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Pseudo-Muslim love of Maharashtra government and other letters to the editor

APJ Abdul Kalam
“The ambitious Mrs Sonia Gandhi would have been the Prime minister of India but for the fact that the then President APJ Abdul Kalam showed her the door.” This is the story which Sonia’s detractors have been repeating gleefully since 2004; this is the story which was hurled at Sonia endlessly all these years and this is the impression under which India and the world remained. Surely Kalam knew such a story was doing the rounds. Why did he not try to clear the air? Why did he wait all these years to disclose that in the year 2004 he was actually waiting to swear her in? On Monday 18th of June 2012 APJ says “I have never aspired to serve another term” as President. Why did he wait till 18th June to announce this? His name was the first to start floating as likely candidate. Also why did he not say a polite “no” to Mamta Bannerji? Is it a canard a city daily has spread that Kalam judged “the totality of the matter and the present political situation” got no assurance of the 55% which he wanted and realized that it will be better not to reciprocate “the love and affection” of Trinamool Congress and other parties and “the aspiration of the people” and their “trust in him”?
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,
Sushma, Dadabhai Road, Santacruz West,
Mumbai 400054 010712
Tel 9820844453

Sarabjeet and Abu Hamza
Two persons are very much in news .There was a good news that president of Pakistan Zardari has pardoned Sarabjit .He was on the death row for 2o years over bombing charges .Zardari commuted Sarabjits death sentence to life term.which he has already completed. Having been in jail beyond 14 years therefore he is being released .The news of his release rejoiced the whole family .His wife and daughters served sweets to every relative and friends .The external affairs minister Mr. SM Krishna Posed that his efforts became fruitful .The Indian TV channels covered the joys of The family hours to gether .In the same time there was a moment of joy that A terrorist Abu Hamza was also arrested on Indra Gandhi International Airport .The hardcore terrorist was the handler of Mumbai attack was acutely needed by the Mumbai police .It was known Abu Hamza and Abu jundal was the same person .The internal affairs Minister Mr P Chidambaram duly certified the genuine of the Terrorist and took the credit .He also praised the dutifulness of the Delhi police .But unfortunately Mr. Malik foreign minister Told that the boy arrested by the Delhi Police is not Abu Hamza or Abu Jundal .He is someone else .The police Was leveling number of charges .Never allowed his father or any of brother or sister to give any for or against the accused .It was told that the young boy was from Beed nearer to Aurangabad .Mr Chidambaram gave the statement that Abu Hamza has accepted his crime .Accepting a crime by torture is not acceptable to court .Any person may be Chidambaram or LK Advani if tortured can accept that they have Killed Gandhiji just in half an hour . Three days before one Muslim youth was killed in the High security cell .This was a murder done on the behest of government agency ,The boy who is arrested cannot mastermind the 26/11 attack The sacredness of the youth belie the charges leveled against him .Very soon Chidambaram will face the brunt of his blatant lie .To kill and arrest the Muslim innocent youths is a conspiracy against Muslims to withdraw their political agenda ,Muslims must clearly say that they will forgo their right of franchise and participation in the elections But they must be guaranteed that their life and property is secured
Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Why name not disclosed
I.A.F. spokesman wing commander general Galway said a probe had found the J.W.O. guilty of possessing CD’s and classified document and action is initiated against him and his superior including a wing commander. J.W.O. of Indian airforce was deployed in the north east found guilty of possessing classified material. But IAF spokesperson ruled out an espionage angle. The name J.W.O. is not disclosed by IAF spokesperson or even by media why? On the other hand terror accused innocent Muslim, relatives, and about all his schooling and college details are published.
S. Haque, Patna

Shabaash! S.C. of Pakistan
Political parties and leaders of Pakistan has made Pakistan as rotten state. They as per their choice write or explain their own constitution even they trample the constitution. In the palm of gloom judiciary only ray left for Pakistan. At the critical juncture, S.C. of Pakistan delivered a historical judgement by declaring Pakistan P.M. past was vacant since April 2012 and nullified all the decisions taken by Yousuf Raza Gilani Since April (19 June 2012). S.C. of Pakistan has rocked the Pakistani establishment. Many many congratulation to S. C. of Pakistan for this historical decision which would reign the politicians who think themselves above law and constitution.
S. Haque, Patna

Gandhiwadi and 200% secular
Bihar Animal husbandry minister Griraj Singh gave Ranveer Sena chief Brahmeshwar mukhia certificate of a gandhiwadi. Mukhia was facing charge of 277 killing and 23 massacre. On the first June he was shot down then whole Ara town was vadalised and Patna was burned, police was beaten, mandir was burned vehicle and damaged on 2nd June at pyre yatra in Patna. What a gandhiwadi supporter? Griraj Singh minister in Bihar cabinet issued a certificate to Narendra Modi 200% secular. What a BJP secularist under his guidance (let hindus vent their anger) more than 3000 innocent Muslims were killed. This is tragedy of India that Advani led the demolition of historical Babri Masjid and Modi became P.M. favourite candidate.
S. Haque, Patna

