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Modi’s unique qualities
“Gujarat Today” shows a sari-clad Narendra Modi with bangles in hand. Such posters were, reportedly, displayed in Rajkot. Also shown therein were pictures of two Hindi film actrresses: Shashikala and Lalita Pawar. What is written on these posters in Gujarati language reads: “Modi the mother-in-law’s disruptive deeds have surpassed those of Shashikala and Lalita Pawar”; “Modi caused fighting between Keshubhai and Shankersinh”; “Modi created Hindu-Muslim quarrels”; “Modi divided Sangh into two factions” and “Modi bifurcated VHP.”
Sultan A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Porn worms
People take pride in discussing vulgarity. Why Muslims are not speaking against it ? Pornography is common and they call such films adult films! Do the adults behave in such shameless manner ? They call people working in porn film as porn stars. They are not stars, they are worms from filthy mud. Pimps and prostitutes are getting respect these days. It is dangerous and harmful to the society. Muslims must raise voice against it. Ayyame Jahilliah (age of ignorance) is here once again. It is duty of every Muslim to light the candle of spiritual knowledge.We must wipe the ignorance before it wipes us.
Nazneen O.Saherwala, Surat
Humiliation in the name of Arabic and Persian University
Ms. Mayawati established Arabic and Persian University in the name of Kanshi Ram. No Muslim leaders dared to oppose the move that Sri Kansi Ram did not know Arabic and Persian. In Bihar Laloo Yadav established a university for Arabic and Persian development at Patna in the name of Maulana Mazharul Haque. It was kicked from one government flat to another. Now Nitish government gave it marching orders from Bailey Road flat where a museum is going to be built. But Muslim leaders here are silent. Bihar cabinet decided to recruit 3500 college teachers (25 June cabinet) in nine universities but Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic and Persian University’s name is missing. Muslim leaders are maintaining pin-drop silence and Muslim media is busy in printing political news praising Nitish. It is not politics but humiliation. The community which enjoys humiliation will always be subjected to humiliation.
S. Haque, Patna
Compromising with our Ethos and Culture
Why does the Court bans commercial activity and declares “no-man zone” to certain area of ecological importance? The answer is to protect and preserve their originality, beauty and sanctity. All this at the cost of valuable resources which directly affects the economy, thus compromising with the economy of that area. When an organisation (Jamaat-e-Islami, Jammu and Kashmir) demands a dress code for tourists coming in the Kashmir valley, the Tourist Department out rightly rejects their demand. Why? Because, it will affect the economy of the valley. Tourist Department, J&K says, “the economy of the valley is largely dependent on the tourism sector and we cannot compromise with the economy.” The beauty of Kashmir attracts national as well as international visitors. Now the questions is this, if the tourists are really interested and appreciate the beauty of Kashmir, then why don’t they compromise with their dress and behaviour which are alien and objectionable to the host? Kashmir valley dominated by Muslims has their values, culture and tradition. The international tourists (encroachers) pose a threat to such values. Are these values of no use today? We see a lot of hue and cry to protect the physical environment but nobody cares to protect the ever-degrading and deteriorating social environment.
Md. Maroof Azam, JNU, New Delhi-110067
I.B. alert
Regularly I.B. sounds terror alerts and these warnings immediately catch media attention. Media airs them alongwith many previous threats with some bomb blast scenes displayed. All intelligence alert is officially secret so how it is distributed among media which creates terror among people. First time in India, I.B. terror alert is going to quizzed by CBI of the I.B. alert sounded regarding LeT plan to attack some BJP leaders leading to fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan by Gujarat police. If I.B. warning is an official secret then how it reaches media? What is the intention behind distribution of official I.B. secret alert to media? In CBI investigation these hidden question must be considered.
