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The Gall of Narendra Modi
The out-Heroding Narendra Modi has the gall to scream that he’s ready to be hanged if found guilty in his recent interview to a journalist, Shahid Siddiqi. When the entire machinery, judiciary and the government are at his disposal, it’s but obvious that he’s exonerated before trial. The man who not only chose to turn Nelson’s eye to the state-sponsored pogrom in Gujarat, but also instigated his cohorts to go berserk, has the audacity to declare his innocence from the pulpit. This is a sheer travesty of law and justice. And what did this ‘seasoned’ journalist do? Not a single ‘probing’ question could corner Modi, the embodiment of cunningness. I hasten to add that it’s a failure of investigative journalism.    
Dr. Sumit S. Paul, Pune
Wonderful concern for women
Is it not an intentional blindness? Big columns are being devoted showing all kinds of concern for women. But they could not see the universal gathering of about 1500 intelligent women in the second week of July 2012 in Tehran who established their ability and awareness! On airwaves they say: “Suna Kijiye - Dekha Kijiye” which only means: “Bewaqoof bana Kijiye”
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Assam ethnic cleansing
Thank you MG for posting the detailed findings on your website. It gives the readers and all concerned people a clear picture of the ground realities. The suggested steps are really the need of the hour. However, in case of failure on part of the Assam govt. (as it happened in 1994) what alternative do we have to help displaced our brothers and sisters. I think AIMMM should also constitute a Relief Committee working on providing all the needed help and support to the suffering people languishing in camps and elsewhere. I willinshallah contribute through the provided link or directly through my home in Delhi. I will also circulate the link and the message to Riyadh chapter of JMI Alumni.
Nisar Ahmad Khan (via MG website)
 Advani’s Enthusiasm And Excitement In Parliament
Sir, It was seen in the parliament that Mr. LK Advani was very much in enthusiasm and excited on the issue of Assam riots in which hundreds of Muslims were massacred mercilessly. And thousands rendered homeless .They are compelled to take shelter in the rescue homes. They are not being supplied food properly. It is said that they are infiltrators and intruders. Why they came from Bangladesh? May I ask him as to why he migrated to India from Pakistan? He not only came here but also participating in elections and aspire to become the prime minister of India. But his misfortune or misdeed (demolition of Babri Mosque) destroyed his dream and he was thrown out from the panel of prime minister ship. Before 1947 Pakistan, India and Bangladesh was a single country. Any person from India could go and settle in Pakistan. And any one could come from Bangladesh to India. Our prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh has shifted from Pakistan to India. Hindus in crores came to India after formation of Bangladesh. Advani or the government of India has not objected their entry into India in the same way Muslims also came to Assam for settlement. Why they are treated as enemies? Assam where I stayed for three months can say it is such a large state total population of Bangladesh can settle there. It is the mean mentality of men who think that people coming from other countries should not enter into their country. They think as if they are occupying their houses. Of course the man who has constructed a house for his family can obstruct to an alien to trespass. The foreigners who are Hindus or Muslims be treated gently But they are being killed and massacred. It is barbarism and immorality.
Maqdoomi, Hyderabad 09/08/2012
Campaign of hatred against minorities
In a multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society of ours, who can live happily only where all members of the society practice tolerance and when neither the executive nor judiciary interferes in religious matters and the govt. does not follow any such policy which is detrimental to the religion and culture of any particular community or minority. Unfortunately, these days fire brand leaders of BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal — the outfits of Sangh Parivar — the great champion of Hindutva are carrying on ceaseless campaign of hatred against Muslims and Christians throughout the country. Hate speeches of leaders of these communal organisations also reflect their colossal ignorance of Islam and its teachings. The best course is to put an end to this campaign of hatred against minorities especially against Muslims and follow the advice of the Father of the nation which is sure to strengthen tolerance which is the most distinctive feature of our national culture. Says he, ‘it is only through a reverential approach to faiths other than mine that I can realise the principle of equality of all religions. It is both my duty and right to point out defects in Hinduism in order to purify it and keep it pure but when non-Hindu critics set about criticising Hinduism and cataloguing its faults, they only blazen their own ignorance of Hinduism and their in capacity to record it. Thus, my own experience of non-Hindu critics of Hinduism brings home to me my limitations and makes me wary of launching on, a criticism of Christianity and their followers (collected works of Mahatma Gandhi volume - 6 page-332)
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M.P., Mayur Vihar, Delhi
Death of Fiza: suicide or murder
It refers to dead body found of Fiza (former Anuradha Bali) at her Chandigarh residence. Bigger question is who is responsible for death; some individual (including Fiza herself) or the system. Misuse of religion just for sake of enjoying sex through second marriage should be practically prohibited by amending relevant laws including Muslim Law. Second marriage by any person even after conversion to Islam should be made non-bailable offence even though first wife might not have raised any objection. Even Hindu law should be amended so that having second wife may attract criminal punishment including holding such marriage illegal even though first wife might not have objected to second marriage. Islamic scholars and institutions have also condemned such tactics by making it clear that adoption of Islam just for marriage-purpose is anti-Islam. Many Hindus adopt Islam symbolically only for having a second marriage legally even though in practical life they have faith and belief in Hinduism for all practical purposes performing all Hindu rituals in day-to-day life. There are celebrities like former Parliamentarian and film-star Dharmender who adopted Islam just for one day to allow husband to have second marriage, and then converted back to adopt Arya Samaj on the very next day. Politically speaking, it was not proper that crazy person like former Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Chander Mohan (Chand) became important political ruler only because of dynastic political system in India because his father has been a political heavyweight. Episode should be eye-opener for reforms in system whereby children of political rulers may not get automatic entry to become political rulers.
 Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk Delhi
The religious fanatics who abhor Islam has murdered Fiza. Fiza being a lady and converted to Islam will be doubly rewarded by Allah. She will enjoy the life for crores of years in heaven with a handsome. All the traitors including her hypocrite husband who has deceived her will be sent in the deepest strata of hell for everlasting period [insha Allah]. They will face the wrath of Allah in the next life which is everlasting. The culprits dare deviled as Fiza a lady converted to Islam and married a politician and influential person to get the safeguard from religious fanatics. But all conspired against her. They killed her to discourage other Hindu girls not to think of conversion to Islam. But they are unaware that Islam flourishes in the adverse condition as it is said ISLAM ZINDA HOTA HAI HAR KARBALA KE BAAD. All the women associations will also held responsible for not favoring a poor lady. She had the right to convert to Islam and marry any Muslim. The culprits will face the fall out of their misdeed sooner or later It is truly said KHUDA KE YAHAN DEIR HAI, ANDHEIR NAHI.
                Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
Prime Minister and British daily
The most dirty and unfortunate comments made by the British newspaper, Independent Daily calling our P.M. honourable Dr. Manmohan Singh as “Sonia’s Poodle” amount to a great insult to  M.M., India, Indian democracy and the people as well. The government of India should lodge strong protest with the British for passing such unparliamentary, unhealthy, unwarranted and ill-motivated remark against the Indian PM. The comment appears to be a direct interference in Indian administration and system which should be condemned strongly.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur
Flatterous fooling and looting
Formerly, a folklore monkey used to dupe only one simpleton. But now we see lots of so-called intelligent people being fooled by the flatterous agencies of the so-called superpowers trapping also the ass-like masses who repeatedly forget that their new rulers also do exactly what the former were doing. Down with deceiving democracies.
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Moralless newspapers
I have, before me, a Gujarati daily (God knows how many similar are there in other languages). It makes a show of virtue by publishing ‘moral’ stories. But, therein, they give such minute details of sex so fragrantly that it drives readers only on the path of pigs! Their only aim is to earn money by exiting passion
S.A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Team Anna should go the legal way
Kejriwal and company should do what the BJP is doing in case of Chhagan Bhujpal and Tatkare. The party filed a complaint with the Economic Offences Wing [EOW] against Bhujbal and Sunil Tatkare  who they say are economic offenders and corrupt. This has followed their complaint with the police. They [BJP] have also written to the CM and the Governor. The party does not expect the police, the CM and the Governor to take any steps. They contend that the police who works under Home Minister belonging to the party of the two accused will take no action. The Governor acts on the advice of the council of ministers and the CM, the head of the council of ministers has been advised by the high command to be pragmatic. Coalition dharma perhaps. Still the BJP had to go through this exercise because, apparently, courts will not entertain their plea unless these avenues are exhausted first. Subsequent to the inaction by these agencies, the BJP will move the appropriate courts. If we believe Kejriwal and company, his team has a watertight case against as many as 15 ministers. Why can they not follow the steps which the BJP is following instead holding the tamashas on public places?
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai
Difference between Mahatma Gandhi and Media Gandhi
Media has not only been showering praises on Anna Hazare for his campaign against corruption but has gone to extent of projecting him as the second Gandhi. Conveniently forgetting that his methods are quite at variance with Gandhian methods. Mahatma Gandhi stood for Hindu Muslim unity and communal amity and harmony. The unfortunate partition of the country was responsible for horrible anti Muslim feelings throughout the country and soon after partition Muslims in east Punjab and Delhi were the victims of communal frenzy just as Hindu and Sikhs were victim of the same in Pakistan. The Mahatma sacrificed his life for the safety of Muslim but Anna Hazare has not uttered a world against the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. Similarly he had not a word of grief for the cold blooded murder of his devotee Shehla Masood. There is not a single Muslim in his team. He had the full backing of RSS while the murderer of Gandhi belonged to RSS. What else than a gigantic difference between the Mahatma and the media projected Gandhi.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-M.P., Mayur Vihar - Delhi 91
Non-Congress, Non-BJP PM?
