Malegaon blasts of 2006 in retrospect

It was also the height of absurdity that the police have reasoned in their chargesheet that Muslims exploded bombs to take revenge of the communal riots of 2001. Why should the Muslims in the town blow bombs to kill more Muslims five years later to take revenge of the 2001 riot in which more than a dozen Muslims were killed by the police?

The sitting MLA of Malegaon, Mufti Ismail, said that hamara ek naujawan tha jo ATS ka mukhbir bun kar police ka dalal ban kar lakhun rupya le kar us ne hamare Muslim nawjawanon ke namon ki nishan dhahi ki aur un ko griftar karwaya. Jab lakhon rupya le kar ghar ata tha tub ghar walon ko nazar nahin aya tha ke yeh kutch kam nahin kar ta. Aaj lakhon rupya leker ghar kahan se aaraha hai (There was one of our youth who was informer of the ATS and worked as an agent of the police. He took lakhs of rupees home and identified names of Muslim youths and got them arrested. When he was bringing lakhs of rupees home, why did not the folk at home see where was he bringing the money from. That he was not doing any work and yet he was bringing home lakhs of rupees!) (Discipline, October 3, 2010)

This piece of information in the local Urdu daily of Malegaon town needs vetting. Though it is a politician who makes the allegation, he is also a mufti leading prayer at the central mosque of the town and also at the Idgah. It is certain knowledge of an insider. It is an insider’s job. Could Mufti Ismail have grapevines within the police force? In this respect he parallels the veteran MLA Nihal Ahmed who had informed the home minister of the terrorist attacks even before they took place. Between them they owe to their people explanation of how far were both (mufti and former MLA) in the know of the matter.

Why did they not prevent the disaster?
There are enough people in Malegaon who would like to quiz not just these two leaders but also the police and the government how come the innocents are still languishing in jail. Those arrested were all Muslims. So far nothing has been proved against them.

One explanation of all this is that if not the government itself, the police have taken Muslims for granted. They believe Muslims to be too backward to do anything. The investigations in the bomb explosions of September 8, 2006 have strangely ended up in the desert of unreason.

The Police under the then SP of Malegaon, Rajwardhan, enlightened the world know that the Muslims themselves conspired to kill themselves to create tension in the country. But this illogicality is throwing up strange facts that have successfully resisted all attempts to cover them:
1. Among the dead bodies was one of a man with a fake beard.
2. The police sketches of the two suspects who bought new bicycles do not match with the bearded Muslims who are languishing in jail. The bombs were fitted into the cycles.
3. Accused number one Noorulhoda was already under close watch of the police.
4 Another accused Shabbir Masihullah was in police custody since many days before the explosions.
5. At first, the police called twenty Hindus for interrogation, and then left the trail there.
6. The imam of Phoosangvi village of Yavatmal, Zahid, performed the Friday prayer there. How could he be planting bomb at the same time in Malegaon which lies more than five hundred miles away.
7. Some of the accused like Abrar Ahmed, about whom the Mufti speaks eloquently, were police informers. Abrar has claimed under oath that he was introduced to Sadhvi Pragyasinh Thakur, Lt Col Purohit, Dayanand Pandey and others involved in the 2008 blasts. Why should the police chief of Malegaon let Abrar travel to Indore and other places at the cost of the Anti-Terrorist Squad and meet them and get him photographed and make video of his visit? Why have the agencies not taken his affidavit, submitted to special court judge YD Shinde, into consideration so far?
8. Why was Rajwardhan taken aback when Abrar told him that he had heard Hindus saying that Dr Rajendra Amin, Dr Bipin Parekh, Someshwar Shanker and others caused the blasts?
9. Why did the police make doctored tape of conversation among the accused?
10. What had Purohit to do with the fake recording and making Abrar hear it?
11. The source of money paid to Abrar’s father-in-law and wife and also his brother-in-law is the Gordon’s knot.
12. There are discrepancies in the application form of Abrar for getting a phone connection. He claims that it was the police who supplied it. He also heard people talking in strange languages. The identity of the speakers has never been bothered about in investigation.
13. The man, who called local Marathi paper Dinkar and threatened to cause more such attacks in future, has never come within the radar of the police and investigative agencies.
14. The police have also failed to trace the caller to the chief of Jamiat Ulema-Hind in connection with the explosions.
15. If Indresh Kumar had accepted crores of rupees from the ISI to cause the blasts, did this include Malegaon blasts of 2006?
16. Purohit has asserted that he had given the Israelis two examples of Abhinav Bharat’s action of causing disruption within the country to exterminate the Muslims. Were the terrorist attacks of 2006 one of them? He has confessed that he had given RDX for the 2007 Samjhauta express attack? He has also remarked that in the past Abhinav Bharat has used Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) activists to cause blasts. How far is this true? Why have the police not probed this point so far?
17. The two incidents of bomb blasts of Nanded need more probing. In the case of April 2006, several Bajrang Dal extremists had died when they were assembling bombs at the house of a retired engineer and RSS activist. The police covered it up saying that it was a fire accident caused by crackers. In the second incident of February 9, 2007 at Amol Bakery two were killed while assembling bombs. One of them was the chief of Shiv Sena, Pandurang Bhagwan Amritkanthwar, whose identity the police had tried to hide. They also tried to cover it up by saying that biscuit cartons had caught fire. Who was the police officer that gave them this kind of fake explanation for police recording? Some of those involved in Nanded blasts had received training in bomb making from “Mithun Chakarborty” who is now believed to be no other than Purohit. Were those who succeeded in causing bomb explosions in Malegaon in 2006 and 2008 a part of the batch that was trained in bomb making by Purohit, etc.?
18. 2006 was crucial. On February 11 to 13 there was a meeting in Dangs, Gujarat, attended by Swami Asimanand and his followers. A road directly links Dangs and Malegaon. Then two follow-up meetings were held at the house of Ramji Kalsangra in Indore in March and April 2006. In the light of these stepped up activities, it is but natural that the first terrorist attack in Malegaon took place on September 2006. It falls in the line of the logical sequence of events (Probe links Swami to Samjhauta bast: Hindustan Times November 21, 2010).
19. If Swami Asimanand is the mastermind of 2008 blast, he was also responsible for 2006 blast in Malegaon. The secret meeting at Gujarat Samaj Guest House, Jaipur, in 2005, was attended by Sadhvi Pragyasingh Thakur, Asimanand, Indresh Kumar, etc. It was an important meeting because Indresh Kumar was there and mass killing of Muslims in retaliation was his brainchild. More than thirty Muslims lost their lives and many more lost their limbs in the 2006 blasts. (Ajmer blast accused spent night at BJP MP house: Express News Service November 18, 2010)

