West-Bengal. The name of the SIM card holder was found to be Babulal Yadav son of Manohar Yadav r/o Samdhi Road, Rupnarayanpur, Asansol. The SIM was purchased from a shop Sargam Audio in Chitranjan, West Bengal. Investigation revealed that the SIM card was purchased on the basis of forged identifaction document having fake name and address. It was also disclosed that eleven more such SIM cards had been purchased.

Similarity between Mecca and Ajmer blasts
ATS found in its investigation that out of the two bombs used for the blasts in the Mecca Masjid of Hyderabad on 18 May 2007, one did not explode and it was found to be fitted with a mobile phone as a timer device. The SIM cards used in Mecca Masjid were from among those disclosed in the investigation of Ajmer Dargah blast case.

Mushrif had shown the way
Mushrif in his book Who Killed Karkare? had already underlined the importance of the SIM cards disclosed in the earlier investigation of these two blast cases and had indicted the investigating agencies for intentionally ignoring the vital links.

While analysing the importance of Mecca Masjid (Hyderabad) blast case, on page no. 128 of his book at point no. 3 (iv), Mushrif quoting the Times of India's Pune edition of 21 May 2007 has referred to the SIM card traced to one Babulal Yadav of Asansol and while commenting on the investigation of the Ajmer Sharif Blast case on page no. 136 at point (E) he has quoted a report in the Times of India, Pune edition of 15 October 2007 about the SIM card allegedly obtained on the basis of a driving licence having the photo of a well known Ayurvedic doctor. He has lambasted the investigation agencies for intentionally not pursuing such vital pieces of evidence and has suggested on page no. 130 (point B (i)) and page no. 137 respectively what ought to have been done to get to the  real culprits on the basis of these clues.

It appears from the report of Qaumi Farman that the police ultimately followed the lines suggested by Mushrif and cracked not only these two cases, but also some other cases including the Samjhauta Express blast.

As a matter of fact the vital pieces of evidence in the form of SIM cards in both the cases were available to the police in 2007 itself, but surprisingly they did not work on them. On the other hand they had been picking up and arresting hundreds of Muslim boys merely on suspicion.

Mushrif has pointed out such lapses on the part of the investigative agencies in all the nine cases he has analysed in chapter no. 3 of the book. It is high time that the National Investigative Agency reopened all the cases, reinvestigated them with open mind, taking into consideration, among other tings, the lines suggested by Mushrif and nail the real perpetrators and conspirators of terrorism in India.

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