Nitish fights lost battle
Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar raised secular P.M. issue and asked to declare P.M. candidate. The issue rightly got momentum but suddenly JD (U) declared sieze fire on the other hand sangh and BJP took aggressive posture. RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya attacked Nitish credentials and BJP M.P. Balbir Punj declared Modi as 1st class P.M. material. Then what happened to LOH-Purush Advani. He is not tired and not retired but surrendered. This means Nitish is fighting a shadow boxing to make fool the illiterate community because Nitish had lost battle in 2002 when Godhra train incidence occurred and he was rail minister.
S. Haque

Congrats Jamia Hamdard
Jamia Hamdard is striving hard to boost Muslims students to compete with countrymen in education. Jamia Hamdard must be congratulated for starting MBBS course.
S. Haque

Naxalism has become menace
Union rural development minister Jairam Ramesh had a programme to stay in night in Giddha panchayat of sitamarhi district of Bihar on 17 June. Sitamarhi district administration stopped the union minister night halt and tour of Giddha panchayat which is just 35 k.m. away from district H/Q. S.P. of district informed that the area is deeply effected so there is life threat due to “landmine”. Mr. Ramesh wanted to see the implementation of various development schemes.
What sort of supervision an officer can do in naxal affected areas if union minister is not allowed to visit those areas due to life security threat? Why naxalism is expanding? Due to 70% of the countries wealth captured by only 8200 families.
S. Haque, Patna

BJP’s failure as principal opposition party
With communal agenda (Babri Masjid Demolition, Anti Muslim riots) BJP became principal opposition party in Parliament but at socio economic issues, corruption issues and presidential election matter BJP failed. Most vital issue like corruption Anna Hazare stirred the country which was BJP’s duty. For presidential candidate BJP couldn’t propose any name because BJP don’t have vision on different issue except communal agenda when T.N. Seshon former CEC was best candidate for presidential candidate compared to Pranab mukherjee. It is congress inefficiency who gives free playing field to BJP that is why BJP could reach the position of Principal opposition party
S. Haque