S. Haque, Patna
Caste devastation in Karnataka
Brahmins, Lingayets ,Vokkaligas,and Kurbas are the major castes  involved in Karnataka.The MLAs want that the power of the state should be in the hands of their community. If they can become the chief minister of the state they think that everything is alright and the whole state will progress. The BJP wants to support a Brahmin candidate. They using the policy of divide and rule. To unite all the castes they are trying to portray Muslims as their common enemy. They are arresting Muslim youths on the false charges of terrorism. Pakistan being a Muslim country is the good subject for their purpose. The mentors of the Hindu society should think how long they can rely on the negative devices to build nation. Muslims are 20 crores, their religion and faith and their history is very much known by the educated youth. Bias and prejudice towards Islam has put the country in the cog mire.
 Maqdoomi, Hyd.
Reservation for Muslims
They say reservation should not be based on religion. This opinion is wrong and unjust. Article 341 of the constitution and the Presidential Order of 1950 state that only Hindus, Sikhs and Budhists can be called Dalit. Is it not based on religion? Why double standards? In fact Article 341 violates the fundamental right to equality. Justice Rajendra Sachar and Justice Rangnath Mishra commissions reports bear testimony to the fact that Muslims are economically, educationally and socially most backward. Reservation for Muslims is necessary for social Justice. It will also end the sense of alienation and discrimination in Muslims, the largest minority of India. In fact 4.5 percent quota for Muslims is insufficient. Justice Mishra had recommended a much higher percentage for Muslims. In the 4.5 percent sub-quota case, the A.P. High Court has said that Assistant solicitor-general has failed to provide data on minority backwardness. Hence proper presentation of the case before supreme court is the need of the hour. Constitution was amend for 3 percent Sikhs of India. It can also be amended for 15 percent Muslims of India.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara,Maharashtra
Money can buy votes in the USA too
Is the U.S. a democracy or a plutocracy? Zionists in the U.S. contribute millions to make sure that more pliable candidates win and occupy political offices It is money that can make Obama win or lose in 2012. Obama for instance surpassed all other presidential rivals in a record-setting 2008 U.S. election campaign that generated $1.7 billion (Rupees 8,500 Crores) in spending by candidates. Poor Palestinians: It is impossible for them to bribe American politicians Here is one good example from 2012 campaign Sheldon Adelson is an American casino billionaire and owner of conservative Israeli daily newspaper Israel HaYom. He is famous for spending $10m on Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid. Anyway, Adelson’s generous contribution to the Gingrich effort came after the then-candidate proclaimed that the Palestinians were an “invented” people. The campaign failed to convince Republicans that scandal and profligacy are good for the party, and when Gingrich failed, Adelson found a new champion in Romney. NYT reported that he offered an additional $10m to the Romney campaign. The money came after a suggestion that the billionaire may be willing to spend up to $100m to defeat Obama. To be sure, $100m is only 0.4 per cent of $25bn, Adelson’s estimated net worth. So this is also not a big deal. In an interview condemning Adelson’s contributions, Senator John McCain said that “obviously, maybe in a roundabout way, foreign money is coming into an American campaign”. All the big money and Israeli interference is coming at a time when US neoconservatives are pushing hard for a new war. So, to summarise: Israelis are helping write US laws, funding US campaigns, and helping craft US war-making policy. What is left for Americans to do? Well, to fight the wars, of course to protect and please Israel.
    Kodimirpal (via email)
Narrow minded broadcasters
Is that VOICE not devil's choice and that CORPORATION Satan's machination which call upon listeners to believe whatever they suggest and also dance on their tunes like dolls?!!
Sultan A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Awards to dubious personality character
ToI crest reported that the police stripped and raped Soni Sori, adivasi teacher and inserted stones in her vagina and rectum and gave electric shocks (MG 16-30 June 2012 / P-11). For this sorry state responsible S. P. has been given gallantry award Indira Gandhi Nari Shakti Puraskar which had a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh and a citation given to Jaswanti Narwal rana shelter home for girls in Rohtak, Haryana open to sexual abused where police were frequently visiting Daya Nayak and many encounter specialist were given awards but many are languishing in jails. Importance of awards are diminishing because the awards are given to dubious character personalities.
