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Letters to the editor last fortnight

Qabristan land transferred to private person
Saffron mentality of Indian bureaucrats and government officials play dirty game against Muslims if dirty game clicks it is well and good and if protested higher authorities are at the back to protect the foul players. Haji Pur Sadar Block circle officer Chandarma Ram has transferred the Qabristan land of Lanka Bhairo vill. of Chakyari Panchayat, Sadev Block Haji Pur to Bhikari Sao. When Muslims reached at Qabristan to bury child of Md. Mahwad. Bhikari sao objected and gathered people didn't allowed to bury in a Qabristan land whose Khata No. 86, Khesra No. - 102 - 104, and 38 decimal area having sefifst of revenue Muslims have. But Bhikari Sao showed a new circle office receipt. The matter reached to SDM Haji Pur and just seeing documents of both parties, he simply scolded the C. O. Chandarma Ram to cancel the registry of transfer of Bhikari Sao. Saffron brigade put a bhagwa flag on the Qabristan land. Since 11th July matter has taken ugly turn but minority commission is in deep slumber. The government must take hard action against the C. O. who intentionally wanted to disturb communal harmony.
S. Haque

Possibility of miscarriage of Justice
The verdict of Naroda Patiya massacre, which is supposed to come out on Saturday i.e. on 29th day of June 2012, has been put off by the special judge Jyotsna Yagnik by two months, now that Judgement will come out on 29th August 2012. I am sure every cross and evidence will be altered in these two months and when verdict will come for final disposal and will be pronounced the terrorist lady Maya Kodnani will be set free because of lack of evidence against her. Narora Patiya saw one of the worst riots in the year 2002 wherein 92 Muslims were set on blaze including small children, women and old men.

It is the moral responsibility of the political parties and leaders to control the communal riots in their respective constituency but BJP ruled state was burned badly in the year 2002 and terrorist lady Maya Kodnani instigated the mob and distributed lethal weapons to torch the Muslims and kill them as a token the her acceptance for the riots.

If judgement goes against victimized Muslims and favours genocide, gang rape culprits including terrorists lady Maya Kodnani then faith on Indian Judiciary will become farce and mirage for the Muslim community in India. Muslims youths might adopt alternate other ways to redress the justice. Let High Court Gujarat keep an eye on the development in the case, and keep strict vigil on any untoward situation which may arise during two months of period.

Modi and his cabinet are remain forward in all types of misdeeds, fairly speaking, in Gujarat especially upto when the fundamentalist forces are exists and especially Modi is the head of the State, we cannot expect fair and constitutional way of trial in any matter. In fact Gujarat State is become a hub of communal disharmony. In Gujarat BJP is winning due to bad politics of Modi. Who won in the election only to show the fear of Islamic terrorism to the communal Guju people?

In my letter No. ZAK / CJI / P / PM / CJ / G-Guj / HM / LM / E / 102 of dated 26/01/2012, I rightly observed Modi may affect the probe against him, on the petition of Zakia Jaffrey in the Gulbarg Society massacre, which is proved at the later state. Hon’ble Supreme Court appoint SIT gives clean chit to Hitler Modi for his role in Gulbarg Society and communal riots in Gujarat 2002. However, upto when Modi is the head of the State and he is the chief minister there is possibility of miscarriage of Justice in Gujarat in every communal riots cases against Hindu terrorists VHP, Bajrag Dal, RSS.

It is indeed place of joy or worried for the Muslims of India I can’t understand. If any country would become the biggest super power of the world and if single community of the country is living in pain and agony it is place of shame for that country. The genocide master mind Narendra Modi is still far away from the legal clutches. We have seen Babri Masjid has been demolished, since 1947 uncountable communal riots happened. Gujarat Muslim genocide in which 300 Muslim women lost their chastity. A long list of fake encounters of Muslims. Yes, India has become super power in suppressing minority rights rather Muslim rights, police and army has got legal licence to kill the Muslims in encounters and in the name of terrorism. That is the black history of Indian origin.

In facts India has become Hindu Rashtra, judiciary, police, army, and administration everybody is in the web of saffron elements only official declaration is to be made by the government of India, which is still pending because her international fund and world bank fund will be censored which they are receiving for the upliftment of the minorities.

On 1st day March 2011 special judge P. R. Patel, pronounced death penalty for 11 out of the 31 convicted in Godhra train burning case while 20 others were sentenced to life imprisonment, considering the case as “rarest of rare”. The court looking into their active role in the conspiracy and setting afire the S 6 coach of Sabarmati Express train near Godhra, gave death penalty to 11 people,” public prosecutor J.M. Panchal. Still the Gujarat communal riots culprits are not convicted.