The 2006 attacks were similar to the attack in 2008. More casualties were in the minds of the terrorists. There was no question of schism within the right wing Hindu extremists. Indresh Kumar wanted more casualties and so that happened. Sadhvi Pragyasinh wondering at low casualty in 2008 blast reveals the common agenda of the sangh parivar which, of course, includes Abhinav Bharat. Indresh Kumar of RSS as well as Parveen Togadia of VHP have important bearing on Malegaon blasts of 2006 and 2008. Togadia had donated money to Abhinav Bharat and Indresh Kumar had attended a meeting in which Sadhvi Pragyasinh Thakur and Purohit were present prior to Malegaon terrorist attacks of 2006.

As of now the entire investigation of Malegaon 2006 and prosecution in the court is based on the premise that Muslims are prone to rioting and they used the bomb attacks of 2006 to cause a riot. This is the chink in the armor of the police and the prosecution. Muslims became irate and attacked the police vehicle. The police opened fire at them at Azad Nagar police station as they did in front of Mecca Mosque of Hyderabad. Therefore, the faulty assumption flies in the face of logic. It is important to note that Muslims also rioted against the police in 2008 because the police tried to cover up the Bhiku chowk explosion as a cooking gas cylinder burst. Now the world knows how the police have become the laughing stock of the world.

And why should not the world laugh at it? The police and prosecution also believe that the bombs were planted at a height, on a wall, to cause fewer casualties among the fellow Muslims. This is simply absurd. The bombs were fitted in bicycles whose upper parts remained attached to the pole while the lower parts blew away. The bombs could not have been any higher than a foot from the ground and the bombs did kill more than 30 people and injured hundreds.

Moreover, Hindus and Muslims alike helped in carrying the dead and the injured to hospitals and donated blood. There was absolutely no communal riot. It was also the height of absurdity that the police have reasoned in their chargesheet that Muslims exploded bombs to take revenge of the communal riots of 2001. Why should the Muslims in the town blow bombs to kill more Muslims five years later to take revenge of the 2001 riot in which more than a dozen Muslims were killed by the police?

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2011 on page no. 8

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