S. Haque, Patna
Both Sides Are Killing People in Syria

A significant majority of the world  has sympathy with the rebels in Syria and many all want the regime to fall. According to a  report the accusation that the May massacres in Houla, where 108 people were killed, including 34 women and 49 children, were not the work of pro-regime militias as widely reported. Surely the situation is confusing as the reports keep accusing both sides. These kind of explanations that are coming in every day through the media, are less and less credible - nobody is on the ground to verify it. It has become impossible for the Ummah to take sides as it did earlier in Egypt.

There is no denying that the Syrian regime is an oppressive police state, but that does not excuse wilful myopia when discussing the tactics that rebels are using. With the opposition becoming more militarised, deaths among the Syrian military and supporters of the regime are increasing. Several report suggest that the rising lawlessness is being used as a cover for revenge and religiously-motivated killings. Some speak of a media monopoly by the armed opposition groups that want western intervention, pushing aside non-armed groups that prefer the west to stay out. Everyone in a war is telling lies as Syria is witnessing a proxy war between the West and its Gulf allies against Iran-supporting Assad - with Russia also staking its claim. In this context, it is fair to assume that there is propaganda war where you can’t take anything at face value. You have to  criticize both sides as  the opposition and  Bashar Al-Assad are  killing people. Please join me in praying to Allahswt to bring this Fitnah to an end and to a peaceful resolution

P A Mohamed Ameen  (via email)
 Black hearts in white houses
Despite having names like those of the followers of the two great Holy Prophets Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them) they are doing what the enemies of the Messengers of GOD did, that is, inflaming war instead of establishing peace. The Holy Qur’an shows the selfish hearts deviations from the original teachings of both the Holy Torah and the Holy Bible for every sincere person who wants to see.          
S. Akhtar U.A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Summoning of women and children in police stations 
 All praise for D.G.P. Naryana Mr. R. S. Dalal for issuing instructions to all police stations in that state not to summon women and children and weaker section of the society at police stations for questioning. It is to be noted that issuing of instructions is one thing but its implementation truly is another which is hardly noticed materialising in our country. Our criminal law has a clear provision which prohibits policemen not to call or detain women at the police station after twilight but everybody knows not only the women and children are called at the police stations by the police but they made to sit there late in the night. Every one is aware that in the case of violation of laws, directions and instructions the sub-ordinate policemen are well protected by their superiors or even by the governments. Thus framing of law or issuing of instructions have no sanctity unless their implementation is followed with all sincerity and honestly.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur
Open letter to RSS supremo
My heartiest congratulations to Prof. Shamsul Islam for the mind-boggling open letter in the previous issue of MG which is in fact an eye-opener not only for Muslims but for all Indians. Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life where caste system plays a major role by the Brahimins since ages. We see a lot of discrimination between high caste and low caste people even in these modern days. Inequality is everywhere in Hinduism, while Islam preaches and practices equality in all sects. I hope the Sangh Parivar will reply to the points raised by Dr B R Ambedkar who was vexed by Hinduism and converted to Buddhism.
Mohd. Azam, Karimnager, Telangana
Despite the different agricultural technologies helping India to increase its grain production in the past five years, yet with all this surplus food there is no solution to the country’s hunger problem. As per a report, more than 3000 children die on a daily basis due to illness caused by malnutrition. Yet a huge amount of rodent infested rice and wheat is rotting in the field all across the nation. Unfortunately, dearth of better storage facilities and corruption inefficient, corruption-plagued public distribution system has caused this situation. Ironically India’s storage facilities have not kept up with the grain’s pace of development. Consequently, grain surpluses are now being stored outside, where the chances of rotting drastically increase. This inefficient system has lots of fatal consequences. Instead of the grain filling the stomach of a large amount of poor people in our country, it is feeding rodents and insects, growing fungus, and decomposing. According to Reuters, this year, officials estimated that 6 million tons of India’s grain worth $1.5 billion could become inedible. Analysts say the losses could be far higher as more than 19 million tons are now lying in the open, exposed to scorching summer heat and monsoon rains. If this trend continues, then the figure of children dying due to malnutrition will simply grow. Can we afford such situation?
