Confession of Saffron terrorists - vi

Purohit: This is happening in India today we are being held hostage to the agenda of secularists so-called secularist parties. The so-called Hindutva parties, have betrayed the cause of Hindutva by using Hindutva as political tool. There is no alternative to Hindu nation, nationalism…. let us dispel all the mights of secular state and work towards Hindu nation.
…. now talking about the Constitution…
…. Strengthening of Bharatiya culture alongwith nationalism with an emphasis on nationalism as defined in Hindu Vedic Literature supported by religion. Strengthening …. national economy with emphasis on self reliance …. reconstruction of Bhartiya armed forces with Bhartiya traditions and value systems. Increase the standing army with the aim of prevention is better than cure … 70,000 crores every year are spent on Kashmir and North East… as subsidy. Nothing to be given there.

RP Singh: 70, thousand crores?

Purohit: Yes, …. I say nothing is going to happen by giving money to them instead increase the present 14 lakh strong army to 1 crore army. The posts at distance of 300 meters be reduced to 100 meters or even 30 meters. People will get employment. We will be the strongest nation. When no one will be able to infilterate there shall be no terrorism.

S. Dwivdei: …. Remove the word Pakistan. Akhand Bharat means Akhand Bharat. We do not recognise Pakistan. It is still a dominion of Britain why should we recognise it….

Purohit: …. Aim at Bharat Swarajya, Surajya (good governance), Suraksha [defense] and Sushanti (peace) by making this country Sashastra Bharat (armed India), Samraddha Bharat (wealthy), Saksham Bharat (effieient) Sishtabdha Bharat (disciplined)…. the number two article…. Objective ….. have to be enlisted to present before the society…. the organization shall bear true faith as analysed to the Constitution of India as by law established and stands commit to the values …. especially in preamble most specifically the organization aims at …. Stimulates, strengthens, and propagates purest of Bharatiyata or Bhartiya pancha karma nationalism, propagate and encourage Hindu ethos of the nation, combat fundamental terrorism….
Denounce cultural and religious diversity…. Induct traditional Bharatiya i.e., Hindutva indoctrinate rashtriyatav in young generation….
The flag shall be solo tamed saffron flag bhagwa dhwajs having a golden border. Length of the flag be twice its width with ancient golden torch…. it shall have four flames…. depicting four cardinal directions, spreading in four directions and four Vedas…. the flag should be on a spear/lance having the metal base to be used as a mast of flag post because religion, nation and weapon should be at one place. …. Insignia …. organization song Vande Mataram by Bankim Chandra and just to keep people attracted jan-gan-man by Ravindranath Tagore…. we are not Welfare State concept …. one party rule in the country. Voting rights should be treated as precious….

R.P Singh: monarchy?

Tripathi: Divine guided monarchy


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