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Al-Misbah Qur’an Learning Software launched


In Ramadan last year in August, Aurangabad-based i-Soft Solutions ( had announced the release of Al-Misbah Qur’an learning software. This is for the second time we are seeing a Quran software being developed in India, as in August 2004 we had reported about Malayalam Quran Software ( developed by Huda Info Solutions ( Developing a quality piece of software requires time and a software to help and ease learning the Quran correctly needs all the more care.

Al Misbah li ma’rifatil Qur’an being released in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Al Misbah li ma’rifatil Qur’an being released in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Finally on 20 December 2010 ‘Al Misbah li ma’rifatil Qur’an’, was launched in Aurangabad in the presence of Islamic scholars and Muslim personalities of India: Mujtaba Farooq (National Secretary for Community & National Affairs, Jamat e Islami Hind), Shaykh Abu Rizwan (Secretary, Soobai Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Maharashtra), Dr. Javed Mukarram (Ameer Maqami of Aurangabad city, Jamaat-e Islami Hind), Shaykh Muqeem Faizi (Joint Secretary, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind), Dr. Saeed Faizi (Ameer, Soobai Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Maharashtra), Shaykh Najeed Bakkali (Maktabah As Sunnah, Mumbai), Riyaaz Farooqi (Head – Madrasa Kashiful Uloom, Jama Masjid, Aurangabad) and Molvi Farooq Wastanwi (Representative of Gulam Ahmed Wastanwi). The function was organised and conducted by Juned Ulhaq Ansari, an Energy Auditor by profession.

The software has been developed by a team of 20-30 software professionals led by Aqeel Ahmed and Mr. Mulla Mubeen. Ahmed says about 18,000 man days have gone into the development of what the team claims to be “the most beautiful Qur’an Learning Software.”

The software is suitable for users of all ages and all religions. It teaches the rules of Tajweed, has high quality audio of Qirat from the world renowned Qarees. It has Quran translations in Hindi, Urdu and English along with audio narrations of the same. Audio-Visual set of chapters to help acquaint the user with the techniques for correctly reading the words of Allah. The course contents are from basic to intermediate level and are suitable for learners of all ages.

Price at Rs 1599 the software comes with a free earphone. May be iSoft can offer it without the earphone for a slightly less price but the team members have firm belief that Muslims will refrain from using pirated versions of this software, so as to support the development of more Islamic software. To buy this software call +91-9763377130, 9270570839; visit isoft-india.comThe people behind iSoft have been working in the field of Islamic software for more than 6 years with the aim of developing quality Islamic software that would realise their motto of ‘Spreading Islamic Knowledge through Technology’. iSoft is now focusing on an encyclopaedic Hadith software in English/Urdu/Hindi language.

Screen shots of Al-MisbahFeatures of Al-Misbah:
Tajweed Course: Learn to Read the Qur’an (from Alif, Baa, Taa... to - the Complete Tajweed Rules); Practice the Rules of Tajweed on 30th Juz; 3D Models for the Correct pronunciation of the Qur’an
Original Mushaf of the Qur’an: Madani and Indian Mushaf (15 Satri), Read the Qur’an in the Book form with Page Turning Effects
Qur’an Recitation: Mishary Rashid Al Affasy, Abdur Rahmaan As-Sudais, Saud Ash-Shuraim, S’ad Al-Ghamidi, Abdur Rahmaan Al Huzaifi, Abdul Basit Abdus Samad
Translations: Read/Listen various translations
Urdu/Hindi: Fateh Muhammad Jalandhary, Maulana Maududi (Tafheemul Qur’an), Muhammad Junagadhi (Ahsanul Bayaan)
English: Saheeh International Version, Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall
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Other Quran softwares / websites (free):

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