Singh continues his attack on Sangh

New Delhi: Refusing to budge from his earlier statements about the death threat that late Hemant Karkare was coping with, Digvijay Singh, Congress general secretary, reiterated about the threat in book release function of “26/11 – an RSS conspiracy” by Aziz Burney in Mumbai on 27 December. Paying homage to the slain officer he said, “He is a martyr, he was like a God to Indian Muslims.” The Congress party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad had to rush for damage control lest it should offend Muslims as blasphemy, ”Digvijay Singh had used it like a proverb.” Brickbats from the BJP were not far behind “Does he (Singh) intend to say he (Karkare) was nothing for the Hindus?” asked Rajiv Pratap Rudy, BJP spokesperson. Yeshwant Sinha, feared that Singh’s statement would not only divide Hindus and Muslims but would also weaken the Congress. Prompt came Singh’s quip, “If Sinha is so interested in Congress, he should join us.” Singh clarified that Sangh was not “opposing fundamentalist Muslims, but liberal secular Hindus who do not subscribe to their ideology.”

He reminded that he had been pointing out since 2000 that the RSS was imparting training to its cadre in making pipe bombs.” Echoing his statement, Mahesh Bhat, the filmmaker, said, “The ideology that can kill Gandhi can do anything.”

Singh did not spare even the Congress government for its lethargy. Reminding of the incident in which Maulana Noorul Huda was deplaned and arrested when a co-passenger overheard him saying, “plane ab udne hi wala hai,” Singh felt sorry that his government did nothing to get him released.

Some believe that this self-proclaimed messiah of Muslims has his party’s approval which has to contest soon two crucial elections in Assam and West Bengal where Muslims have a substantial role in deciding the fate of a party. Muslims argue why did he maintain such a long silence and why did he not raise these issues within the party meetings to compel ‘his’ own government to take decisive actions. An Urdu newspaper cited a line from a famous couplet, …. badi der kar di meharbaan aate aate…. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2011 on page no. 7

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