It is prayed

a. Keep strict vigil on any untoward situation during two months of period, before the judgement.

b. Enact anti communal riots bill in the Parliament.

c. Reserve 20% Muslims in police force, army, judicial and administrative services.

Zuber Ahmad Khan
Kharghar, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Brahmin Jati Party -- BJP
Vetern journalist Vinod Dua in a debate held by NDTV / 10 July 12 at 6-6-30 p. m. said DMK party who burned janew (sacred thread at neck) and increased political base and supported BJP. So nothing is impossible in politics and in 2014 Brahman Jati Party if wins 200 seat then many smaller parties would go with BJP. The BJP leader objected against using Brahman Jati Party nomenclature then Mr. Dua replied BJP opposed mandal and suddenly anchor intervened not to divert debate. Many call BJP as Bahut Jhooti Party and Laloo Yadav calls BJP Bharat Jalao Party etc.
S. Haque , Patna

Inefficient Congress commitment less
Cabinet minister of law Salman Khurshid in an interview to "Indian Express" said congress party was directionless and Rahul Gandhi is playing only a "cameo role" on 9th July at Bangalore and on the very next day he back tracked and Mr. Khurshid said his statement was twisted. On 11th July other cabinet minister of home affair P. Chidambaram backtracked from his statement of previous day in which he had said that people could afford Rs. 15 water bottle and an ice cone of Rs. 25 but make hue and cry if Rs. 1.00 increase at wheat price and he said he didn't deride any one and placed in wrong sense. Inefficient congress loves to back track as its cabinet decision of 4.5% for minority reservation declared null and void by A. P. HC and congress does not feel ashamed of being inefficient. During U. P. assembly election congress leaders did shadow boxing at Batla House fake encounter. Congress promises Muslim reservation but not only to give justice.
S. Haque

Two cub in Bihar, AMU in abeyance
In 1-15 July 2012 issue of MG, my letter published and mentioned about 2 cub in Bihar. HRD minister announced the same on 13 July with Rs. 240 crore allotment. Believe other half is correct because AMU campus opening at Kishanganj is kept in abeyance. This is secular saffron mentality that at every Muslim cause, congress deliberately fails.
S. Haque

Yusuf Raza Gilani & Judiciary
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Y. R. Gilani claimed to have stopped down as he has great respect for the Judiciary and Law of his country. His obedience and claim for the judiciary is highly acclaimed but the question is as to what prompted earlier to show total indifference, disobedience, disagreement and disrespect to the order of apex court for which he was convicted on 26 April 12 as he denied to pursue the Swis authorities to reopen the corruption charges against the president of Pakistan Mr. Zardari which is a clear violation and disrespect to the judiciary and law of that country which shows that his claim that he respects the judiciary whole-heartedly and faithfully should be called a political verbosity only.

Muslim often call Ya Khwaja, Ya Ali, Ya Peer Baba, etc. at difficult time. But Islam asked Muslim to call ALLAH at every juncture. It is my humble suggestion that print a sticker "Say Ya ALLAH" - Milli Gazette. The readers would paste a suitable place. This would spread good message with MG on a good mission.
S. Haque

Obama's Evil Intention About Jammu & Kashmir
The US president Mr. Barak Obamai's statement must be carefully thought out. He knows perfectly well that India and Pakistan could not solve Kashmir issue since last sixty years.The plight of the present leadership in both the countries has proved their inability to solve the serious problem between the duo. Meanwhile China has sent its forces in the POK with the consent of Pakistan.The US is restless on this move and may be feeling stomach ache. The time of vacating of its forces from Afghanistan is also fast approaching.The president may be seriously thinking to station its forces into Kashmir in the guise of safeguarding the Indian forces in Indian Kashmir. In these prevailing conditions the both neighbors should settle this important problem amicably.They should not give any chance to intervene any other foreign force.China should not stay longer.If Pakistan is taken into confidence and develop friendly relations it can pressurize China to vacate from POK.In such case China will also vacate POK and US will not try to enter into our Kashmir.India should make deference between right and wrong ,good and morality and immorality justice and injustice.Now India has forgotten the values which were in practice during the period of first prime minister Pundit Jawaher Lal Nehru.It should be a puppet in the hands of upper powers.If any super power commits any mistake India should criticize openly and boldly.There are number other countries who do not endorse the policy of oppression of the super powers.The super powers cannot become unbridled We are second largely populated country in the world we should have exercise some moral power on the super powers as US Russia ,China and France etc
Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad

When Islamic law is remembered?
NDTV / India new channel aired horrible scene on 12 July, 9 p. m. shoot at Guwahati G. S. Road on 9 a. m. July when a class XI girl come out of a bar after celebrating birth day party, about a dozen young boys molested badly, tore the dress, beat the girls, dragged her. She was weeping but the boys were laughing and amazing few dozen persons watched the crime. NDTV air a programme on this horrible excess for more than 2 and a half hours. Each penalist including political leader, human right people, chairman and leaders of woman group were angry at police inaction, and talked about stricter law and faulty education system. But many women who presented their opinion through telephone said such criminal must be shot in full public view and specially I want to code the version of Sangeeta Vayas (at 9-44 p. m.) in which she said we must enact hard and fast law as in Dubai or in Gulf where no one dares to stare at women. At last to control crime even heinious crime Islamic laws are only solution to save humanity for rape punishment L. K. Advani suggested death penalty.
S. Haque

Dharti Maa - Bharat Mataa
A joint team of Bihar Jharkhand crime branch of C. B. I. raided 50 places in connection with 1000 crore land scam in Deoghar. Idarsh land scam involved army top brass, top bureaucrats and politicians even C. M. and many ministers. Sakuna defence land sold to private builders. These are few examples is tip of iceberg in government had scams. All these involved including beneficiaries adore dharti as maa and bharat mataa.
S. Haque

H. M. misled by Chatisgarh government
Charan Das Mahant state minister in UPA government said that H. M. P. Chidambaram was misled by Chatisgarh government in Naxal encounter at Basagoda of Bijapur on 28th June in which 23 Naxals (A / to CRPF and Chatisgarh government) were killed and nine CRPF injured. Mr. Charan Das and K. C. Deo union tribal minister said many innocent adivasis were killed they were not naxals. Is our H. M. novice that he is misled? Is Fasih Mahmood abduction from his home in Aljubail K. S. A., H. M. said no Indian agency was involved in Fasih Mahmood's abduction even Indian government filed the same affidavit in S. C. Then why K. S. A. security agency arrest Fasih? H. M. declared Batla House encounter genuine. Who misled him? Why he denied judicial enquiry? Arrests of Muslims got momentum as H. M. name appeared in scams?
S. Haque

Judiciary work at their will?
A Muslim organisation approached S. C. to delete Hindu dharam follows in 1950 presidential order from 341 Article. Almost five years passed an affidavit, five yrs. passed, it didn't nag S. C. but H. C. of A. P. without hearing governments view, 4.5% minority reservation scrapped without wasting any time.
S. Haque

Muslim reservation - only way to justice
Since 64 years of Independence Muslims are subjected to injustices that is why ex justice of S. C. Rajendra Sachhar and Rangnath Mishra (ex C. J. of India) have proposed Muslim reservation because Muslim condition is worst than dalits. But congress and other secular parties are making minority reservation an issue. Muslims, Sikh, Jain, Parsi and Christian are minority. Sikh and Jains are very affluent community Christians are well ahead in Education. Parsi panchayat of Mumbai declared that those Parsi who earns less than Rs. 90.000 per months are poor But at any scale Muslim are backwards Muslims representation in govt. job is about 2% when Muslims population is more than 15% and on the darken side Muslim constitute 36% in jails. So, Muslim reservation is the only way to justice
S. Haque

Fatwa - cigarette, tobacco are prohibited
Islamic Research Foundation and Islamic Dawa Research Foundation has given fatwa that cigarette, bidi and other farm of tobacco are prohibited (Haran) in Islam because the habit of tobacco consuming or smoking develop deadly diseases thus kills human. Imarat-e-Sharia has given fatwa after long research it is haraam. Islam has come to save humanity. It declared alcohal and interest haraam (prohibited) the world is reeling under interest and innumerable number of deaths occur due to alcohal World must know this fact with open heart.
S. Haque

Prophet of Islam picture in school book
It is world wide Muslims view that there is no picture of last Prophet (SAW) and even there is no picture of the companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Because Islam prohibits making pictures or carving of images etc. But off and on picture of Prophet is published, news a picture of Prophet of Islam published in a primary school general knowledge book at page 51 author is used across private schools of Manipur. The picture is published with "Indian deities" Ganesh Vishnu, Saraswati, Jesus and Mary. This led anger among Muslims and publisher and author apologised for mistake. The world have sufficient picture, images, carvings, portraits etc. Then why world insists on creating an image of Prophet of Islam?
S. Haque
Promise to appoint Urdu teacher - in abeyance
NDA is ruling Bihar since 2005. During these period lakhs and lakhs are given government jobs. Muslims consists 18% of Bihar population. Development with justice must be measured on this scale. Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar had promised appointment of one Urdu teacher in each primary school at Urdu Mushawrati Committee function on 8 October 2009 where rajya sabha member Ahmad Sayeed Malihabadi was present. At least 2.5 lakh teachers appointed and 1.70 lakhs teachers are going to be appointed is Nitish Kr. has kept his promise in abeyance?
S. Haque