Pseudo-Muslim love of Maharashtra government
The NCP-congress of Maharashtra, played the vote bank politics, after committing false promise and showed Muslim love, doing nothing for Muslims and on the basis of these false promises she played with the sentiments of Muslims. On the other hand the false love of NCP-congress of Maharashtra have disclose in front of Muslims, which is in fact anti Muslims and lethargic at the part of Maharashtra government. Undersigned had written a letter in the month of October 2010, vide letter No. ZAK / PM / SSG / EM / MAM / PFK / GEEWSR / A / E / 78 on dated 24 October 2011, with respect to one Naseem Deshmukh resident of Niwasa Taluka Dist. Ahmednagar of Maharashtra State. The subject matter of the letter was the scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh, in fact it was story of Ms. Deshmukh facing struggle to procure the course material of Phd. And getting nominal help from government. Letter was addressed to Mr. Prime Minister, Smt. Sonia Gandhi and all the concerned centre and Maharashtra ministers and related all high level authorities. Mr. Zuber Ahmad Khan the undersigned received the reply from central government and subsequently he received a letter of allotment of scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh from P.M. office. The copy of the same letter has been forwarded to minority affairs minister and mahila vikas mantra Smt. Fouzia Khan through proper channel. It is the matter of surprise that central government released the fund vide their office order no. 17-1 / 2012-MC dated 14th Jan. 2012, that letter in the form of office memorandum has been received by Mr. Zuber Ahmad Khan on 25 Jan. 2012. On the same day Mr. Khan received a telephonic call from P.S. to minority affairs minister and women welfare minister. After discussion with Mr. Khan P.S. to the minister, informed him that the dates of filling up the forms for scholarships just left before five days, and scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh could not be provided as of now which is now in cool bag. P.S. further informed that department cannot do any thing for minority welfare if date has released. Maharashtra government has established one extra department for minority welfare and Smt. Faouzia Khan is the minister for minority welfare she has got ministry of women welfare also. In what way that departments are doing welfare of Muslims or women. In what way the department is called themselves as the welfare department if the task is not completed or the benefits has not been provided to the needy. One Muslim girl one who is doing her Phd. and Muslims is required some economic assistance and minority affairs ministry cannot do nay thing if date of filling the form is gone, now there is no other way to get the scholarship. Smt. Fauzia Khan has got the ministry of women welfare also and this case is related to the welfare of woman. What type of development is doing by Smt. Fauzia Khan what type of minority welfare is doing by Smt. Khan. It is the place of surprise even after fund released from centrl government Ms. Deshmukh could not receive the scholarship, then where the fund has gone???????? Now elections are coming in the centre and state of Maharashtra in the year 2014, and Maharashtra government need not to commit any new false promises with the Muslims because old promises could not be fulfilled. How Muslims will reply on any new promises. It is request kindly check the status of the following under intimation to the undersigned. 1. The fund which released from centre for Ms. Naseem Deshmukh, where it has gone. 2. Whether fund is returned to the central government. 3. Kindly provide scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh. 4. Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.
Zuber Ahmad Khan
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Criminal will be the part of police team
Dayak Nayak reinstated …. Times of India news dated 17 June 2012
Daya Nayak the controversial police sub inspector of Maharashtra police ceder who defames and malign the image of police force with his criminal and unlawful activities will be reinstated in the police force again. Culprit Day Nayak is involved in the 83 encounters in which several are cold blooded and fake. No inquiry has been conducted encounters in which several are cold blooded and fake. No inquiry has been conducted by the higher authorities after encounters. As it was conducted by Daya Nayak who was the star police officer of that time. Upto when his criminal activities has not opened. He is criminal mentality person and his back ground is with full of criminal records. Hence, he should not be reinstated but terminated. A CBI inquiry is in progress against Daya for the fake encounter of Sadiq Jamal a resident of Gujarat. Encounter has already declared as fake. The master mind culprit and criminal D.G. Vanzara revealed the name of Daya Nayak who was involved in the conspiracy of the cold blooded murder of Sadiq Jamal according to the crime branch Sadiq was an operator of LeT attempting to target Narendra Modi, L.K. Advani and Pravin Togadia. That version of crime branch Gujarat is proved to be cooked in the court of law, and crime branch no where could prove that Sadiq is the operative of LeT. Demanding probe in this case, post-mortem report and the FSL show that Sadiq was shot at from point-blank range and the trajectory of bullets is downwards in his body, showing that when he was shot at, he must be in a position begging for his life. A day after Sadiq’s death in the encounter, the crime Ahmedabad crime received a call on January 14, 2003, from Mumbai’s encounter specialist Daya Nayak congratulating them. Sadiq was handed over to the mastermind terrorist chief D.G. Vanzara by Daya Nayak a couple of days before his encounter. Daya Nayak already remained behind the bars for 59 days against the charge or corruption and illegal source of income. He earned huge amount of money with illegal source, which he cannot earn with his police salary. He might have paid ‘soopari’ a contract amount in lieu of 83 encounters from the rival gang members. A detail inquiry be carry out against all 83 encounters conducted by Daya Nayak. It is not at all understandable that in every 83 encounters, the culprits started fire on police team and in retaliation police team headed by Daya Nayak fired at the culprits and in self defence Daya nayak killed the criminal. Does this theory of police team in every encounter is within the limit of sense and understanding. The cases of corruption is not been decided by the court of law. A CBI inquiry is in progress against Daya Nayak against the encounter of Sadiq Jamal. If the cases has not been decided by court of law, how D.C.P. can reinstated him. It is not the power and preview of DCP that he can reinstated a culprit without the clearance of judiciary. Policemen are behaving like legal terrorists, who perpetually by their post, power and chair tired to terrified the people most of them are innocent Muslims and if police feels necessary they did not hesitate to kill the young Muslims in the false tag of terrorism. A criminal mentality cop who was terminated and remained behind the bars, for his criminal acts and delinquency of duty if, reinstated, will again start committing crimes behind the veil of police uniform, which will ashamed again police force, and put a figure and suspicious eyes on honest, trustworthy police officers also who discharges their duty honestly.
It is requested:
1. Cancel the reinstate orders issued by D.C.P. 2. A CBI inquiry be carry out for all 83 encounters carry out by Daya Nayak. 3. Any other relief as deem fit and proper by the authorities.
Zuber Ahmad Khan
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Well done - Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
Just a few months back no body could imagined the name of Mr. Pranab Kumar Mukherji for the post of President of India but by elevating the name of Mr. Pranab Da, at the position of first citizen of India congress (or in other words Mrs. Sonia Gandhi) not only cleared the way for Mr. Manmohan Singh IIIrd time as the P. M. or pave the way for Rahul Gandhi to be the young prime minister as done by Mr. Mulayam Singh in Uttar Pradesh. In the case of Rahul Gandhi it is quite clear that he is neither matured enough, a well built politician from any angle, planner, schemer nor has he guts to lead the country at his own. As far the president P. M. Mr. Manmohan Singh is concerned Mrs. Gandhi knows well as to how use him rightly. In both the cases she would act as the defacto p.m. of our country.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur

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