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Press statement by orgs protesting Assam's anti-Muslim riots in Mumbai

Press Report After a Peaceful Protest (Dharna) at Azad Maidan, VT, Mumbai - We demand CBI Enquiry of this Conspiracy to turn Protest into Violence and Police Firing

Mumbai (11 August 2012): Various Muslim peace loving organizations of the city called for a peaceful protest against the riots in Assam and genocide at Azad Maidan ground here in Mumbai today, which unfortunately somehow become violent outside the ground.

At this moment of panic and trouble, we would like to mention few points before the media and the citizens of India:

1.   We condemn the death of 2 Muslim youths, which seems to be because of the Police Firing (Final report yet to be received). This type of action is never metted out by the Police on other organizations and when Muslims do any protest, firing seems to be the immediate option for the Police.
2.  We share the pain and sorrow faced by the Family of these youths who have been reported dead or injured. May Allah give courage to the families of these youth to face this grief situation. May the departing souls rest in Peace in Jannat [Heaven].
3.  Simultaneously we condemn the attack on the Police in which few police persons have been reported to be injured. All our prayers with the Police Personals who have been injured. We pray for their speedy recovery.
4. The Protest in the ground was very peaceful and was going very well. At the end of the program, few people reported to create a panic outside the ground which seems to be the preplanned conspiracy to create the panic and trouble.
5. Few stories (reports) of creating panic outside the ground are circulating and we demand a CBI Enquiry to have the thorough investigation to find out the culprits of the conspiracy.
6. It was a complete failure of the Intelligence in estimating the expected crowd for the Protest. It was repeatedly communicated to the administration about the huge gathering which is expected at the ground but there were inadequate arrangements to manage the crowd.
7. The bigger section of the ground was opened very late by the Police and the crowd was stopped at the gate, because of which a huge crowd gathered outside the ground and created the panic in the crowd.
8. We condemn the trouble faced by Media because of some trouble makers outside the ground. We appreciate the efforts and support given by Media at this time of anguish.
9. We would like to appeal everyone not to panic and maintain peace and calm in the state and the country.
Aamir Idrisi, President, Association of Muslim Professionals, Mumbai
Syed Hafiz Athar Ali, Ulema Association
Maulana Abdul Jabbar Azmi, Chisti Hindustani Masjid, Byculla, Mumbai
Farid Khan, President, Indians for Justice
Saeed Khan, General Secretary, Rightway
Rashid Azim, Mumbai Chairman, Milli Council of India
Sarfaraz Aarzoo, Editor, Hindustan Daily, Mumbai
Maulana Irfan Aleemi, President, Aleemi Movement of India
Maulana Qamar Raza Ashrafi, Iemma –e- Masajid Council
Maulana Amanullah Raza

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