Some thing lagging in police training
Babujan Ansari resident of Shivganj Muhalla under Shikarpur P. S. of west Champaran who came back to India after a decade from Bahrain. Bettiah police had information through a public petition and also from intelligence inputs against Ansari alleging that he was involved in anti national activities. While vehicle checking during civic poll, Probationer I. P. S. Chandan Kumar Kushwaha misbehaved with him in full public view despite all valid papers including license. Mr. Kushwaha threatened to frame him on trumped up charges Mr. Ansari lodged a case against Kushwaha and lodged a petition in H. R. C. DGP Abhyanand summoned the probationer I. P. S.
S. Haque

Is AMU campus forgotten chapter?
Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar had been in Delhi on 26, 27 June to meet planning commission for out plan expenditure. The meeting of planning commission. All the member of committee including national security advisor to P. M. O., foreign secretary, V. C. of Nalanda University finance secretary, Sec. of H. R. A. discussed the Nalanda International University at Rajgir which is being constructed. Planning commission gave assurance for full cooperation. HRD minister Kapil Sibal is very desirous about central university establishing at Goya and Motihari but it has been complete silence at AMU campus of Kishanganj. Even Urdu Media seems to be not interested in AMU campus issue which spends their energy in publishing mushaira programmes.
S. Haque, Patna

India badly needs Talibanization
Few days before in AP a mother was raped by her son and his friend and murdered mercilessly.I requested all the political, social and religious organizations to make Bharat Band to awake the citizens on the occurrence of heinous crime.In one more case some youths raped a girl ,murdered her the pieces of her flesh was cooked and enjoyed feast out of that.Recently in Assam 11boys collectively molested a young girl.So far none of the culprit was punished.The lethargic and corrupt judiciary and police the criminals are set free for want of proof.The ABVP who had killed the principal of a college beaten to death all were acquitted as the BJP government went to the rescue the youths. The court could not found sufficient proof of their sacred act.It has become known very well that In Delhi the capital of the country is not safe for women.If you ponder over the intensity of crimes are increasing.The culprits can rape a mother and kill her the dearest idol in the world.All the values moral.religious, social have been buried deep into the earth.Our reformers are spell bound they are unable and feel themselves incompetent to set right the present tsunami of immorality and crime culture.We are busy in solving the Mumbai attack case and vigorously engaging Pakistan to hand over the Master minds of that case.Non of the politician is bothered about the present moral and spiritual degradation of our nation.Our scientist are advancing in Missile technology and made Agni-Missile which can target Shanghai.But we are unable to punish the killers rapists debauturers, dacoits grafters etc The only solution is Islamization or Talibanization of the state.No other solutions can be successful.
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

It is commonly seen number of people die while proceeding to Amaranths Yatra.Those who undertake the trouble to proceed to Amernath temple.The path is not clear and roads are not pucca. Even the Yatris taking the risk of life perform the yatra to rejoice Almighty God.The efforts made by the pilgrims are praiseworthy.But there are certain points to ponder over..

Our life and death is in the hands of God.If we are doing some religious ritual God should protect our lives.There should not be any threat to our lives while performing the pilgrim however it is tedious and need to make long journey.If it had been since centuries like Hajj pilgrim all the hurdles stumbling blocks should have been removed.There should be planes to carry the pilgrims to and fro journey in the season of Hajj 50 lakhs pilgrims congregate in Mecca.They reach by air and stay in Mecca for about one month and perform the rituals. Each ritual has details of performs which the Prophet has personally shown to the Muslims who come to Mecca, There is a live miracle i.e. ZAMZAM water a small spring of water which is supplying sacred water to the crores of pilgrims.There is a long and interesting story behind this spring of water. This sacred water is coming from the ground round the clock.The level of the water does not decrease a single inch.The hajjis drink and use it as medicine such as pain killer and bring in bottles of 20 litres to their native places and offer the friends and relatives as mark of respect The friends while drinking direct their faces towards Mecca pray to Allah and drink.This practice is continued since the days of prophet Abraham. Who was the fore father of Moses, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed.The house was constructed by Abraham and his son Ismail.

The pilgrims of India invest on lakh 50 thousands rupees for their journey.It is obligatory on Muslims who can afford the expenses of journey, Only Muslims are allowed to enter into Mecca.This city is geographically situated in the centre of the world. Any lay man if compares both the pilgrims of Amernath and the Hajj pilgrim he surly aspire to proceed to Mecca and drink the holy water Zamzam. The journey is safe but expensive even than 50to 60 lakhs in hajj and round the year go for umra. With this sign we can conclude that acceptable pilgrim by god is only Hajj not other pilgrims
Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad 15.07.2012

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