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur- 440013
Bastar encounter
Chhattisgarh Congress and Human rights activists on one side and Raman Singh the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh on the other may differ on what transpired in the Bastar encounter. The fact remains that a number of innocent and defenseless tribals were killed. Raman Singh is one man to whom the only solution to the Naxal problem is the military solution. He is on record stating that Salwa Judum  –held by the Supreme court as illegal and unacceptable - is the only answer to Naxalism. Not too many days ago he has vowed to institute a no holds barred fight against the Naxals. The Home minister P. Chidambaram is the father of Operation Green Hunt. If the fight against Naxals is fought in the way these two wish, the state will end up being a destructive power. There cannot be any military operation without mistakenly killing a number of innocent tribals. The bigger the operation the larger the number of innocent killed. This can only push the tribals into the ranks of naxalites, thereby increasing their strength. In any case, the killings of our own people cannot just be dismissed as the collateral damage. Why are the Central as well as the state governments so averse to exploring the avenues for dialogue?
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
Mohammad Mursi Zindabad
In the KHLAFAT period of Umar Bin Abul Aziz ,during the night hours the caliph was taking the accounts of the Baitul mall in a light of  a candle .When the account over the accountant started some personal matters ,the immediately extinguished the burning candle and kindled another candle .The accountant asked about the matter as to why he extinguished and burned  another Caliph Omar told  that so far the accountant was showing the accounts the governments candle was being used .When the work was over the accounted started talking personal matters the caliph lit another candle which was his personal .In the history of Khilafat such examples are in hundred .Which show the honesty and integrity of the Islamic rulers who ruled hundreds of years ,Mahatma Gandhi praised this type of rule and wanted to establish such rule in India after gaining independence .The Ikhwanul Mulimeen of Egypt and the Jamat-e-islami of India have the goal and they working since last sixty to seventy years .They think Islamic laws which are mentioned in The holy Quran are divine Laws >They are not man made The parliament or the president are not authorized to alter or amend .For example Wine is Haram(forbidden) it cannot be permitted in any case or made halal  to some VIP.Debautury or extra marital relations are punishable crimes .The rapist should be punished by stoning to death .The hands of thieves are amputated .The code of zakat is implemented .Usury is band . The ladies has to wear scarf and Purda in case they go for some work outside the house .opposite sexes are not allowed to intermingle.Mursi will watch the proper enforcement of divine Laws .He can be called by Quazi or judge and can enter in his office without prior permission of Quazi .Judgment is not done in piecemeal .There will not be higher and lower courts. The litigants need not wait years to gather for judgment The details of governments are crystal clear .Prophet Mohammad is a role model He has brought all the laws of Quran into practice .Those who oppose the Islamic Laws they think this world is for making merry .No one can object them to have illicit sexual relation or on their cocktail parties .They can rape abduct any beautiful girl ,rape and kill Bhanori Devi is an example .The Islamic laws apprehend such rulers and give them deterrent punishment .If any leader want to have a keep he has to marry and then consummate her India is badly in need of such rule .The country has become the hub of crimes .The ladies are not safe even in the capital of Delhi .Rapes and gang rapes are common abduction and killing has become the fashion of our youths .The government of India should send a government delegation to Egypt to examine the modus operandi of the function of the Islamic government .Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are not Islamic governments .They are governments run by Muslims as Moghals ruled India for 800 years  The Indian rulers should be prevailed by US and Israel , other European countries
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2012 on page no. 23

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