After IB and ATS, its now Pakistan’s turn to implicate Indian Muslims

New Delhi: While India is going ga-ga over the extradition of terror-suspect Zabiuddin Ansari, alias Abu Jindal, alias Abu Hamza, to India from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan has saw it fit to claim that the Mumbai attackers of 26/11 were helped by “40 Indians”.

According to a report in the Pakistani daily The Express Tribune on 2 July, an unnamed Pakistani Foreign office official said, “Our information is that there were at least 40 Indian nationals who helped the attackers.” The official said, “India had always been reluctant to give us the full picture.” He added that when a Pakistani judicial commission visited India to collect evidence, it was stopped from cross-examining the witnesses.”

India is claiming that the Pakistan passport-holder Zabiuddin Ansari is an Indian national from Beed in Maharashtra, and that he was present in a Karachi control room during the 9/11 attack on Mumbai.

Earlier, on 27 June, Pakisatn interior minister Rahman Malik had implied that 26/11 was an Indian plot. He said, “Zabiuddin is Indian. He was caught in India. He did everything in India. Why are you blaming Pakistan? He is your citizen…. Your agencies failed to control their (own) citizens. Please have a look at your system.”

So the Pakistan plot is clear. It wants to wash its hands off 26/11 perpetrated by its nationals with apparent help from army and ISI elements. Indian Muslims have nothing to do with that or other terrorist conspiracies in hinterland India. The Pakistani theory suits well the saffron element in the Indian government, IB and ATS which want to somehow implicate Indian Muslims in these terror activities perpetrated by LeT and JeM with ISI help and by their Hindutva counterparts on this side of the border. Indian Muslims are getting unnecessarily ground between the two wheels of these two terrorist streams which feed on each other. Indian Muslims have no stake or interest in these insane ultra-nationalistic wars of attrition.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2012 on page no. 1

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