Advani sees the possibility of a non-Congress, non-BJP prime minister after 2014 elections. He has thrown in the towel. In his opinion even if the NDA gets or cobbles together a simple majority the strength of the BJP within the NDA will not be sufficient for it to call the shots.  The party will have to concede the PMship to one of the allies if it wants NDA to remain viable and in power. Perhaps he is hinting that the NDA should project a non-BJP leader as the prime ministerial candidate, Say, Nitish Kumar or Sharad Yadav [if Modi is allergic to Kumar].This would be pragmatic thinking. The internal bickering in the BJP over the leadership will end, the party can have its place on the treasury benches. It makes sense for the party to give away what, Advani fears, is going to be snatched away.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali
Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054
Assam BTAD clash And Ploice Inactivity
The recent communal clashes in Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD) once again raise question on accountability of Assam Police. A wide discussion on the local Assamese media takes place regarding the issue. Similarly, various quarters allege that the police showed inactivity and indifference during the time of ethnic and communal clashes on account of political influence upon them. As alleged some top police officers of the state seek favour of a group of influential politicians of the state on matters relating to their posting and transfer. Thus,these officer are busy with satisfying their ‘masters’, instead of providing security of life and property to the common people. This destructive attitude of the police was witnessed at the time of eruption of communal violence in BTAD that claimed lives of more than fifty innocent people in three districts of the area, viz, Kokaraajhar, Chirang and Baska. Talking to this writer Mahamud Ali, a resident of Dawaighat,under Kokarajhar sub-division alleged  that the police did not came to rescue them when more than two hundred armed miscreants attacked their village.” We contacted the police over phone for nearly three days. But police replied that they had not sufficient work-force to rescue us. “Ali alleged. However, a group of police and CRPF personnel led by a young sub-inspector rescued them on the night of 23 July last.Describing the gruesome situation of the area Ali said, “we went to Baghmari area of Bilasipara sub-division of Dhubri district on foot. We had to walk about 15 km to save our lives.Miscreants fired us during the live-saving journey.” Ali and nearly fourteen hundred people of Dwaighat have been taking shelter in a camp set up at Baghmari L.P. School. After normalcy comes to the violence-hit three districts, the state Home Department, which is under chief minister Tarun Gogoi, transferred SPs of Kokarajhar and Chirang.However,the state Home Department posted them as SPs of districts which cannot be considered as punishment transfer. Local media report cited that a large number of efficient SPs have been posted on some less important post year after year for their uncompromising nature. On the other hand some controversial as well as inefficient SPs frequently get well placement by virtue of their unholy nexus with politicians of the state ruling party leading the deterioration of the law and order situation of the state.
Raktim  Baruah, Guwahati -
[Muslim delegation to Assam] A very good initiative. The Muslims of Assam need support from everybody. I don’t know how the Muslim leadership of Assam could not do much in this regard so far. Hope that something fruitful comes out of this exercise. 
Shahidur Rashid Talukdar, USA
The Congress government led by Tarun Gagoi is squarely responsible for the ongoing turmoil in Assam. The spate of tragedy could have been averted had the police taken a quick action against the miscreant who ignited the trouble on 6th July. The blatant statement made by a Bodo leader Kampa Borgoyri, that the Muslims who have fled their homes shall not be allowed to return is reprehensible. The administration should send a strong message that pursuance for a separate land could not be tolerated at the cost of an ‘ethnic cleansing’.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin,, Kadapa (A. P)
Let us realise
It is high time the wise voters realise that only Shankersinh Waghela can nail Narendra and only Laluprasad  Yadav can arrest Lal Krishna Advani.
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150
No escape from truth
The verdict of Delhi High Court in favour of Ujjawal Sharma after accepting the DNA report and declaring that the veteran congress leader Mr. ND Tiwari is the father of Rahul Shekhar the chapter is finally closed in favour of Rahul Shekhar. In fact there was a time and opportunity Mr. ND Tiwari could have easily saved himself from indescribable humiliation which has new turned his political status imponderable and virtually eclipsed the same at least for some time as instead of admitting the paternity of Rahul Shekhar he went on making nests on tottring branches. Ujjawal Sharma done a good job by teaching a lesson to a stalwart congressman for which she deserved all praise. During the whole proceeding Mr. ND Tiwari tried to reach the matter in cold storage by lingering on the matter on one side and to pressurise the judiciary through all available political and other sources to get the judiciary budge in his favour but failed at each front hopelessly. It is observed that despite all attempts to pullon the matter on flimsy grounds, lame and lamb excuses he kept on dictating the judiciary in his own way but failed altogether as on its part judiciary went on tighting strong net around him. Since the claim of Ujjawal Sharma and Rahul Shekhar is proved there remains no excuse for Mr. Tiwari but to accept the reality. The judgment also exposed the real life character of our politicians and leaders at all level. May God save the country.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2012 on page no. 23

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